Episode 13: The Truth

The Following episode and the rest of the season will be featuring Sergals. Sergals are a creation of Mick39 as part of her sci-fi world Vilous; this story is a fiction all its own and the lore is unrelated to Mick’s creation. Posted with permission.

Written By: Epicstu Wyyvernwriter

Every communications hub in Synota switched on that day. “I am standing here in the center of our great city of Synota for what could be a historic moment,” the news reporter began. “There are disks made out of water flying everywhere, and in the center controlling them is a non-human intelligent life form. This being seems to be performing a dance of some kind. No word from the King yet on this, but we are all hoping this Being brings peace and not war.”

It was a dance. Dolan Crow was performing the Aqua Symphonic, a ritual once done by every Sergal born with the water element, as a rite of passage. Like the many other Elemental Symphonies, it was a dance meant to bring amusement and joy. For one hundred thousand years every Elemental Symphonic had been used for destruction and death. This was the first time any Symphonic had been used for entertainment for a very long time.

The Humans watched as Dolan’s water disks danced around them. The King of Synota stepped out of the crowd as the magnificent creature before him spiraled down, through his water disks, to the ground as he completed his dance. The water all around them disappeared. “Who are you?” the King asked.

Dolan looked at the King and said: “We are the clothes on your back.”

“The blankets you sleep under,” added one of the wolves as they all came out from their hiding places. “And the rugs on your floor,” another added.

“We are the Furs. The men, women, and children you’ve been wearing.” Grey stepped out with Elizabeth. “This is Elizabeth Lengsly, and she has something to say to all of you.”

Elizabeth stepped forward, revealing her existence to the whole city. She bowed to the king and spoke. “The Lengsly Corporation no longer deals in fake fur,” she began. “My name is Elizabeth Lengsly. My Mother was Sasha Lengsly, a Human born right here in Synota. My Father was Thomas Lengsly and he was a Fennec Fox of the Northlands. This might not mean much to you, but to the last true Fennec Fox of the Northlands who is fighting right now to end a war between Furs and Humans, that none of you even know about, it means everything. You have been wearing his people and my father’s people for years, and now there is nothing left. Still, all that this survivor of a once proud race wants, is peace.” Elizabeth sighed. “We know it is not your fault. Sedric Carvor has done this. He murdered my parents, took my family’s company, and he has been trying to eradicate all Furs. Skinning us for profit.” Elizabeth fell to her knees before the King. “Please help us. There is no hope without your aid,” she pleaded.

The King brushed his hand across Elizabeth’s fluffy ears and then helped her up. “Please do not bow to me child.” He said as he removed a large fur cape from his back and felt the fur. It felt the same as Elizabeth’s and was the same color. “I do not deserve it. This was given to me by Sedric himself when he gained control of your father’s company. I am so sorry,” he said as he realized what he had been wearing for so long. He handed Elizabeth the cape.

Elisabeth recognized the feel of it immediately. “Father,” she said softly as she held the cape close and wept.

The King held his head down in shame. Then he spoke loudly and clearly so all could hear his words. “From this day forward the buying, selling, and manufacturing of clothing made from real fur is hereby outlawed to Humanity. Only the Furs themselves may adorn such things, for it belongs to them!” One by one every human there threw down any fur they had on them at the feet of the Furs around them. “So long as I am King, we shall have peace.” The King turned to Elizabeth and Dolan. “Come with me, both of you. We must contact your friends immediately if we are to send them proper aid.”

Elizabeth and Dolan followed the King while Grey and his pack stayed to begin building relations with the Humans of Synota. As Elizabeth explained the whole story to the King, he led them to a room in his palace with a communications hub and a large bulky monitor on the wall across from them. “If Sedric Carvor has radio links in this Cathedral City of yours, we can link up with them from here.” The King punched in the coordinates Elizabeth had given him for Cathedral City’s location and held down a large button as he brought himself close to the microphone. “This is King Hienrik of Synota. The war is over. Sedric Carvor, call off your men and submit. All Furs are now under the protection of the crown. I repeat, the war is over. Respond.”

The radio made a hissing sound as a voice broke through. “This is Edward Dimir of the Fur Lands Resistance. A human named Kyle Pentora, before he died, told me that you humans have the ability to destroy this city.” The Radio cut in and out as Edward spoke. “The others have evacuated, Sedric Carvor is dead, and Skinner has escaped as well.” Then there was only static.

