Episode 25: The Heroes of Rainbow

Written by Epicstu Wyvernwriter Jain’s friend’s golden feather’s gleamed in the sunlight as the massive bird flew the Heroes of Rainbow across the BRB, to the Mountain of Lightning and Fire. “Why didn’t we just take this thing from the Blood Dome?” Brett asked Jain. Jain scowled at Brett, “Altaius is not a thing, a […]

Episode 22: Heaven and Hell at the Blood Dome

Explicit Content Violence and Strong language Viewer Discretion is Advised Witten by: Epicstu Wyvernwriter “The Orange is a fucking canvas and drawn upon her are miles and fucking miles of beautifully open blood-soaked dirt roads. At her center, there is what we of the Orange call the Blood Dome. I am sending you coordinates,” Q of the […]

Episode 21: Red Vs Blue

Written by: Epicstu Wyvernwriter Massive transparent blue cubes, with rounded off edges, of telekinetic energy flew at the Fox one after another. They smashed and shattered into it as it held its ground and did not move, “you only have one means of harming me, Blue,” it taunted. Henry leaped at the Fox and thrust […]

Episode 20: An Accidental Scapegoat

Written by: Epicstu Wyvernwriter Edward walked through a battlefield fogged by splashed blood and dirt as he maneuvered through the mortal combat between the people of Red and his own Undead look-alikes. Cutting off the head of one Red he moved to another, stabbing Zestial though his gut. He ripped her out and cut a […]

Episode 19: The Little Things

Written by: Epicstu Wyvernwriter The Blade and its Lightning had already gone. As Jain Trusker slid her sword further and further into the Fox’s chest, it grabbed hold of Jain’s sword and pulled itself close. It got close to her ear, “One done, five remain. I will be back, the Green to gain.” Suddenly the […]