Episode 10: The Ram and the Knight

Written by: Epicstu Wyyvernwriter

At the top of the mountain with no name, Edward ran towards his foe, a mighty Wyyvern of stone and Hellfire and of metal and Heavenlightning. Suddenly he was alone. He looked up at the sun above him, at the stone beneath his feet, and at the snow all around him. Nothing, even the sun, bright as Edward’s ever seen, seemed empty like a lie. Suddenly, he blacked out.

*          *

At the base of a mountain, in the small village of Burci, all was calm. The Village Elder sat by the fire. Something was off today, it was too quiet. Not even the wind blew, as it usually did. “Elder One! Elder One!” Jain called out to the Village Elder. “A storm of purple lightning rises in the East and strange fire burns in the West.” She told the Elder. “Both calamities seem to be gaining ground, getting closer and closer to the village by the moment, Elder One. What should we do?” The Elder looked at Jain with eyes aglow with purple lightning and a mouth-breathing fire. “Elder One?” Jain questioned as horror overtook her.

“We are coming for you.” The Elder one said in two voices that were not his own. One voice was deep and coarse like that of a demon. The other was like a seducing woman with the voice of an angel. Both voices spoke in unison. “They cannot save you.”

Jain let out a scream hoping that someone, anyone, could hear her cry for help.

*          *

“This is an illusion,” Zesrial explained, but Edward was nowhere to be found. “Edward?” She asked. No response. She found herself looking at the sun above her, at the stone beneath her feet, and at the snow all around her. She was holding something, a scarf. Edward’s scarf. Zesrial flapped her wings and flew higher to get a better look, but she found herself in another world, if not another realm. She looked at her hands and feet, the feathers of her wings, and her exquisite armor she had not worn since she was an archangel. She was angelic again. A scream sounded from the base of the mountain below her and Zesrial flew towards the cry for help.

*          *

Edward awoke by a stream. “My head,” He sighed as he put his paw his marked eye. “Wait,” something wasn’t right. He tried to stand up and walk to the stream but could not get to his feet. “What the Hell is going on here?” Edward walked on all fours to the stream and looked into it. He could not believe his eyes. “I’m Feral!” He shouted in disdain before trying to stand upright several more times to no avail. “AH! I can’t be feral!” He shouted disappointedly. He looked into the stream again. “On top of that, now I’m missing my scarf.” A scream sounded from a few miles north of his position. “I still have a job to do.” Edward reminded himself before bolting, full speed, towards the cry for help. “All part of the trials I suppose. I just hope Zesrial isn’t in any trouble.”

*          *

Jain stood, her back to the southern forest’s edge, with her mother and father between her and the unholy fire as purple lightning struck all around them. “You need to run, Jain!” Her father shouted.

“No!” Jain shouted back. “I won’t leave you! I don’t want to!”

“Go sweetheart.” Jain’s mother said softly. “Go and survive.”

Jain ran as fast as she could, crying as she left her parents behind. Her legs were beaten and bruised and she found it hard to breathe, but she kept running as fast as she could, heading south through the forest as the fire chased her.

*          *

Zesrial landed in the center of the village on a bolt of Heavenlighting. The whole village had already been burnt to the ground and all was quiet. “What happened here?” She wondered as she took a look around.

Suddenly a bolt of Heavenlightning struck her, and Zesrial was thrown across the village, crashing through what was left of the structures burnt to ruin. She stood back up slowly, using the ruined wall of what was once a home as support. Standing in the center of the ruins was a knight clad in black armor from head to toe. He had a sword and took the same stance Edward takes in a fight, stabbing his sword, blade first, into the ground before him and thrusting it forward to push the tremor towards his opponent.

Zesrial slid back a little as the shockwave hit her, using her wings to slow her as she hovered just above the ground. She unsheathed her bow and fired a bolt of Heavenlighting at the knight.

The bolt flew true and struck but the knight was not phased. Riding on a bolt of Heavenlighting, the knight grabbed Zesrial by her throat and threw her at the mountain. Zesrial crashed through the mountain to the other side, creating a large hole through it. The knight charged her on a bolt of Heavenlightning, but Zesrial rode her own Heavenlighting to the mountain’s peak, avoiding the attack. The knight looked up at her from the base of the mountain. Sprouting mighty feathered wings, he rode a bolt to Zesrial and the two of them faced each other.

*          *

“Jain! Oh, Jain!” A voice like an angel laughed, tauntingly after Jain. “Why do you run Jain? Come and join us, Jain. You will be so much happier here with us.”

Jain kept running. She could feel the heat of the flames chasing her, then it was cold. Cold in front of her and hot behind her. She stopped and saw a fire identical to the fire chasing, but it was cold like snow. She watched as the cold fire ran up to her, jumped over her, and tackled the hot flames behind her. A large fennec fox of beige fur and white paws stood between her and a ram made of fire and stone. The fox snarled at the ram as his mouth dripped with cold fire.

The ram grunted at Edward and, with great power and speed, charged towards him. Edward did the same and the two butted heads with a loud crack like thunder.

Edward wobbled back a bit and shook himself off. “You must be the wyyvern,” He smiled. “Not many have been able to best me in a headbutt.”

The ram chuckled, “Hellfire.” She said to Edward.

The knight chuckled, “Heavenlightning.” He said to Zesrial.

Though far from each other, the knight with a voice like a demon and the ram with the voice of an angel spoke in unison to their counterparts. “It matter’s not. “You think you are so strong, unbeatable even. You are nothing.”  

“You are not worthy of my Wyyvern fire.” Said the ram to Edward.

“You are not worthy of my Wyyvern lightning.” Said the knight to Zesrial.

“For if you cannot defeat us,” they said in unison to Edward and Zesrial as they charged at them. “How can you hope to defeat the one whom you were born to challenge?!”

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