“No, no, fix it!” Elizabeth cried out.

Then Edward’s voice returned. “They are coming back. I can not hold them for long.” They could hear Edward wheeze and cough through the crackling of the radio. “You must destroy Cathedral City before it’s too late. Please, you have to trust me. I have to go now. They’re back. Elizabeth…”

Elizabeth held her father’s fur close, still crying. “Yes Edward,” she replied.

“Be strong.” Then the radio went silent.  

Elizabeth wiped the tears from her eyes. “I will,” she replied as the King looked at her. She looked at Dolan.

Dolan looked back at her and then to the King. “If Skinner has escaped and Carvor is dead, then who or what is he fighting?”

*          *

Cathedral City, 12 Hours before radio contact with Synota

Jack Harris could hear Jessy’s screams and Skinner’s laughter echo all around him as he made his way through the narrow maze of disks, jumping from platform to platform. “Damn it, Skinner! Call off your Element and let her go!”

Skinner laughed. “What’s the matter, Jack? Is my dungeon not good enough for you or something? I hear you used to seek out us Sergals just for our legendary disk dungeons.”

Jack jumped into the air and spun horizontally as a pair of earth disks passed him from opposite directions, one over him the other under him. “So what happens when we are all dead and Carvor has no further use for you?” Another disk slammed down onto the platform Jack was on. Jack jumped to a nearby wall, latching onto it with a pair of knives. “What is the point of this for you?”

“Personal amusement,” Skinner replied sadistically. “Make it through alive and you can have her,” he laughed.

The wall Jack had latched on to started moving as it turned into a massive disk. Jack threw out seven knives to various moving disks and jumped from the handle of one knife to the next until he got to another solid platform. “Hurry Jack!” Jessy yelled. “This weirdo’s starting to creep me out. Hey! Get your slimy tongue away from me you hairless rat!”

Skinner slashed at her in response. “You’re a fighter, aren’t you, pussycat. I like that.”

“I’m coming, Jess!” Jack shouted as he made his way through Skinner’s dungeon. He could see the end of it. An opening of light. He was almost there.

“He’ll never get here in time, I’m afraid.” Skinner mocked. Fifteen knives flew towards Skinner as he caught the first one and let the rest slam home forming Jack Harris’s legendary spear. He spun the spear around and threw it back at Jack, who slide under it and came back up with a back flip as he threw knives out one after the other before landing. Skinner blocked and dodged the incoming projectiles as Jack rushed towards him with a knife in each hand. The two of them locked weapons. “That was faster than I expected, but I bet all the ladies tell you that,” Skinner said mockingly. He pushed Jack away and took his battle stance.

“Your dungeon was lame,” Jack replied. “There was no challenge about it at all.” Jack was forty years old and he had become famous for his exploits as a bounty hunter by age fifteen. He had dealt with Sergals before and many of them had forced him into Elemental Melody Dungeons like Skinner’s. “This was, by far, the worst Sergal Melody Dungeon I have ever cleared. Shame too, Earth Melodies were always my favorite form of Sergal magic.”

Skinner rushed towards Jack in a rage, bringing hell with him in the form of two large spinning earth disks. Jack jumped between the disks and over Skinner as he threw more knives behind him and at Skinner. One of Jack’s knives stabbed into Skinner’s shoulder, causing him to lose his concentration. The small portion of Cathedral City that Skinner had been manipulating went back to normal. Jack Harris and Jessy found themselves back on the city streets where their encounter with Skinner had begun.

Skinner had slunk away during the confusion, cursing Jack for having wounded him. “You won’t survive this anyway rodent,” He said as he left the city to lick his wounds.

“Coward!” Jack shouted. He felt a warm fuzzy sensation as Jessy came up from behind him, picked him up, and held him tight. She was twice as tall as him.

“Thank you,” she whispered in his ear as she gave him a kiss and put him back down. “Now come on, let’s go find others.”

Jack had to shake himself off to keep himself from fainting. “Wow,” he said to himself. “Hold on, I’m right behind you!” He shouted to Jessy as he ran after her. 

*          *

Edward continued down a stairway that Ashely Frynor had led him to. “Almost there Fox,” Ashley’s voice echoed from speakers on the walls. Human tube lights lit up the hall, directing Edward where to go. “Can you hear them yet?”

