Episode 8: Tradition

The Following episode and the rest of the season will be featuring Sergals. Sergals are a creation of Mick39 as part of her sci-fi world Vilous; this story is a fiction all its own and the lore is unrelated to Mick’s creation. Posted with permission.

Written By: Epicstu Wyyvernwriter

Jack Harris made his way to the bar, trying to think of what to say to her. Jessy was something else to him, more than just another kitty cat of the Westlands. He didn’t know why, but he just had to have her.

“Alright, Furs! Spread out and make some room!” Collin ordered, forcing Jack to abandon his conquest.

“Cockblocked by our fearless leader,” Jack muttered to himself as he went with the others.

After enough space had been made, Collin Fray moved to the center of the room and addressed his freedom fighters. “Alright everyone, listen up!” Then he turned to Edward Dimir. “Fennec Fox of the Northlands, you know your tradition.” He gestured for Edward to go ahead and address the resistance himself on the matter. Edward moved to the center of the room.

“No way, is someone going to fight him?” asked one of the freedom fighters excitedly. “This should be good,” said another. “Quiet, let the Fennec speak. We may never get the chance to witness this rarest of spectacles again,” Exodus interrupted.

Edward paused for a moment. He looked to Deceit, who was still being polished by Jessy at the bar. “I should do this without her,” he said to himself. “She might make it unfair for them.” Then he turned to everyone else, “I am Edward Michael Dimir and I am a Fennec Fox of the Northlands. As such I have a proud standing tradition to uphold.” He continued the long-rehearsed speech he had once performed for every alliance he made in his past life. “I am here to form an alliance. However, as per tradition, I must first fight a champion of your choosing. Who among you would accept my challenge?” He waited for a response.

“Edward Michael Dimir,” A recognizable voice came out from the crowd. “I am Dolan Crow.” Dolan stepped out into the open to face Edward. “I accept your challenge and I call upon another of your traditions.” Dolan took a deep breath. “I challenge you to forgive me.”

Everyone looked at Dolan in shock and concern. “That’s right he…” Jack began but was interrupted by Mordecai. “Let him say it.” Mordecai knew what was about to go down as did most everyone else there. The room fell dead silent.

“I do not understand?” Edward questioned Dolan.

A look of guilt overtook Dolan’s face. “I killed your race. I murdered the last Northlandish Fennec Fox family.” Dolan’s pain could be felt in his words. “I am the reason for your extinction.” Dolan was ready to brawl and it was clear he wasn’t going to hold back. “What say you?”

To wrong a Fennec fox of the Northlands was a dangerous thing to do as they often hunted down the one who wronged them. The Fennec would only stop hunting that person if he or she issued a challenge of forgiveness. The Fennec would then drop all weapons and begin unleashing their rage on the individual until either they had no rage left or the individual died. To survive the challenge was to gain that Fennec’s respect, and sometimes their friendship and loyalty. This was as much a tradition to Northlandish Fennecs as the fight required to form alliances.

Edward said nothing. Instead, he walked right up to Dolan and head-butted him. The fight began.

Dolan reared back from the unexpected response. He knew it was well deserved and moved to retaliate. It would have been a dishonor to abandon the fight now. He shook off the head-butt and attempted a right hook. It hit. He followed through with a left jab. Dolan tried for another left-right jab. However, Edward seemed unfazed by Dolan’s assault as he caught both of Dolan’s fists and kneed him in the gut before picking him up, flipping him over, and slamming him on the ground. Edward then grabbed Dolan by his tail and threw him across the room almost into the crowd around them, who were all cheering on the fight now. “Get up!” Edward shouted. “I’m not finished with you yet!”

