Episode 6: The Resurrection of House Dimir

The Following episode and the rest of the season will be featuring Sergals. Sergals are a creation of Mick39 as part of her sci-fi world Vilous; this story is a fiction all its own and the lore is unrelated to Mick’s creation. Posted with permission.

Written By: Epicstu Wyyvernwriter

The sound of gun shots echoed in the distance. Dolan Crow followed the echoes.

“Edward?” Deceit addressed her knight, fearing the worst. “Come on Edward, you can’t be.”

Elizabeth tried to find a pulse but was pulled away by Skinner who had her by the ears. “Let go of me!”

“Can it, half-breed!” Skinner threw her against a large rock off to the side. His eyes became wide and then he grinned. “I know you. Your that Lengsly bitch, Elizabeth.” He laughed “Oh, this is just too perfect. Dragging you back to Carvor will get me a promotion for sure. Maybe I’ll even get my own fireteam. Yeah!” He laughed with excitement at the thought of what his reward might be.

While Skinner had his laugh, Deceit wept over Edward. “No, please. You can’t, you just can’t be.”

“Damnit Women, I’m fine. I’m just resting.” Edward said with a calm soft voice as he opened his eyes. He tore off the chest piece of his armor and felt for the damage. There was none. “Interesting.” In fact, he had never felt more alive. He got back up.

Deceit tried to slap Edward with her specter but her hand just went right through him instead. She started to cry. “Don’t do that. I thought…”

“I know.” Edward got up and held his hand out to where Deceit was lying. Deceit’s specter vanished and she came to him. He grasped her hilt tight and pointed her blade at the laughing Sergal. “Oy! You!”

Skinner turned slowly to find, much to his surprise, the fox he had just shot at point-blank range with a shotgun was completely unharmed.

Edward smiled. “That hurt, but I’m still standing.” His mark glowed with Hellfire and his right eye flashed with Heavenlightning. “Now, about those answers.” He spun Deceit around and stabbed her into the ground before him. “Talk.” his voice was stern and then he smiled again. “Or do we have to do this the fun way? I could go for a good fight right about now.”
Skinner grabbed Elizabeth and started to run off with her.

Elizabeth screamed.

“We’ll meet ag…” Skinner stopped talking. He could feel something wrap around his throat.

“Ha” Edward wrapped the end, he was holding onto, of his chainmail scarf around his left arm. Still holding Deceit in front of him in his right paw, he pulled Skinner and Elizabeth back over to him as he flung his scarf back around his neck in one swift motion. “I am insulted. How dare you run from me.” He stared down his enemy. Then he picked up skinner’s dual bladed staff and tossed it to him. “Stand up and fight, coward.”

Elizabeth made a run for it.

“Oh no you don’t.” Skinner laughed as he caused the ground around them to turn like a disc. “You wanna fight? Fine!” He grinned. “But we play by my rules.”

Edward cocked an eyebrow. “Very well.”

Elizabeth could not find any balance while on the rotating disk that the ground around them had been formed into. Try as she might. So instead she pulled a book from her bag. The title History of House Dimir was on it’s cover. She turned through the pages until she found it. His portrait. Edward Dimir’s portrait. “It can’t be.”

“You step outside the circle you lose.” Skinner pointed at the edge of the still rotating disk. Then he bowed. “and to the victor go the spoils.” He grinned sadistically and looked towards Elizabeth.

“Fennec Fox of the Northlands!” A voice beckoned Edward from the trees behind him. “Who are you?”

Edward thought for a moment as he asked himself the same question. Then he smiled and said, proudly “I am Edward Michael Dimir, Fennec Fox Knight of the Northlands.” He now remembered everything.

“My name is Dolan Crow” Dolan stepped out from the shadows. “Edward Michael Dimir died over 220 years ago. So I challenge you to prove that you are who you claim to be.”

Edward smiled “Tell me, has anyone mastered my Wall in all this time?”

“No, only Edward Michael Dimir, its creator.” Dolan replied. “If you can perform the Wall, it would prove to me you are who you claim to be.”