Edward could hear growling and high pitched barking from further down the path. “I don’t like where this is going.” Edward knew exactly what was making those sounds, though he did not want to believe it. “What have you done?” Edward questioned.

“See for yourself oh great and mighty Fennec Fox of the Northlands.” Ashely switched on the lights, revealing the room she had led Edward to. “This must make you very angry, seeing your own like this.”

Edward’s eyes grew wide. All around him, in units of ten, were feral Northlandish Fennec Foxes. Each unit was led by three Sergals, two feral following one anthropoid Sergal. There were at least a dozen units. “What have you done?” Edward repeated in anger.

“You like?” Ashely began. “Before skinning all of you worthless Fennecs, we decided to breed some of our captives. After each litter of pups was born, we put the parents down and skinned their corpses. We had Sergals train the pups to stay down on all fours and to follow orders.”

“You people are monsters!” Edward yelled through shedding tears. Believing he had not been around for their extermination had made it easier for him to accept that they were gone. They were not gone, and this truth had hit him like a Water Sergal Symphonic in E minor. Hard and fast with no hope of escape.

“They don’t think as you do Edward,” Zesrial interrupted. “You can’t reason with them.”

Edward knew she was right. He could see it in their eyes. They had been trained to do one thing only, kill on command. “Carvor! Where are you?!” Edward shouted.

“Oh, this was not Carvor’s idea, pup.” Interrupted a voice from Edward’s past. “You can thank me for saving our race from extinction.” Out from the shadows came a pure breed Fennec Fox of the Northlands with beige fur and blue eyes.

“Bishop Drak of House Mountainhiem!” Edward could not believe his eyes. “How are you still alive?!”

“That’s right,” Drak gleamed in his response. “Last time you saw me was around two hundred twenty years ago, I believe. On the day of your execution.” He stared at Edward. “I should be asking you how you came back, but I really don’t care. I have survived through the ages using dark magic and sacrificial rituals. This is how I have survived for over one hundred thousand, two hundred twenty years.”

“A one hundred thousand year era of war brought about because you claimed magic to be evil by nature, and you have been using it to keep yourself alive and in power the whole time?” Edward growled at Drak.

“Yes, and after you ended that war we Northlandish Fennecs had lost our purpose. Until two hundred years later when Carvor came. I showed him what we were worth and he allowed me to breed him an army. These new feral Fennecs can keep their balance on moving ground and are not bound by the old laws of humility we once followed. They freely utilize their claws in combat.”

Northlandish Fennecs had six-inch retractable claws on all four of their paws. It was once considered a dishonor to use them for anything other than climbing. They were designed like thick ice picks and were strong enough to be stabbed into a mountainside. “You bastard!” Edward rushed Drak and the two clashed weapons.

“Stay back!” Drak ordered his new army. “This one is mine.” He grinned at Edward. Drak was wielding a pair of matching swords with three-foot blades. They were single edged and were forged of Dimir steel. “Do you recognize them, pup? She fought pathetically.”

They had once belonged to Jewlz Dimir, Edward’s mother. Edward pushed Drak back and brought Zesrial down upon him. Drak blocked the attack and slashed across Edward’s side with the other blade as he moved to the other side of Edward. Edward held his side as blood-like molten lava dripped from the wound. Edward swung Zesrial’s blade violently at Drak who deflected, parried, and counter struck a cut across Edward’s back. Edward coughed up blood as he tried to keep his footing and his consciousness, still holding his side.

“You bleed molten lava, fire heals you, and scraping my swords against your spine feels like scraping them against stone.” Drak said to Edward, grinning in amusement. “You’ve become a Demon, Edward.”

“Get up Edward,” Zesrial said, but Edward heard only his mother’s voice.

“A Fennec Fox of the Northlands never gives up,” Edward’s mother used to tell him that all the time. For reasons unknown to him, those words were no all he could think about.

“Those are not your swords,” Edward replied as he wrapped his chainmail scarf around his waist to cover his wound and stop the bleeding. His blood did not melt or burn through the scarf. He stood up and stabbed Zesrial, blade first, into the ground as he stared down his enemy.

Drak sighed. “Give it up, pup. I’m just better than you.”

“You can beat him, Edward,” Zesrial reassured her knight. “I chose you for a reason, and I know you can do this.”

“Those are my Mother’s swords!” Edward shouted angrily. “And I will pry them from your cold dead paws, Drak!”

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