Episode: 12 Pride, Honor, and Love

The Following episode and the rest of the season will be featuring Sergals. Sergals are a creation of Mick39 as part of her sci-fi world Vilous; this story is a fiction all its own and the lore is unrelated to Mick’s creation. Posted with permission.

Written By: Epicstu Wyyvernwriter


“We aren’t running anymore Skinner!” Shouted Jack Harris. “We are here for you!” He threw a knife at Skinner.

Skinner laughed hysterically as he pulled Miina out from behind him and into the path of Jack’s knife. Quickly, Mordecai fired off a shot from his revolver, knocking the knife out of its path. The knife just barely grazed the fur on Miina’s shoulder.

“Miina!” Exodus called to his daughter.

“Father!” Miina cried back.

Skinner kept laughing. “Here! Take her, then.” He threw her back with the rest of the Furs. Then the ground started to move as the city around them became a system of rotating disks varying in size. Each one rotated at a different speed, angle, and direction. The magic forced the Fur Resistance into one spot, back to back, as they dodged Skinner’s earth disks.

Exodus ran out and grabbed Miina, bringing her in with the others. “We can beat him together!” He shouted to the rest.

Sergal magic had been perfected into a weapon of both finesse and destruction over a one hundred thousand year era of war between the Southlandian Sergals and the Fennec Foxes of the Northlands. Every Sergal was born with an element and they could make as many disks with their element as they desired, but nothing more. However, they could design and influence their disks in any way imaginable.

“You’re all going to die here and now.” Skinner stopped laughing as a malicious grin grew on his face. “Time to die,” he whispered so all of them could hear his voice inside their minds. He formed a large sharpened disk made of earth. As it rotated at a deadly speed, he threw it forward, leaping down to claim his victims.

*         *

“Your people have been at war with the rest of us ever since we first crossed paths one hundred thousand years ago.” Grey Blizzard Rider, Alpha Wolf of the White Mammoths, scowled at Dolan Crow. “Why should we believe you? How can we trust any of your kind?” he questioned.

Dolan took a deep breath and shut his eyes. “You cannot.” Water flew into the air in the form of disks rotating at varying speeds. “Our war with the Northlandish Fennecs had brought so much pain to these lands. Though both sides were at fault, both sides were still at fault and you have every right to hate us for our part.” The disks of water fell to the ground as Dolan let go of the magical hold he had on his element and looked Grey in the eyes. “You should trust her,” he said as he pointed at Elizabeth. “That is Elizabeth Lengsly, she is half Human on her mother’s side and half Northlandish Fennec Fox on her father’s side. She is our only hope for peace with Humanity.”

“It’s true!” Elizabeth exclaimed in turn. “My father was Thomas Lengsly, a Fennec Fox of the Northlands, and my mother was Sasha Lengsly, a Human of Synota.” She looked around into everyone’s eyes as she continued. “The fur they sold was once fake and handmade by the two of them and several other loyal friends. Sedric Carvor is our enemy. He murdered my parents and took the Lengsly Fur Trade Corporation for himself. Murdering and skinning countless other Furs, he made their hides into clothing for the people of Synota. They did not know, and they still don’t.”

“What if they decide to take Carvor’s side and kill us all instead?” Grey challenged. “How do you know they will even care?”

“I don’t,” Elizabeth answered truthfully. “And we never will know if we don’t find out now. We have to try, Grey.” She shed a tear. “Because right now, the last of us are laying Siege to Cathedral City where Sedric Carvor is at this very moment. With a Fennec Fox of the Northlands leading the charge.” Elizabeth wiped her eyes and continued. “That is why we have to get the Humans to help us, they are the only hope we have to succeed in bringing down Sedric Carvor.”

“It’s all true Grey,” Dolan insisted. “Listen to her.”

Grey took his pride and cast it aside to hear the rest of Elizabeth’s tale.

*         *

Two of the HP Troopers rushed at Edward, their thrust packs accelerating their advance. The third trooper stayed back. Instead of a warhammer, he had a large battle axe and his armor had majestic designs of red and gold, showing his status as head of the HP Unit. He did not wear a helmet.

Edward focused his attention on the two troopers who were rushing him. He held Zesrial in his right hand by her blade, just above her guard, backward as he ran up to the closest trooper. He rammed her pummel into the Trooper’s faceplate, leaving a large dent. As the trooper fell to his knees, putting his hands over his crushed faceplate, Edward drove Zesrial’s blade into the back of his neck. Standing behind the fallen trooper and facing away from him, Edward ripped Zesrial out of his neck, but not in time to block the incoming attack from the second trooper’s Warhammer. It impacted Edward from the side, launching him across the courtyard and into a wall. The trooper came flying down, his hammer ready to land another hit. “Hold on, I’m not going to block this one,” said Edward.

