Episode 4: Flames of Overconfidence

Written By: Epicstu Wyyvernwriter

The woods were vast but Jain seemed to know her way through the lush overgrowth. “Are we sure she knows where she is going?” Zesrial asked Edward privately.

“I was seven when I was sent on my first trial as a Fennec Fox of the Northlands and I had to go it alone,” Edward replied with a chuckle. He remembered his first trial, climbing Conquest, the tallest Mountain in the Lands rising over seventeen thousand miles high. Reaching the top of Conquest was a requirement for all Fennec Foxes of the Northlands.

“She is no Northlandish Fennec.” Zesrial pointed out. “If anything happens to her.”

“Nothing is going to happen to her.” Edward interrupted as he watched Jain employ tracking skills that would have made him jealous at her age. “I won’t let anything happen to her, besides we won’t be coming back after this remember. If we can prepare her for phenomenon such as this maybe next time her realm won’t need a Wyyvern Knight. Besides, we should assume that protecting her is part of our trial.”

“I still don’t like it, but you do have a point.” Zesrial reluctantly admitted. “She had better survive this.”

“She will” Edward assured Zesrial. “Where did you learn to track like that?” Edward asked Jain.

“My mother taught me everything I know. She said one day I’d need to know how to survive.” Jain got down on one knee picked up an old journal. She blew it off and opened it up. “This was my mother’s journal.” She exclaimed. “Maybe this will tell us where she is. She could still be alive.” She flung through the pages to the last three entries but as she read them her expression became less optimistic.

We managed to push it back, whatever IT is. We have fought dragons that were big enough to devour small islands. We have faced draconian nightmares of fire and death but never has my team faced a foe such as this. This thing is no dragon.

Our B.M.I. mounts have run off. They are our closest friends and we can’t face this thing without them. Kay and Jaila went to track them down while Galxos and I defend the camp but there has not been any sign of them or our mounts for two days now. I hope everyone is alright.

It turned our mounts against us. Its fire engulfs them and it’s purple lightning flashes in their eyes. Gabriel is the only one resisting so far. Jaila and Kay are dead, killed and eaten by their best friends. Galxos gave his life to protect me from Cruk. I don’t know what happened to Gabriel and now I fear I am all that remains. If anyone is reading this. This thing, whatever it is, must be stopped before it consumes and or controls all of Hersoas.

Jain whipped the tears from her eyes. “My mother’s still alive, I know she is,” Jain shouted as she bolted.

“Jain! Come back!” Edward shouted after her. He followed her to a clearing where she stood staring into the skies above. “We can find her together.” Jain just kept looking up, eye’s wide. “What, what are you staring at?” Edward asked as he looked up slowly. “Is that a?”

“Dragon?” Jain replied, “yea, that’s a dragon.” Blotting out the sun above them, on massive scaled wings, the Dragon prepared it’s fiery breath and roared.

Edward pushed Jain out of the way and Gabriel moved to cover her from the blast. The rush of dragon fire hit Edward with full force. The fire burned and destroyed all it touched and Jain watched as the only hope her world had was engulfed in a massive cone of flame. The dragon turned to Jain and Gabriel and landed in front of them. Gabriel roared angrily back at the dragon. This was what she was designed for, she killed her own siblings to protect Jain, she was not about to give her up to a dragon’s wrath. The Dragon prepared another brew of fire.

“Oi!” before the dragon could unleash its destructive breath the ground shook and the fire and debris cleared from around Edward who stood, unharmed, with a smile on his face and Zesrial at the ready. “I’ve never fought a dragon before.” He was engulfed in fire that seemed to flow through him naturally. “But I’m just dying to give it a try.”

“Are you alright? You seem different somehow.” Zesrial asked Edward.

“Never felt better.” Indeed Edward had changed. He was excited and wanted nothing more than a fight. He stared down the dragon with a smile. “I guess you could say I’m all fired up!” He shouted as he rushed the dragon head on. The dragon roared its cone of fire at Edward, but Edward kept coming. Gabriel jumped up and rolled over the back of the distracted dragon. Catching the dragon’s wing, she flipped the dragon over her own back and onto it’s back. Edward tossed Zesrial into the air, jumped up, and came back down punching the dragon in its face. The dragon’s head fell back, leaving its neck open. Zesrial, taking advantage of the opening, struck down upon the dragon’s throat on a bolt of Heavenlightning.

Gabriel stood, triumphantly, one foot on the dragon’s corpse and roared. Jain ran up to Edward “That was amazing!” She shouted. “You’re fireproof?”

“Apparently with some side effects,” Zesrial interrupted. “You become almost sadistic for a fight it seems with each tongue of fire that touches you.”

“I feel great!” Edward shouted. “I…” He was interrupted by a Heavenlightning in the distance. A Wyyvern of stone, wreathed in Hellfire, and riding on metal wings of Heavenlightning flew towards Edward.

Edward smiled, confidently fueled by the fire.

“Edward No!” Zesrial tried to stop Edward, but his overconfidence was inspired by the fire he had just endured.

“Iron! Ram!” The Wyyvern came and met Edward’s headbutt with its own.

Gabriel took Jain and fled into the wood as Edward fell. Heavenlightning cracked and Hellfire burned as the Wyyvern roared in its triumph.

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