Episode 9: Hope and Strategy

The Following episode and the rest of the season will be featuring Sergals. Sergals are a creation of Mick39 as part of her sci-fi world Vilous; this story is a fiction all its own and the lore is unrelated to Mick’s creation. Posted with permission.

Written By: Epicstu Wyyvernwriter 

Special Guest Editors: Leone, Bandrik, Velli


“Are you sure about this?” Collin asked Edward. “Going alone, I mean.”

Edward chuckled. “Don’t worry about me, Collin. I’ll get you your distraction.”

The two shook hands firmly, like warriors. “Good,” said Collin as Elizabeth walked in with the others. “We’re all counting on you.” Edward left swiftly.

“Where’s he going?” Elizabeth questioned. “What’s our plan?”

“Let him leave. He has his own mission.” Collin smiled. “As do you.” He pointed at Elizabeth.

Elizabeth raised an eyebrow. “Me?” She questioned.

“Yes.” Collin replied. “We need you to go back Home.”

“To Synota?” Elizabeth questioned, puzzled. “But what about Miina?”

“Sir, please,” Exodus interrupted. “My Daughter.”

“I know,” Collin replied. “Don’t worry, we’ll get Miina back. While we are doing that, Elizabeth will return to humanity and tell them everything.” Elizabeth thought for a moment as Collin continued to reveal his plan. “You said it yourself. The humans have no idea that they are wearing real fur, our fur. Now, let us find out if they care. You are half human, they will listen to you. Go to Humanity, ask if they would help end this injustice and bring peace between us.”

“I’m going with,” Dolan interrupted as he tightened the straps of his leather robe. “You’ve sent me on countless supply runs to that city. I know the people who care and I have the connections to get her to them.” Dolan looked at Elizabeth. “I understand if you hate me, but I want to help make things right.”

“I don’t need your protection or your help,” She replied with a scowl. Then she smiled at him. “But you can come along if you want.”

“It’s settled then,” Collin stated authoritatively. “The two of you will leave immediately. Good luck, we’re all counting on both of you.” He turned to everyone else as Elizabeth and Dolan left. “As for the rest of us,” Collin continued. “We shall endeavor to rescue Miina and take Carvor out, only this time, for good.” He directed everyone’s attention to the map on the table. “Edward has been kind enough to draw us a map of Cathedral City and he’s revealed underground passages unknown to Carvor.”

*          *

“What are your orders, Sir?” Hanz Cratel asked Sedric Carvor.

Sedric thought for a moment, then he laughed. “Roundup our best marksmen along with six of our HP Troopers and put them all under Ashley Frynor’s command.”

“But, Sir,” Hanz interjected. “She’s just an infantry scout. She’s never lead anyone before.”

“The Fox,” Sedric replied.

“The Fox?” Hanz questioned.

“Yes, the Fox,” Sedric replied. “He is a Northlandish Fennec Fox. This is his home and we have taken it from him. His honor and his pride will bring him to us.” Sedric smiled as he began pacing the room. He held his hands behind his back. “He has survived much. A shotgun to the chest and one of our best Fireteams was barely a match for him. He will be confident,” Sedric laughed to himself for a moment, then continued. “He will walk up to the front gate and Frynor’s daughter will be waiting for him. It is true that she may not be prepared for this,” Sedric admitted. “However, her desire of revenge for her father’s death will drive her to throw everything we allow at him. If he survives and makes it through the gate, make sure he ends up on the factory floor.” Sedric grinned. “I’m sure Ashely would love to show that Fox what we’ve been doing here.”

Hanz directed another soldier to go roundup the Fireteam that Sedric had demanded. “What about the rest of the Fur Resistance?” Hanz inquired. “Surely they will have some sort of plan.”

“Yes,” Sedric replied. “No doubt they will use secret passages within this city that even we do not know of.” Sedric began to explain the other half of his strategy. “Skinner will handle them. Have him station a Fireteam in each secret passageway that we do know of. Hopefully, they use one of those. Have the rest of the city under constant surveillance. Once they arrive, capture all of them except for Elizabeth Lengsly and bring them to me,” Sedric Ordered. “If Elizabeth defeats Skinner, leave her to me and I will take care of her.” He chuckled. “It’s time she learned her place.” Hanz did as Sedric ordered. Sedric looked to the South. “Your move, Fray.”

*          *

Edward headed North towards his home, Deceit with him all the way. They had reached where the snow once covered everything. Now it covered nothing. Edward had overheard some of the resistance talk about how it had stopped snowing after the Fennec Foxes of the Northlands went extinct. He just did not want to believe it. After a few more hours of walking, they arrived at where the forest had ended and Cathedral City could be seen. Edward stood just inside the forest and out of sight of anyone stationed at the city watchtowers and thought for a moment.

“What’s that?” Deceit asked. “Behind you on the ground. It looks like a banner.”

Edward turned around and picked it up. It was a banner and on its face was the head of a ram made out of iron. “This was the banner of the Iron Ram Order.” Edward smiled as he remembered his past comrades. “I was a Knight of this order.”

The Iron Ram order was the oldest and longest lasting order in Northlandish Fennec history. They were named after the famous head-butt each member was required to master, The Iron Ram. However, the Order was eradicated as a result of siding with Edward Dimir during the civil war he had started in order to liberate all furs from tyranny.

A tear fell from Edward’s eye as he strapped the banner to his waist, adding it to his new set of armor which Collin had given him. The Resistance had grabbed what they could of what the Northlandish Fennecs had left behind, including several full sets of armor as well as enough weapons to supply a small army. Edward had taken a full set of steel plated armor, except the helmet. He also took a double-edged short sword which was held in a sheath on his lower back with the hilt on his off-hand side. The armor bulked him up a bit, but it did not restrict his movement. He had worn armor such as this his entire past life. It was like a second layer of fur to him, and he felt more comfortable within it.

“So, what’s the plan?” Deceit asked Edward.

Edward looked to Cathedral City. “We take back my home.”

*          *

“There it is.” Dolan pointed to the city of humans. “Synota.” Dolan raised an eyebrow. “You alright, Fennec?”

“I’m fine,” Elizabeth replied as she tried to sit up straight, but she kept on falling out of her seat in Dolan’s boat. “We should have swam,” She grumbled.

“I forgot you Northlandish Fennecs have a motion disability,” Dolan laughed. “Don’t worry, we’ll be docking in the Under Market soon. Then we can travel on foot.”

“The Under Market?” Elizabeth questioned Dolan. “You mean that den of murderers and thieves where the worst of the worst make their vile dealings?”

“Yup,” Dolan replied. “I know a guy. Someone who can help get you to the right people,” Dolan continued. “I just hope he’s still around. My last mission here didn’t exactly leave him in calm waters, but if he’s here, then he can help us.”

“If he’s not?” Elizabeth questioned.

Dolan thought for a moment. “Then we do plan B.”

Elizabeth raised an eyebrow. “What’s plan B?” She asked.

*          *

“Any questions?” Collin asked his freedom fighters. They all cheered in affirmation. “Good! Then move out, Furs!” He joined his fighters in their cheers as they advanced to Cathedral City, but he knew that their only hope was if Elizabeth could gather support from the humans. It was at this moment, both parties knew there was no turning back. The final battle had begun.

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