“He’s right!” Elizabeth interrupted. “The Wall boasted an almost impervious defense. It required a great sword and was so difficult to master that many who tried either cut themselves in half or ended up shattering their blade. Only Edward Dimir could do it because he was a perfect mix between Northlandish on his mother’s side and Westland Fennec on his father’s side. He was born with the best traits of both.” Elizabeth glared at Edward. “So if you are lying about who you are, I will ensure you pay for it.”

Skinner had already charged towards Edward, swinging his staff wildly. Edward deflected the attack, breaking Skinner’s staff in half, still spinning his sword around him. “You’re right, this fighting style requires both finesse.” His Blade moved ever faster and each step he took created a tremor causing the disk to lose its structural integrity. Skinner leapt forward, his staff now cut into a pair of blades, and struck both hard against Edward’s defense. Edward blocked the attack and pushed Skinner back a few feet, almost off the disc. Edward slammed Deceit, blade first, into the center of the disc, shattering it and knocking skinner the rest of the way out of the circle. “and a great deal of brute strength.” Edward stared down his opponent. “I have won your challenge.”

Skinner looked at Edward in fear. “Who are you?”

Edward pulled Deceit from the ground and pointed her at skinner. “I am Edward Dimir. Return to your master and tell him that I am coming.”

Skinner ran off into the forest, confused and muttering to himself angrily.

“You alright?” Edward held out a hand to Elizabeth, who also had been knocked back by Edward’s Wall. “Sorry if I hurt you. It has been so long since I’ve performed my Wall, I had forgotten how destructive it can be.” Edward smiled.

“Edward Dimir,” interupted Dolan, “I’m sorry I doubted you.”

Edward laughed and scratched behind his head as he helped Elizabeth up. “Well, 220 years? I’d need proof too.”

Elizabeth found the page in her book with Edward’s portrait and held it up to him. “This is you?” She asked with eyes wide, yet skeptical.

Edward’s eyes became wide. He grabbed the book from her. “This is my portrait.” Then he smiled “It was done by…”

“Your mother,” Elizabeth finished the sentence for Edward. “I think that book has everything about you and your family written in it,” Elizabeth explained. “If there is anything you don’t remember, you will find it there.”

Edward closed the book. “There is nothing I do not now remember; apart from after I died to when I returned.” Edward handed the book back to Elizabeth. “You must be Elizabeth Lengsly,” said Edward before turning to examine Deceit and make sure his Wall wasn’t too much for her.

“You can call my Elli.” She stared, eyes wide, at Edward. He had been her inspiration for years. She had read of all his accomplishments and knew just about everything there was to know about him. Apart from what happened to him after he died and how he was able to come back some 220 years later. “I’m a huge fan,” she said, blushing slightly.

Dolan laughed, “Come on, let’s get back to base and don’t forget to bring your groupie with you.”

Edward sighed. “Come on Elli, you’re safe now.” They started heading back when Edward noticed a horizontal stack of knives stuck into a tree like a spear about fifteen knives long.

Dolan pulled the stack from the tree and started in the direction they had been thrown from. “This way to base.” He seemed annoyed. “Show off.” He grumbled to himself as he remembered who threw them.

“You alright?” Edward said this to himself so that only Deceit would hear it as he followed Dolan. Elizabeth followed Edward.

“Yeah I am fine,” Deceit replied and then she sighed. “When you wield me.”

“I know,” Edward responded, still speaking in his head to Deceit. “How was my Wall?”

Deceit blushed. “Umm, well you could have eased into it a bit first.”

“Sorry, I skipped the three-part warm up,” Edward replied.

“There’s a three-part warm up to that?!” Deceit thought for a moment. “We should go through the whole thing sometime. You know, so I can learn it.”

Edward laughed as they made it back to the Resistance base. “Whatever you say, Women.” Deceit didn’t know it, but for a Fennec Fox of the Northlands to call any female his Woman is to call her his girlfriend or spouse depending on the current status of their relationship. Edward had been married to his sword in his past life, metaphorically. This time he was fortunate enough to find one he could talk to.
Elizabeth still couldn’t believe he had returned. “The Resurrection of house Dimir,” she thought to herself as she was shown to her quarters. The night was still young and they all needed rest after their ordeal, but Elizabeth stayed up late. She wrote in her journal of what had happened as she thought to herself. “This will be remembered for years to come.”

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