“What?!” Zesrial shrieked as the HP Trooper swung his mighty warhammer down hard upon Edward over and over again. Then grabbing him by his tail, he threw Edward against a wall at the other end of the courtyard.

Edward got up and examined himself for injuries. There were none, and he felt the same power he had felt while he was under fire as he marched towards the city gate. Hellfire ran through his mark and an aura of flame blended with his fur. “Pain is pleasure, pleasure is strength, and strength is power.” The trooper charged him again, this time at Edwards level. Edward did not even flinch as the warhammer slammed into the side of his face. The head of the hammer flew off the handle from the impact. “I am a Wall,” Edward said as he punched the trooper’s chest plate with enough force to bring the trooper to his knees. “Iron, Ram!” shouted Edward as he headbutted the trooper, smashing his head into the suit through its neck hole. He tossed the headless trooper off to the side and turned to the last trooper.

“Good, very good,” said the trooper as he clapped together the large metal hands of his decorated mech suit. “I know everything about the history and culture of your people.” He stopped clapping. “You are more than just another Fennec Fox of the Northlands. Are you, Edward Dimir?”

Edward held his hand out to Zesrial and she came to him. “Let me guess, you recognize me from the portrait in my bibliography.”

The trooper laughed heartily. “Do you remember the sacrifice you made? What it is that makes you famous? Why you were executed?”

Edward thought for a moment. “I fought against my own kin and our corrupted leaders to unite all Furs.”

“My name is Kyle Pentora,” Kyle began. “I joined Sedric Carvor’s Army twenty years ago to try and stop him from the inside.” He held his head low. “I am sorry I could not save your people, but I can fight alongside you this day to unite all Peoples.”

Edward stabbed Zesrial into the ground before him, creating a tremor ripple around him. “You claim to know the history and culture of my people.” He looked Pentora in the eye and smiled. “Then you know what you must do to earn that right.”

Kyle Pentora rushed towards Edward with his rocket axe to honor his new ally’s tradition. He ignited the boosters on his axe to increase the velocity of his swing. 

*         *

Skinner, using sharpened spinning earth disks as weapons, slashed at Jack repeatedly. Jack dodged Skinner’s assault, staying close as he tried to find an opening. Massive disks surrounded the two of them from all sides, keeping the fight between them. Skinner’s earth disks flew at the others from all directions. Exodus clawed one disk after another out of the air as he protected his daughter. Jessy and Mordecai tried to break through the dome of massive spinning earth disks, surrounding Jack Harris and Skinner.

“You have some skill, cotton tail,” Skinner said to his opponent, catching his breath.

“Not my first Sergal,” Jack replied. “Probably the least challenging I’ve ever faced now that I think about it.” Jack taunted Skinner, keeping his opponent focused on him.

Skinner growled and slashed viciously at Jack, his rage towards Jack’s taunt causing him to lose control of some of his disks. An opening began to form as Jack continued to taunt Skinner. One of skinner’s earth disks rushed at Jessy from behind. Jack threw a spear of knives to break the disk and stop it, leaving him open.

Skinner caught Jack by his ears. “So that is your weakness. Hmm?” Skinner grinned as he threw Jack out of his dome of disks. Several of Skinner’s earth disks surrounded, trapped, and carried Jessy high up into the sky above them. “I finally have my game!” Skinner laughed as the city around them became a maze of disks. “Make it through alive and you get the girl.” Skinner laughed again, holding his sides, this was his favorite part of any fight. Then Skinner took Jessy and disappeared into his cleverly designed dungeon. A doorway then opened in front of Jack Harris, Mordecai, Exodus, and Miina.

“The rest of you find Carvor,” Jack said as he readied several knives, one at a time, in each hand. “This is my fight.”

“Good luck old friend,” Mordecai said as the two of them shook hands.”I’m coming, Jessy,” Jack said as Mordecai left with the others. Jack entered Skinner’s trap to spring it and save the woman he loved.

*         *

Edward Dimir and Kyle Pentora leaned on their weapons as they breathed heavily. Kyle’s mech suit was all but destroyed and Edward was covered in scars from Kyle’s axe. “Well, at least now you know that you can be cut.” Kyle laughed heartily.

“Good,” Edward replied. “I’d hate to be completely invincible.” They both laughed. “Go,” Edward requested. “Help the others and take down Carvor.” His wounds burned with Hellfire as the flames slowly healed him. “I’ll finish with Frynor and catch up after.”

Kyle nodded and headed towards the others, following the satellite feed on his clunky map tablet. Edward sheathed Zesrial on his back and headed into the doorway that Ashely Frynor had used to escape, with no idea of what he would find there.

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