Episode 11: Anyone’s Game

The Following episode and the rest of the season will be featuring Sergals. Sergals are a creation of Mick39 as part of her sci-fi world Vilous; this story is a fiction all its own and the lore is unrelated to Mick’s creation. Posted with permission.

Written By: Epicstu Wyyvernwriter

Dolan Crow and Elizabeth Lengsly had already made it into the Under Market. They had covered themselves with large cloaks so that they could move unnoticed.

“Good thing you had these cloaks in your bag, Dolan,” said Elizabeth as they walked farther down the market street. “There are so many Humans here. We would have been spotted for sure.”

“Stay close,” Dolan replied. “This is not a safe place for our kind.”

“What do you mean?” Elizabeth inquired.

“This is where your Uncle makes most of his money,” Dolan replied. “Now please shut up. We are almost there.”

Elizabeth understood what Dolan meant and how scared he actually was. If they don’t succeed it could mean the end of all the fur races. She pulled her hood down over her face and grabbed hold of Dolan’s hand. “Lead the way then,” She said behind a fake smile.

Synota’s under market was made up of several dark alleyways teaming with greedy merchants trying to sell their illegal or frowned upon wares to anyone willing to buy. Located in the slums of Synota, the crown had no knowledge of the dealings and therefore no jurisdiction there. The crudely fashioned buildings portrayed the callous nature of the market and its merchants.

They passed several fur trade huts trying not to look, but the traders made it difficult with all their sales pitches. “Fresh feline fur here! Guaranteed warm and luxurious!” One shouted. “Coyote and wolf fur here! Best prices in Synota!” Yelled another. “Sergal fur here!”

Dolan stopped.

“Come on,” Elizabeth tried to pull Dolan with her, “We should keep going.” Dolan did not budge. She watched as a tear fell down his face and he began to bare his teeth. “No Dolan. It will only make things worse. We have a job to do.” She strained a smile, trying to comfort him.

Dolan started walking again. “It’s just around this corner.” Dolan led Elizabeth around the corner and through a back alley where a wooden door decorated an otherwise empty wall. “Go on in.” Dolan watched as Elizabeth went through the door. He stood there for a moment to think.

*          *

Heavenlightning struck as Edward slammed Zesrial’s pummel into Cathedral City’s main gate, breaking it down into rubble. However, the bolt of Heavenlightning had also caused a massive power surge and all human technology within the city went dark as a result.

Ember summoned a phoenix from a ball of Hellfire in her hand to help light the way. It flew in circles around them, revealing the wide and empty corridor.

“Not so close Ember,” Collin warned, quickly trying to put out a small flame that had started on his shoulder. “I’m not fireproof, you know.”

Ember laughed as she widened the orbit of her phoenix around them. “Sorry Father,” she replied playfully giggling to herself.

“Hey, bring that firebird over here for a second.” Collin had spotted a door and was trying to open it. “Damn. It’s locked.” He grabbed the knob and shoulder checked the door to see if he could force it open. It did not work.

“Out of the way Father.” Ember summoned a brimstone golem from her Hellfire. “The door please?” She asked the golem nicely. The golem smiled at Ember and lumbered over to the door. In a slow, heavy motion, the golem wound up it’s great, molten fist. It began to Glow bright in the red, hot lava, from which it was forged. It struck the door open with its forceful punch, bursting the door open with a boom. The golem then returned to the ashen flame from whence it came.

Colin Fray looked at his daughter in confused awe.

Ember smiled in her brilliance. “Hellfire brimstone golems will only perform one task for the one who summons them,” Ember said as she walked through the massive melting hole in the wall. “But you have to be polite or it might get angry.” The phoenix flew in behind her and lit up the room for them. “Edward’s not gonna like this,” Ember said as she looked at all of them.

“So this is what Carvor has been up to.” Collin could not believe what he was seeing, yet there they were.

*          *

“Night vision goggles on!” Shouted the fireteam leader.

A struggle could be heard in the darkness, then silence. “I got her!” One of the soldiers shouted.

Exodus tried to sneak through the dark and rescue Jessy but he stopped in his tracks at the feel of a warm gun barrel pressing against his neck. “Not so fast, pussycat,” said the soldier holding the gun.

“Damn lightning made me lose control of my cards,” Jessy scowled. “This has that wyvern noob and that sword of his written all over it.”

