Episode 7: The Fur Resistance

Written By: Epicstu Wyyvernwriter

Elizabeth awoke to the morning, though the sun’s light had not yet reached the skylight in her room. She noticed human tech along the walls, but unlike at home, the cables did not illuminate the room. Instead, there were torches on the walls. “I guess they couldn’t get the lights to work,” she said to herself. She got up and started unplugging cables and plugging them into different outlets. “Can’t blame them. The color-coded rings are all missing. I’ll have to guess.”

*          *

An aroma entered Edwards room. Edward sat up in his bed and sniffed the air. “Is that coffee?” He looked to the door. Someone had opened it, letting in the smell. He got up, sheathed Deceit and followed the smell out to a large room which was set up like a tavern. There were all different kinds of Furs there from every corner of the Lands. The aroma of coffee came from a Sabertooth Snow Tiger of grey fur and black stripes.

“Ah, Edward!” the Sabertooth beckoned him. “I was hoping you would be up early. Here!” The Saber handed Edward a large wooden mug of coffee. “I know how much you Northlandish Fennecs love your morning coffee. Drink up! You’ll need to be awake for your fight today.”

Edward smiled as he took a drink from the mug. “I am looking forward to it,” he said before taking a much larger drink from his mug. “The coffee is very good. What did you say your name was again?”

“Thank you,” the Saber replied, “and I didn’t say. My name is Exodus Pumador.”

Exodus, like other Sabertooth Snow Tigers, was very large and robust, almost twice the size of Edward. During a war known as the Compass War, which ended in the separation of the Lands into Northern, Southern and Western Provinces, the Fennec Foxes of the Northlands fought alongside the Sabertooth Snow Tigers. The Fennecs would ride them into battle like mighty war mounts.

Edward sat down next to his new friend. “A pleasure to meet you, Exodus. You already know my name it seems”

“Indeed,” Exodus laughed. “You must tell me; what was it like being dead?” He couldn’t help but be inquisitive about something even the Sabertooth Snow Tigers had no true knowledge of.

Edward thought for a moment. “I don’t remember.” He stared into his coffee. “The Reliquary, is it safe?”

“For now,” Exodus replied. “That is one of the many reasons why I joined the others. I intend to keep my peoples’ knowledge safe.”

The Sabertooths of the Northlands usually kept to their great library tower, The Reliquary. The only way to get to the Reliquary was to travel far into the Northlands and then to the West.

Exodus looked at Edward. “Why did you join?”

Edward thought for a moment. “To take back my Home.” He looked around. “It’s a rather small resistance, isn’t it?”

“Indeed, but it’s chalked full of the best of the best from all across the Lands.” Exodus wrapped one arm around Edward and held his other arm out, showing off the hardy band of misfits. “If you’d like to know anything about anyone here, just talk to Jessy.” He gestured to the bar at the other end of the room. “That Westland Feline over there. Her father ran this place as a smugglers safehouse before the resistance started. After her father was taken by Carvor, Jessy offered the place to the resistance. It’s not much but it has served its purpose thus far.” Exodus filled Edwards mug with more coffee. “Go talk to her. She might even read your fortune for you,” the giant of a Sabertooth Tiger laughed hardily. “If you believe that sort of thing.”

*          *

Elizabeth wandered into the tavern-like room, still plugging and unplugging cables trying to figure out the sequence required for the electricity to flow. However, without the color-coded rings, she had been forced to go off the memory of the lights in her parents home. Lucky for her she had a good memory.

“What ya doin?” Said a tiny, yet authoritative voice from behind Elizabeth.

Elizabeth turned around to find a Northlandish Sabertooth of white fur and red stripes. Much to her surprise, this Saber was smaller than she was. “Oh, hi. I thought Northlandish Sabertooths were supposed to be huge compared to Northlandish Fennecs.”

The tiny Sabertooth blew a bubble with the gum she was chewing and popped it. “I’m half Westland Cat on my Mother’s side. What are you doing?” She asked again, still speaking authoritatively.

Elizabeth took a step back. “ My Parent’s home had this same set up so I’m trying to get the lights to work, but without the color-coded rings it’s taking a bit longer than I hoped it would,” she replied.

The Tiny Sabertooth looked her over with a raised eyebrow. “You must be Elizabeth Lengsly. The half-human half-Northlandish Fennec, right?”

“Uh, yeah.” Elizabeth replied, trying to regain her personal space, “What’s your name?”

“The name’s Miina,” Miina replied as she blew another bubble with her gum. “I’m the Technician around here. What do you mean color-coded rings?”

“Color-coded rings should be at the ends of each cable with a matching ring on the outlet plug that it goes to,” Elizabeth turned to the plugs and cables, “but all the colored rings are missing.” She turned back to Miina, who was holding the color-coded rings up in front of her. “Those are the ones! Where were they?”

Miina looked down. “I thought they were cool bracelets.”

“That’s ok.” Elizabeth giggled. “We can put them back on when we’re done plugging everything in. Wanna help?”

Miina nodded and the two of them went to work.

*          *

Edward walked over to the bar, sat on a stool, and took a drink of his coffee.

