Episode 3: The Lengsly Corporation

Written By: Epicstu Wyyvernwriter

The Leader of fireteam 7 swung his sword down hard upon Edward who blocked the attack, shattering the Fireteam Leader’s weapon against Deceit’s Hellforged blade.

“Commander Frynor Sir, we’ve been ordered to fall back to base.” Shouted one of the remaining soldiers.

“Go home, this fight is over. I will not make this offer again” interrupted Edward as he stared down his opponent.

Commander Frynor got up slowly and pulled his knife from his boot, readying it as he grinned. “Then go already if those are your orders. I’m not done here.” He ordered his squad before turning back to Edward.  “Come on, Fennec! I’m gonna make you into an adorable hoodie for my baby girl.”

Deceit remained silent, yet she seemed more alive than before. Edward could feel her breath.

Edward readied Deceit. “That’s a shame.”

“What, you think your fur is too good for my daughter or something?” Frynor chuckled.

“No.” Edward replied, shaking his head. “It’s a shame she’ll never see her father again.” Edward Held Deceit, blade down,  in an outstretched arm towards the Fireteam Leader and stabbed her into the ground there, creating an impact tremor. He turned to Ember. “Go and tell your friends what has happened here. Then he turned, again, to the Frynor “I did warn you.”

Ember tried to convince Edward to let her help. “I can fight!” she shouted to him as she readied herself.

Edward looked at Ember in a stern yet caring fashion and with a calm tone to his voice,  said “Go, I can handle this.” He watched as Ember ran south before turning back to his opponent. “Can we get started already? I apparently don’t have all day anymore.”

“Let’s do this.” Frynor replied as he started to run at Edward.

Edward took a low stance. “Deceit?”

“Yeah?” Deceit sounded flustered as she answered.

“Are you okay?” Edward asked as he brought Deceit back with his right hand while his left, outstretched, hand barely touched the tip of her Blade.

“Don’t stop.” Deceit replied.

This puzzled Edward, but he had to focus. “Alright.” He replied as he breathed in deep the air around him. His opponent was almost upon him now and with his knife at the ready, he struck. Edward exhaled and with one swift motion deflected the attack and cut his opponent in two. He looked at Deceit, still puzzled. “You alright?” He could feel her heart beat within the blade.

Deceit giggled a little. “That felt really good.”

Edward turned to his fallen opponent. “We’re gonna have to keep an eye on how much you enjoy killing.”

“No, not the killing,” Deceit argued. “The way you wield me.”

Edward could tell she was smiling at him. “Oh?” He smiled back and became flustered.

“Oh thank God you’re still alive.” Ember came running back with more than a dozen resistance fighters behind her. “Whoa, am I interrupting something here?” exclaimed Ember, having noticed the way Edward and Deceit had been looking at one another.

“It’s not like that!” Deceit screamed in embarrassment.

“How would that even work?” Edward thought to himself as he scratched behind his head. Deceit just glared at him in response. “What?” asked Edward, wondering what he did wrong.

Ember turned to her comrades. “See Guys, I told ya, a real live Fennec Fox of the Northlands.” The resistance fighters all looked at Edward, then the fallen human and then they all took a step back and bowed their heads. Ember turned back to Edward “sorry, I didn’t think they’d all act so formal.” She giggled.

“Show some respect, Daughter.” A voice came from behind the other fighters. “The Fennecs of the Northlands may have been the first to fall but they also were first to rise. We would not be here without the bravery and sacrifice of this Fennec’s kin.” From within the group of freedom fighters came not a fox, but a Coyote. “My apologies, friend. My name is Collin Fray and I am the Leader of this resistance. My daughter tells me you are having memory problems?”

“Yeah” Edward took Collin’s hand and shook it. Then he turned to Ember. “Coyfox huh?” Edward smiled.

Ember smiled back. “Yup, Mother was a Red Fox of the midland forests and Paps here is a genuine Coyote of the West.” She was proud of her family’s mixed heritage.

Collin thought for a moment. “Perhaps we should get back to base. More can be explained once everyone is safe.”

Edward nodded and followed Collin, Ember, and the freedom fighters to their base.

*          *

Across the sea, on the outskirts of the Human city, stood Lengsly Manor, home to Sedric Carvor and his niece Elizabeth Lengsly, heir to the Lengsly Corporation fake Fur Traders family business. However, her uncle had been running things for the last 20, almost 21 years by this point. Elizabeth’s father Thomas Lengsly just died on a business trip 5 years ago and he had entrusted everything to his brother-in-law, Sedric Carvor, over 20 years ago when his daughter was born.

“Mr. Carvor, Sir.” A man wearing the same uniform as those occupying Cathedral City said as he came through the door of Sedric Carvor’s Study. “Sir, a Norhtlandish Fennec Fox has been engaged.” The uniformed man began. “General Pentora has given the order for all squads to return to base and the Sergals have been deployed, but Fireteam 7 is missing 8 good men including their Leader, Gallic Frynor. They claim the Fox took them out.”

Sedric got up, walked over to his fireplace, and stared at the painting above the mantle. It was of the late Thomas and Sasha Lengsly. The painting depicted Thomas as a white man with blonde hair and blue eyes. “Tell General Pentora to do nothing more, and await further instruction.”

“Yes, Sir.” The uniformed man left. However he left the door a little open by accident.

