Episode 4: The Runaway

The Following episode and the rest of the season will be featuring Sergals. Sergals are a creation of Mick39 as part of her sci-fi world Vilous; this story is a fiction all its own and the lore is unrelated to Mick’s creation. Posted with permission.

Written By: Epicstu Wyyvernwriter

Elizabeth unlocked the bottom left drawer of her dresser and pulled from it a short sword and a sidearm which her father had given to her and even taught her how to use. She strapped on her combat gear, sheathed her sword, and holstered her gun. She grabbed a backpack and put three of her books in it. Northlands Survival 101, Sergals and what to do in case of an Encounter, and History of House Dimir. Then she snuck out through the window. It wasn’t going to be easy getting to The Lands, the continent where the Fur races were born and even now still reside. The Lands existence had always been a well-kept secret and very few humans knew of it, but her father had taught her how to get there.

“The continent was named the Lands due to the names of each of the provinces there in.” The memory of her father teaching her about their homeland began to take over Elizabeth’s mind. “The Eastlands, that’s where the coast is. The Westlands is a barren desert also known as the Badlands and is home to four different races of Fur. The Rabbits, the Coyotes, the Desert Cats, and the Fennec’s of the West all coexist there.” She remembered how passionate her father was about their homeland. He loved to go on and on every night. She giggled at the memory of it. “The Southlands” Elizabeth’s father continued, “as well as the center of the Lands are covered in a massive forest. They are home to the Red Foxes, the Bears, and the Sergals. The Sergals are mostly feral, but the few that aren’t live as bounty hunters. You’ll want to stay clear of them if you can. The Northlands” he continued, “ is a great tundra where the mountains climb high, where the pinewood forests grow, and where a great blanket of snow covers all.” Her father pointed it out to her on a globe he had made himself. The globe was a cube like all others, for their world was a cube and the Lands sat on a corner, allowing it to have its diverse biomes “See, right there? That is our home. It is also home to the Wolves and the Sabertooths. The Sabertooths look feral, but they’re an intelligent and well-mannered people and they are very good in a fight. If you ever meet one, be sure to show respect.”

“Will you take me there one day?” Elisabeth would ask her father every night.

“One day.” Her father would answer as he tucked her in and kissed her on her forehead. “Goodnight.”

Elizabeth dried her eyes; she had reached the Lands. She flopped her body onto the shore of the Eastlands and rolled onto her back. “What a swim.” She sighed exhaustively.

“Hey there, sweetheart” A voice beckoned her from the trees. “You’re a long ways from home.” A Sergal, bald as a naked mole rat, jumped down from his hiding spot in the trees, landing just a few feet from Elizabeth

“Oh no…” Elizabeth grumbled as she quickly got up and ran into the forest.

“Where ya running, fox?” The Sergal grinned maniacally. “I’m not gonna hurt ya.” It was too dark for him to see she was half human.

*          *

Edward couldn’t sleep. Something was keeping him awake, a feeling on the edge of his mind, so he decided to go for a late night walk to clear his head. He sheathed Deceit, who was still asleep, and headed out. He passed by a Rabbit and a Westland Fennec who had been watching the main entrance. They asked him where he was going and Edward told them he needed some fresh air so they let him go. “Don’t wander too far, Friend!” one of them shouted after him. “The human’s send their domesticated Sergals out to hunt this time of night.”

*          *

Elizabeth kept running but she could tell he was catching up to her by how well she could hear his voice taunting her. She couldn’t outrun him forever. She went through a clearing and hit what felt to her like a wall before passing out.

*         *

“Are you really gonna fight that fox, Collin?” Jessy asked.

“Nope.” Collin replied before taking a drink from his mug. “But someone has to.”

Jessy refilled Collins mug. “Who’d ya have in mind?”

Collin smiled. “Dolan Crow.”





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