“Well, bless my lucky stars!” Jessy addressed her new patron. “If it isn’t the Fennec Fox of the Northlands himself! Back from the dead, I hear.” She polished a glass, filled it with some hard liquor, and slid it to Edward. “Something a little stronger to start your day, hun?” She asked Edward, flirting with him a bit as she did with everyone. Jessy had a perfect hourglass figure and she knew how to use it. Her fur was a velvet red and her eyes were a hazelish green. Her accent was the western twang of the Badlands Edward was familiar with. Having been sent on various missions, Edward grew to become familiar with all accents of the Lands. “Sorry we don’t have any mead, but it’s been really hard to come by lately.”

“That’s alright.” Edward picked up the glass and examined it a bit before pouring the liquor into his coffee. He took a drink and then his eyes widened. “Good stuff.”

Jessy leaned against the counter, right in Edward’s face. “I reckon you didn’t just wander over here for a drink.”

Edward looked into his coffee. “I’d like to know a bit about this resistance I am to join and the individuals therein.” He looked up at Jessy. “I hear you’re the one to talk to.”

“Maybe I am, maybe I ain’t,” She replied, still flirting with Edward.

Edward chuckled slightly. “What do you want?”

Jessy blushed a little. “Well, I’ve never made it with a Northlandish Fennec before.” She looked Edward up and down.

*          *

Elizabeth and Miina plugged in the last cable for the lights, having followed them all throughout the cave-like hideout. “Phew,” they both wiped their brows. “Now all we need is a strong electrical current to kick start everything,” said Elizabeth.

Purple lightning suddenly surged through the entire complex, kick-starting the human tech to full capacity. “Wow!” Elizabeth and Miina exclaimed as they got up from the ground, their fur and hair standing on end from the electrical charge. “What was that?” They both asked simultaneously.

“AH! It’s so bright!” The freedom fighters all shouted. “What’s happening?” One questioned. “I don’t know,” another replied. “The lights, they’re working.” Answered a third. “Awesome! Now we can see!” Shouted a fourth.

“Hey!” Deceit yelled. Ember perked up with excitement at everything starting up and the sound of Deceit’s voice.“That’s my Fox!” Deceit’s jealousy could be felt in the very air.

“I’m staying out this one,” Ember said to herself as she sat back down.

Jessy cocked an eyebrow and stood up. “Relax, Sword. I ain’t gonna take him from you.” She wiped off the glass that she had handed Edward earlier. “I just wanted to see what he’d do.”

Edward did not know that Deceit thought of him as her’s. Then again, he had already been calling her his women. He smiled. “Once again, Edward you old fox, you give your life to your blade.” He said to himself, chuckling a bit.

Deceit summoned her specter and stood at the other side of the bar next to Jessy, glaring at her with arms folded. “Don’t call me that.”

Jessy looked Deceit’s specter up and down. “You mean what you are?”

The room became dark as Deceit absorbed the electricity from the lights she had inadvertently turned on with her last surge of energy and converted it into Heavenlightning. The freedom fighters in the room could see her silhouette now, an Archangel made entirely of purple lightning. “I am not just some sword.”

“Deceit,” Edward drew Deceit’s attention to the people in the room, who were now all staring at her in wonder and fear. “Pay her no mind,” He said as he smiled at Deceit.

“Pretty,” Jack Harris said aloud as he put on a pair of sunglasses he had in his coat pocket.

As quickly as she had lit herself up, Deceit sent the lightning back into the lights.

“Edward, what’s wrong?” Deceit moved her specter over to him. Edward looked troubled by something.

Edward smiled. “It’s nothing.”

Jessy smiled. “I thought I recognized that mark, Wyyvern Knight.”

“Wyyvern what?” Edward and Deceit both questioned Jessy at the same time.

Jessy giggled. “The two of you are new, aren’t ya? I best not say anything more then.” She brought out some polishing oil from under the counter. “When, you meet Victor tell him Jessy says hi, alright Darling. Now let me see that Wyyvern Weapon of yours.”

*          *

“Look at her Mordy.” Jack Harris had become lost, staring at Jessy.

“Did you just call me Mordy?” Mordecai replied to his old friend.

Jack just kept staring at her.

“You do know that Westland Felines used to eat Rabbits, right?” Mordecai laughed. “Come on Jack, Hazel over there is single.” He gestured to a Westland rabbit of pure white fur and blue eyes.

“Those Hazel eyes,” Jack replied. “I could stare into them forever.” He was still lost in the Feline’s eyes.

Mordecai rolled his eyes. “Then Go talk to her already, if you want her so bad. She’s just gonna say no again.” Mordecai slapped Jack on the back to snap him out of his frozen state of wonder. “I ain’t gonna fish you out of your stomach if you get eaten.”

“I can’t think of a more amazing way to go,” Jack replied in a love-struck, mesmerized tone as he got up and headed towards the bar.

*          *

Carvor paced back and forth within his private military base in the Northlandish city of Cathedral. The news of Elizabeth’s escape forced him to speed up his plans. He had his private military working around the clock to find the Fur Resistance’s base. 

“Sir! One of our Satellites picked up an energy signature. Sir!” A soldier called out. “Some kind of electrical phenomenon, Sir.”

Carvo rushed to the monitor. “Yes, finally I…” Carvor stopped. “Where did it go?”

“We don’t know Sir,” The soldier replied. “It was a very brief signature but we have the location.” The soldier brought up the location on the monitor. “Here it is. It looks like they turned the lights on. Orders, Sir?”

Carvor grinned menacingly. “Send Skinner to go fetch my niece. Make sure he knows to contact me as soon as he has her.” Carvor looked to the south, still grinning. “The game begins.”




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