“Come on Furs,” the soldiers ordered mockingly as they escorted Jessy and Exodus through the complex.

“Shouldn’t we just kill them, Commander Karl?” Asked one of the soldiers.

“No!” Replied Commander Karl, leader of the Fireteam. “Carvor wants them alive so he can kill them in front of his niece.”

“Glad I’m not part of his family,” one of the soldiers muttered under his breath.

They were about to turn a corner when a knife flew in front of them. The Fireteam stopped as fourteen more knives flew out one after the other. Each one stacking on top of the last, forming a spear, fifteen knives in length.

“What the hell?” The soldiers got close to examine the spear of knives. Then a second spear of knives skewered the wall just below the first. Followed by a third just above it. A soldier pulled one of the spears of knives from the wall. The sound a gunshot could be heard echoing through the hall as a bullet ricocheted off the spear of knives and into the forehead of the soldier who was holding it.

“Hold Men!” Karl ordered. “Stay away from any reflective surfaces. They’re using them to line up their shots in the dark.” He grabbed Jessy and pointed his gun at her. “Show yourselves now or the kitty cat dies.”

*          *

The dust began to clear around Edward Dimir as one of the HP Troopers came at him. Edward swung Zesrial down hard against the trooper only to have her blade do no more than scratch the surface of the armor. In response, the trooper picked Edward up and threw him against a wall at the other end of the courtyard.

“Are you alright?” Zesrial asked her knight with concern.

“Yeah” replied Edward as he got back to his feet. “What the hell happened? We were able to cut through these guys like a hot knife through butter just a moment ago.”

“We used all the power we had built up on the way to the gate breaking it down,” Zesrial explained.

“Great.” Edward readied himself. “Guess we’re doing this the old fashion way.”

The three remaining HP Troopers closed in on Edward Dimir. They had learned it was a bad idea to use any form of artillery against this Fox. Instead, the three troopers readied their massive warhammers.

*          *

Dolan walked through the door and saw an old friend. “Chandler?” Dolan looked around for Elizabeth but could not find her. “Where is she?” He questioned his old friend.

“Who?” Chandler asked in reply. Chandler Kaphai had been Dolan’s Human contact for years. His job was to make sure every mission Dolan undertook in Synota went as planned.

Dolan threw his hood and cloak off and then walked towards Chandler. “The girl who came in just before me.” He grabbed Chandler by the collar, dragged him to a wall,  and pinned him up against it. “Where is she?”

Chandler sighed guiltily. “I’m sorry Dolan, but they arrived just before you did.” Howls and Screaming sounded all around as the lights turned on revealing a vast warehouse. “There was nothing I could do.”

Dolan let go of Chandler. “Damn it Kaphai, you had one job!”

Chandler got back up and was immediately stabbed in the back with a longsword. “Human’s never were very trustworthy,” said a voice Dolan recognized. “Neither are Sergals, for that matter.” A Northlands Alpha Wolf stepped out from the shadows as he pulled his sword from Chandlers back. Chandler went cold and numb as the wolf withdrew his sword and pushed the body away. A dead thud echoed in the air.

“Damn it, Grey! We are trying to make peace with the Human’s not kill them!”Dolan replied, trying to reason with Grey.

“Is that what this halfbreed is for?” Grey whistled and Elizabeth was tossed out from where they had been hiding her.

“Elizabeth! Are you alright?” Dolan asked, rushing to her.

Elizabeth got up slowly. “Yeah, I’m good.”

“I recall the last time we met. You were working for Carvor, helping him exterminate the Fennec Foxes of the Northlands!” Grey howled and his pack howled behind him. “So what are you, Dolan? A double agent or something?” The wolves howled and laughed at Dolan, believing they had the advantage.

*          *

Having made their way out of the secret passageways; Exodus, Jessy, and Mordecai ran as fast as they could through the city streets.

“Did we lose them?” asked Exodus.

“I think so,” Jessy replied. “Hey Mordecai, where’s Jack?” She asked, looking around.

“There they are!” Shouted Commander Karl. “Get em, boys!”

“That’s good enough Karl,” Skinner ordered. “Create a perimeter! No one escapes.”

One by one each member of Karl’s fireteam got a knife in their forehead. Karl got fifteen in the form of a spear. “We were never planning on running away, Skinner.” Jack Harris landed in the midst of his comrades and twirled a knife out from his coat. “We’re here for you!” Then he threw the knife at Skinner.


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