About The Author

My name is Timothy M. Dieball and I am Stu Writer. I love to write and my goal is for the world to read my written works. I care not for fame or fortune. I only care about E.P.I.C. Every Possible Inspiration of Creativity. YOU are EPIC and without YOU, I would never be the Wyyvernwriter. Without YOU my written works would never be anything more than wasted space on the internet. So here is my oath to YOU, EPIC.

I, Stu Writer

As the current Wyyvernwriter

Vow to remain nonprofit until such time as EPIC wishes otherwise (If this occurs, a vote will be called to assure Epic’s rightful stake in the decision)

To continue writing until the day I die whether EPIC likes it or not

To treat my fans like royalty

To allow my haters to only ever feed my ego

And to consider both my Fans and Haters equal parts of EPIC


The art is of Stu, the Nekolich, Writer with Epic at his back by Infierna