Episode 2: The Hellfire Vixen

The Following episode and the rest of the season will be featuring Sergals. Sergals are a creation of Mick39 as part of her sci-fi world Vilous; this story is a fiction all its own and the lore is unrelated to Mick’s creation. Posted with permission.

Written By: Epicstu Wyyvernwriter

Ember Fray knelt over a pile of sticks and dry grass as she struck flint to rock in an attempt to spark a fire. It was night and the darkness frightened her. She looked over her shoulder. Something was behind her, she turned around. From out of the darkness a pair of yellow eyes stared back at her as bared teeth slobbered and growled. Her ear twitched as a howl came from the south. Ember ran south, leaving her campfire behind. She couldn’t go back north, going west would lead her to the badlands, and going east would take her to the coast. “Don’t use magic. Don’t use magic. Don’t use magic.” she frantically chanted, trying to hold her power back. More and more howls came from every direction as she tried to escape. A sergal tackled her but got thrown off from the tumble allowing Ember to get back up. She leaped into a thicker brush, hoping she could hide there.

*          *

“Alright, I’ve finished making the hammock and I’ve set it up where you said to, but now that I look at it…  I wonder if this really is the best spot for it.” Edward looked over to Deceit who was stabbed into the ground by the campfire.

Deceit projected herself from both her blade and Edward’s mark in order to make a three-dimensional specter of her angelic form. Edward had described Deceit’s Archangel form to her in vivid detail. This gave her a good model for her projections. She had not yet told Edward of his past. “What are you talking about, that spot is fine,” she replied.

Edward looked up and walked over to the hammock until he stood just to the right of it. “I feel like it should be a little to the right.” He pointed to where he was standing. Before Deceit could respond a flurry of autumn red fur fell from the sky, landing just to the right of the hammock into Edward’s arms. “Told ya.” he grunted, recovering from the impact.

“Show off.” Deceit muttered as she moved her projection over to him. “She’s a fox, like you.”

“She’s no fennec. She looks like she might be a red fox.” Edward put her down on the hammock, she was out cold. “She looks pretty beat up. I wonder what knocked her out.”

“Don’t stand over her like that, you’re gonna scare her when she wakes up! Let her rest.” Deceit scolded as she dismissed her projection. Edward just smiled and sat down next to her by the fire, leaving their new friend on the hammock.

*          *

Ember awoke. The sun had just begun rising and all was quiet. “How did I get here?” she asked herself as she fell off the hammock. Her eye’s widened as she watched a red dot move along the ground and over to a fire where a Fennec Fox of the Northlands lay sleeping next to a sword. She knew that by the time she got over to him or woke him up by yelling, it would be too late. “Shit. This is a bad idea.” With nothing more than a motion from her arms, a phoenix made of fire and flame rose up from the ground separating the sleeping fox from the red dot.

Edward woke up, having been alerted by the sudden burst of flame. “Move!” Ember shouted over to him. “Hurry, they’ll know we’re here now.”

“Who knows we’re here?” Edward questioned as he got up and sheathed Deceit.

Ember took Edward by the hand and pulled him towards where she wanted him to follow. “Hurry, I’ll explain later. Please just trust me.”

“At least tell me your name.” Edward shouted to her as she let go of his hand and ran on ahead.

“Ember Fray, what’s yours?” She shouted back.

“Edward Dimir.” He replied.

“Nice to meet ya, Edward.” Ember smiled back. “Now move your ass!”

“She seems nice” said Deceit as Edward followed Ember through the trees. The forest only seemed to get denser. “Does she even know where she’s going?”

“To the resistance, Deceit” Ember answered. “I’ll explain later, but we have to get out of here now.”

Edward stopped in a clearing. Ember turned back to him “what are you doing, we have to go now. They’re coming!”

“They’re already here.” Edward unsheathed Deceit. “I’d tell you to run, but we’re already surrounded.” Within moments of him saying the words, fifteen armed human soldiers came out from the trees and brush, surrounding them with their rifles readied. “If we survive this, you need to explain to me how you are able to hear Deceit.” Edward said as he prepared himself for the fight to come.

“And how you know me by name?” Deceit added.

Ember smiled “It’s written in the language of Hell on one side of your blade. I can’t read the other side” suddenly she became wreathed in flame as a vortex of fire and black smoke rose from the ground, surrounding her. Molten lava rock covered her hands like gauntlets and the ground at her feet cracked and burned. “No use hiding it anymore. You already found me”

“Careful Men!” Shouted the Leader of the squad of soldiers. “That’s Ember Fray, the Necro Fire Vixen.” They were only ten or so meters from Ember and Edward now.

