Episode 19: The Little Things

Written by: Epicstu Wyvernwriter The Blade and its Lightning had already gone. As Jain Trusker slid her sword further and further into the Fox’s chest, it grabbed hold of Jain’s sword and pulled itself close. It got close to her ear, “One done, five remain. I will be back, the Green to gain.” Suddenly the […]

Episode 18: The Final Horseman Falls

Written by: Epicstu Wyvernwriter The dust and debris cleared and Aleister stood up, cracked his back and his neck, and did some quick arm stretches. “Strife, that hurt.” “Magnus,” the Artillery of Strife replied, “and my name is Magnus.” “Alright ‘Weapon’,” Aleister replied as he used Hubris to levitate out of the crater made by […]

Episode 17: The Surrender of War

Written by Epicstu Wyvernwriter The sound they made was like whispers in the wind. Some were too fast to see, some were too strong to fight head on, and some fired projectiles from every angle of the battlefield. All was calm now, they no longer knew where Aleister was. This was what he wanted. The […]

Episode 16: Colors Rising

Written by: Epicstu Wyvernwriter The fog was thick in Maroon Valley where the Red militia blocked the bottle-necked pass and the only entrance to their home. Shoulder to shoulder and shield to shield they stood, waiting for the fox to break through the fog. Then off in the distance they saw not the first fox, […]

Episode 15: Intellect Wears a Long Coat

Written by: Epicstu Wyvernwriter “You said we were taking the Hell Dragon’s soul shards back to Hell so Lord Spiphy can be released,” said Hanz Cratel as he looked around at the odd cavern they had ended up in. “Lord Spiphy?” William, the Wyvern of Intellect sighed rhetorically. “Give them to me.” Hanz did as […]

Episode 13: An Answer

Written by: Epicstu Wyvernwriter “No! absolutely not,” Edward Replied. Stu folded his arms and sighed, “Look down.” Edward did and saw a world torn apart by war,  “Pointless and endless,” Stu continued. “They kill each other for nothing more or less than the color of each other’s skin. It is beyond foolishness.” “And you want […]