Episode 12: A Visit from Time

Written by Epicstu Wyvernwriter

It was another day of War, a day just like any other at that time. The largest force in Northlandish Fennec history was on its way to Vilous, the City of Discs. Unfortunately, an army ten times as large would have been pointless against the city’s defenses. The Knights Order of the Iron Rams was sent in ahead to deal with that very problem.

I am Edward Michael, of House Dimir. Six Iron Rams, including myself, were chosen for this mission. There was Ruko and Buck of House Vlad, Krunk of House Saber Fennec, Leon of House Aventis, and Juliana of House Mountainhiem. Ruko and Buck were twins though you wouldn’t know it with their armor on, their personalities and their armor were as different as night and day. Krunk, as well as everyone else in House Saber Fennec, was half Sabertooth Tiger and as large as one too. Leon didn’t waste time with words, in fact, he almost never spoke at all. He preferred to just do things, quite often without anyone noticing. Juliana pretty much lead us, we were all too scared of her to disobey her orders. She was also Drak Mountainhiem’s niece.

“All right ladies! Our orders are quite simple,” Juliana began briefing us on the mission. “There are six complexes circling Vilous. Within each of these, heavily guarded, complexes stands a single Sergal. These six Sergals are the most powerful monks of their respective elements, they will not be easily defeated. So don’t get cocky out there. I’m talking to you Krunk!” She had us split up, one Sergal for each of us. That was the last time I saw my friends, and the day I realized the truth of my people’s war against the Sergals.

“Edward,” a familiar voice beckoned from inside his head. “Wake up Edward! Please wake up!” The voice cried out.

*          *

Edward awoke from his dream on a bed with Zesrial sitting beside him, in her angelic form, holding him tightly and crying over him. “Why do you always worry too much?” he said to her with a chuckle.

Zesrial turned around and put her back to Edward, “Why are you always so reckless?”

“I’m a Fennec Fox of the Northlands, I’ve been risking my life since I was seven years old,” Edward replied still chuckling. “I always come back.”

“Well, what if one day you don’t?!”Zesrial snapped as tears went down her cheeks. Then she flexed her wings violently and, with a bolt of Heavenlighting, left Edward there.

Edward sighed, “Great.” He turned to Jain who just stood there, staring at him with wide eyes and a dropped jaw. “What?”

“You can talk?!” Jain asked.

“Can I…” Edward thought for a second. “Right. Feral.” He got out of the bed and started for the door, walking on all fours. “Yeah, I can talk.” He replied to Jain on his way out.

After leaving the poorly made shelter he had awoken within he looked up and saw purple lightning. He was sure it was her’s and so he headed towards it.

“Hey! Wait!” Jain shouted, running after him. “Let me help you find her.” Jain looked at Edward and saw someone familiar in his eyes. She couldn’t remember who he was, yet she knew him. She could have sworn she had met him a long time ago.

Edward started walking towards the lightning again. “Alright, but keep up and I am not carrying you.”

“Okay,” Jain replied with a smile.

*          *

Zesrial flew to the top of the tallest mountain she could find. As she levitated above its peak she wondered to herself; “Am I not worth living for to him? I know these are our trials and I know we are supposed to beat them.” The thought of losing him struck her mind, “I just don’t know what I’d do without him.” A tear fell down her cheek.

“Dry it.” said a voice from in front of her, though she could not see who it was. “Down here.” Zesrial looked down and standing before her was a Fennec Fox of the Northlands about a meter tall; he wore a red cape, wielded a Hammer, and his hair was glorious. The Hammer was made of iron gears, fitted together like a clock “Hi, I’m Riley Joel of House Dimir, we meet later. Now dry it.”

Zesrial looked back at Riley with a cocked eyebrow, “Your Edward’s brother?”

“Dry it Zesrial!” Riley shouted, his booming voice echoing through entire realms.

“Dry what?” Zesrial asked, falling to her knees.

“That tear, you shed it for him.” Riley questioned in response.

Zesrial nodded.

“Then dry it,” Riley repeated himself for the last time and made it clear. “Never underestimate my brother, when the going gets tough Edward always finds a way to get tougher.” Riley released Zesrial of his gaze. “Also, don’t tell Edward and heads up,” Then he disappeared.

Zesrial dried the tear from her eye, “Heads up?” Suddenly a bolt of purple lightning struck her and she fell from the mountain.



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