Dolan got up quickly, wrapped himself around Edward and pulled him to the ground, trying to lock him in a hold. “And I ain’t done with you yet either,” Dolan replied, determined to receive Edwards forgiveness. Dolan’s grip on Edward was too strong for Edward to break out of so he stood up while Dolan maintained his choke hold. Then he fell on his back, breaking Dolans hold on him. Edward rolled off of Dolan and stood him up in front of him before unleashing a flurry of punches to Dolan’s upper body. However, anger was not why Edward was fighting. He had already forgiven Dolan, and now he sought to test his resolve as an ally. Edward had died 200 years before the extermination of his kin. He felt sorrow for it, but it was in the past now. A past he did not know and could never undo. He kept that fact hidden as he continued to act as though he felt hatred towards Dolan. Dolan fell to the ground, then Edward turned away from him.

Dolan got up. “Now, I know you aren’t turning your back on me.” He spat a tooth out of his mouth. “I’m not giving up until you forgive me, ya hear!” Dolan got up slowly, he could barely move now. “Face me!” He shouted. “Forgive m…”

Edward turned around and punched Dolan in the gut, knocking him out before he could finish. “I already have.” He smiled and moved Dolan’s limp body to a couch in the corner. He then turned to the rest of the resistance. “It is done. We are aligned.”

Everyone cheered.

“I need a drink,” Edward said to himself as he went back to the bar.

“Edward,” Exodus called out to him. “Since we are officially aligned now,” He continued as Edward grabbed his drink and went over to him. “I’d like you to meet my Daughter, Miina.” He looked around to find her but could not. “Where is she?”

“Elizabeth, where’s Miina?” Ember asked, after having searched the entire hideout for her. “I can’t find her anywhere.”

“I don’t know,” Elizabeth replied concerned and frantically looking about. “I lost track of her during the fight.”

*          *

Skinner hoisted a squirming sack over his shoulders as he made his way back North towards the city of Cathedral. Once he was far enough from the resistance headquarters, he pulled out a large clunky radio and contacted Carvor with it. “I got the goods, Sir.”

“Good,” Carvor replied, his voice cold and malicious. “Bring her to me immediately.”

“Already on my way,” Skinner answered, ending the radio call.

Carvor reset the radio on his end. “Prepare to patch me through to the resistance bunker as soon as Skinner returns. I have something to tell our furry friends.” He chuckled.

*          *

Everyone in the resistance searched high and low for Miina but found no trace of her. Suddenly, the radio switched on. “Hello Furries,” a voice everyone knew sounded through the speakers.

“Carvor,” Collin replied to the voice.

Carvor laughed. “I’m so glad you recognize me. I’ll bet you recognize her too.” Miina’s voice could be heard screaming through the radio.”

“Miina!” Exodus, Jessy, and Elizabeth all shouted at once.

“Yes, yes!” Carvor chuckled triumphantly. “I have your… Wait.” He stopped for a moment, then he yelled. “SKINNER! You got the wrong one!” The sound of things being smashed and shattered could be heard over the radio, then it stopped. “No matter. A trade then.” Carvor spoke to the resistance again. “Bring me Elizabeth Lengsly within two days or the little saber tooth pussycat will become my newest children’s coat design.” Carvor laughed as Miina’s screams sounded over the radio. Then the radio went silent.

Jessy pulled a box of green, blue, and red colored vials from under the counter and started strapping them to clips on her jacket and belts.

“What are you doing?” Jack asked Jessy.

“Bringing my niece home,” She said, still getting her things together. “I’ve lost enough family. I’m not letting them take her like they took my father, my sister, and my husband. I’m ending this or I’m gonna die trying.” Her voice broke and cracked as she struggled to maintain a strong composer.

A knife landed on the counter in front of her. “I’m going with you,” Jack interrupted as he took off his backpack and unwrapped his vast collection of knives and daggers.

“Miina is my daughter,” Exodus chimed in. “She’s my family too. I’m coming with you.”

Ember spontaneously combusted. “This means war,” She said as she cracked her knuckles and neck.

“We will all go,” Collin ordered. “Gather what you need Furs. We move out at dawn.”

Edward went to help Dolan up. “No.” Dolan stopped Edward. “I got this, Thank you.”

“No, thank you,” Edward replied. “Deceit, you ready?” He stretched his arm out to her and she came to him. “I think I have an idea,” He said as he sheathed her.


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