“Daw, you remember me,” Ember chuckled as she spun her body around manipulating the ashen flame around her. “But it’s not Necro Fire.” flame phoenixes rose up from scorched earth and flew all around the battlefield. “It’s Hell Fire!” Ember smashed her fist into the ground before her, as she did the phoenixes she had previously summoned flew towards the fifteen human soldiers and directly into their guns damaging them beyond repair.

“Shit, my guns busted!” one of the soldiers shouted. “Yeah, mine too.” shouted another. “Pyro bitch!” shouted a third.

“Alright, that’s enough!” Shouted their Leader. “Melee arms at the ready!” As soon as he gave the order all fifteen soldiers removed a hilt from their belts, each of which unfurled to reveal a four-foot steel blade. The leader unsheathed his much larger, solid sword from his back.

Edward stepped forward. “I’ll take it from here, Ember.” He said as he stabbed Deceit into the ground before him. She was almost as tall as he was.

The Soldiers were already running towards them. One leaped into the air at Edward. “Do you remember what you were before?” Deceit asked Edward as the Soldier hurdled towards them, seemingly in slow motion. “No,” Edward responded as he grasped hilt her tight. “What was I?” All was quiet to him now.

“A Knight.” she whispered.

With his left, still armored, hand Edward caught the Soldier jumping towards him by the blade of his sword and headbutted him with such force it caused a shockwave. He then pulled Deceit from the ground and wielding her in his right hand as he parried and dispatched another soldier. He then threw the sword he was still holding by the blade in his left hand and took out a third with it. A phoenix rose up from the ground behind Ember and grabbed a soldier, with its talons, who was trying to flank her. The phoenix burned the soldier and threw him to the side before dissipating into ash. Edward looked over to Ember who was busy fighting two other soldiers. They looked to be giving her some trouble, but she looked like she was having a bit of fun at the same time.

Edward blocked an incoming attack from the right and vaulted over to the other side of that soldier, avoiding an attack from his left. He followed through with Deceit, stabbing the soldier he had leapt over and swinging back over top of that soldier, using Deceit’s heavy set blade to gain momentum as he swung her down hard upon the soldier he had previously dodged. This soldier turned out to be their Leader who blocked Edwards Attack and pushed him back. Edward kept his footing as he slid back, using Deceit to slow himself down.

Ember was proving to be rather proficient in hand to hand combat herself, blocking and countering the two soldiers she was fighting with her paw like hands, which were still wreathed in flame and covered in gauntlets of molten lava rock. She had been watching Edward fight as well. “A living, breathing Northlandish Fennec Fox.” The thought overwhelmed her. She had only ever heard stories. “Does he know?”

*          *

A statue of a Northlandish Fennec Fox Knight which once stood proudly in the center of Cathedral City had fallen and the city it had once stood watch over was now in ruins and filled with human soldiers and their military’s surplus. Hanz Cratel ,a human scout, ran passed the fallen statue up some stairs and through a great door. What had once been Cathedral City’s Grand Chapel was now a human military base of operations. Hanz ran up to General Kyle Pentora, who was standing where the altar had once been. “Sir, this just came in from Fireteam 7.” The scout handed the General a bulky tablet displaying a crude video transmission from Fireteam 7.

“Is that a..” As General Pentora watched the feed he noticed the Fennec Fox who was making easy work of his troops.

“I’m afraid it is, Sir. A Northlandish Fennec Fox, Sir.” Hanz took back the tablet as it was handed to him and continued. “Based on interactions thus far we believe he has no clue of humanity’s involvement in the extinction of his kin. He may not even be aware that he is the last of his kind.”

“Radio all patrol and search teams, pull back everyone and station them here.” The General ordered.

“But, Sir” Hanz rebuttal. “ shouldn’t we be hunting this fennec down? Dispatching him will crush any moral the resistance is still clinging to and we can finally be rid of those Freedom Furs.”

The General sighed as he walked through the chapel towards the main entry doors. “You’ve never faced a Fennec Fox of the Northlands in battle, have you?” he began. “Killing him will not be easy and once he’s figured out what we’ve done, he will come to us. Here and only here we may have a chance.” The General pushed open the doors and walked out to the crumbled statue and stared at it with a look of hidden sorrow upon his face. “And make no mistake.” He looked up at the sky most concerningly. “He will come for war. Dispatch the Sergals and contact Carvor. If the Sergals cannot fell this fox, we will need to be prepared.”

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