Sedric was still looking at the painting. “Oh brother-in-law, we both know you were far from human.” He began. “Your feral kin are dead and soon this survivor will be to.” He looked to Sasha on the painting. “Oh sister, if you hadn’t gone and married a beast I wouldn’t have had to kill you as well. Although,” he continued his monologue. “If you had not, I would not have been able to take your fennec husband’s corporation so easily.” He chuckled. “Now that we are using real fur and passing it off as fake, profits have never been higher.” He laughed harder.

Just outside the door, hearing all this for the first time, was a young women, almost twenty one in years. She looked like a human girl until one would notice her fennec ears and fox like tail. Her forearms, lower legs, and paw like hands and feet were covered in beige fur along with her fennec ears and fluffy tail. The rest was human skin. Elisabeth Lengsly held both hands over her mouth as she tried not to scream after hearing the truth about her mother and father. Tears fell like rain as she held back the pain. She kept listening.

Sedric walked back to his desk and pushed one of the buttons on his communications hub, a crude bulk tablet like device used by humans with large homes or buildings to communicate with family and or staff. Large pipes filled with heavy wiring connected the consoles together. He held the button down. “Elizabeth?” He asked, but there was no answer. “Elizabeth?” he tried again.

“Yeah, Uncle.” Elizabeth said from her room where she had her own communications hub.

“Are you alright?” Sedric questioned. “You sound like you are crying.”

Elizabeth sniffled as she dried her eyes and cleared her throat. “Yeah, sorry, I was reading a book and there was a sad part in it.” She quickly responded. “What do you need, Uncle?”

Sedric chuckled. “I’ll be out of town for a while and I’m leaving Miss Fiballi in charge of you while I’m out. I trust you can behave yourself while I’m gone.”

Elizabeth held in her anger towards her Uncle, who until now she had believed had done nothing to wrong her or her parents. She loved him, he was like a second father to her. She had been wrong and the thought was almost too much to take. “Yeah, I can do that.” She managed to fake a cheerful tone.

“Well alright, I’ll be leaving then.” Sedric then left his estate.

Elizabeth watched her Uncle leave from her window. Then she wept.

*          *

“So this, Sedric Carvor, took over a fake Fur trade company owned by a Northlandish Fennec Fox named Thomas Lengsly by murdering him and his wife? And now he’s using real fur?” Edward asked as he attempted to understand all that Collin had just explained to him.

“Yes” Collin answered.

“What happened to the daughter you mentioned.” Edward questioned. “Was she killed too?”

“No, Sedric needs her alive until she is of age in order to remain in control of the company.” Collin replied. “However, she will be of age on her 21st birthday in 3 days. Sedric will then, using his private military no doubt, force her to sign over the corporation to him and then kill her.”

“Well, we’ve got to do something. That girl’s in danger!” Deceit exclaimed. Their conversation had been private between Edward, Deceit, and Collin. Collin could not hear Deceit or see the specter of herself she had been projecting.

“Have there been any efforts to save the girl?” Edward asked on Deceit’s behalf.

Collin shook his head. “Unfortunately, we don’t have the resources to pull off such a rescue and the Human’s technology is far more advanced than ours.” Then he sighed as he rubbed his eyes. “I was there, 20 years ago. They didn’t just wipe out your armies. No, they took everyone. Your men, your women, your children. None escaped. You were the strongest of us, The Fennec Foxes of the Northlands, and they wiped you off the face of the Earth in no more than three days.” He stood up. “She’s across the Sea anyway.”

Edward sunk back into the chair he had been sitting in and remained silent for several minutes. “Have you no boats?” Edward questioned Collin earnestly.

“No.” Collin answered. “They were the first things the Humans took from us, so that we could not escape.”

“I see.” Edward became distressed. This Elisabeth Lengsly may be half human, but she’s still a Fennec Fox of the Northlands as well. Edward couldn’t remember much, but he remembered what the term family meant and as a Northlandish Fennec Fox, half human or not, Elizabeth was family. Possibly the only family he had left. “Three days.” He said to himself.

They both stood up and Collin walked Edward to the door. “Why don’t you get some rest, It’s getting late and we both need to be well rested for our fight tomorrow.”

Edward raised an eyebrow.

Collin laughed in an effort to lighten the mood. “Tis tradition for Northlandish Fennec’s to fight anyone they wish to ally with beforehand. Whether you remember it or not, I’m not about to let you break your people’s proud tradition,” said Collin, with a smile. “Maybe I can help you remember how to fight. Find Ember, she’ll show you to your room.”

Edward followed Ember to his quarters. “I think he’s got that covered,” said Deceit as she remembered their fight with Fireteam 7 from earlier. She became flustered even at the memory, for it had been sensual to her. The thrill of being wielded by a skilled warrior, to be swung with near perfect precision. “But some practice couldn’t hurt.” She giggled

“I can hear you too, ya know.” Ember said, interrupting Deceit as she opened the door to their quarters.

“Lay off, kid!” Deceit yelled out of slight annoyance..

“I’ll just leave you two alone.” Ember said, tauntingly, as she closed the door behind them.

Deceit was about to shout something in response, but she became distracted when Edward gently leaned her against the wall next to his bed. He then layed down and looked at her. Deceit looked back at him and was comforted. Then they fell asleep. His night terrors lessened by Deceits company.

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