Episode 14: Closure

The Following episode and the rest of the season will be featuring Sergals. Sergals are a creation of Mick39 as part of her sci-fi world Vilous; this story is a fiction all its own and the lore is unrelated to Mick’s creation. Posted with permission.

Written By: Epicstu Wyyvernwriter

“Use your own blades, coward,” Edward growled at Drak. “Those should be buried with my mother.” The two of them had been locked in mortal combat for almost an hour.

“Your filthy bitch of a mother broke my swords long ago. I simply took what was owed me,” Drak replied. “Your house was always a blight on our race. You and the rest of the half-breed houses should have been eradicated as soon as they came into being.”

“There is strength in unity, I proved that with my Wall. Only a half-breed can perform the wall, it is too much for any one race. We Fennec Foxes of the Northlands may be one of few races with the strength to perform it, but not the finesse required to utilize it. Finesse that can be found in many of our neighboring Fur kin,” Edward barked back, still locked in a deadly duel with an opponent far more skilled and experienced than he was. Zesrial empowered each of Edward’s swings, helping keep up with Drak. “We can all learn from each other and become stronger through one another as we coexist, moving forward together. You could have lead us all to a better world but your arrogance and your pride had blinded you and you wanted only to see everyone else burn. You spread your hate across the Lands until we had consumed ourselves in foolish patriotic pride.”

“Then why don’t you use your Wall on me?” Drak questioned as he swung down hard against Edward’s blade, which now was electrified in brilliant purple lightning.

Edward spun Zesrial around Drak’s attack and, locking his mother’s blades down with Zesrial’s guard, stabbed her into the ground. “I designed it for crowd control. You always did send my unit on the most dangerous of missions.” Edward then pushed Zesrial forward, releasing a good portion of the energy they had built up together while fighting Drak. “I needed a defensive stance that would allow me to hold off hordes if need be. That’s why it requires a large sturdy blade or it will fail.” Edward explained. Zesrial remained silent as they fought.

The feral Fennecs all around them yipped and howled as Drak slid back using the six-inch retractable claws on his feet to slow himself down. “Speaking of your so-called fellow Furs” Drak interrupted. “Sedric Carvor should be finishing them off as we speak.” Drak laughed. “You will never make it to them in time. You’ll die again and it will be all for not.”

“Sedric Carvor’s bark is worse than his bite. Once they make it past his military killing him will be too easy. I’ve already sent someone to help anyways.” Edward kept Zesrial at the ready. “Sedric Carvor will fall and your plan for a new era of war will fail.”

“You think I care about Sedric Carvor?” Drak laughed. “This is my army. This is my war and when I am finished the only race remaining on this earth will be the Fennec Foxes of the Northlands!” Drak rushed towards Edward as he let out a mighty battle cry. “Dimir!”

“Mountainhiem!” Edward shouted back, letting out his own battle cry as he rushed towards Drak. 

*          *

Kyle Pentora ran towards the sound of battle but when he got to it all was calm. He looked at his clunky map tablet to see that they had moved further on through the city towards Carvor. “Those Northlandish Fennecs sure do let their traditions get in the way of things.” He readied his rifle. “I hope I’m not too late,” Kyle said to himself as he ran towards the blips on his radar.

A knife flew out of nowhere, pinning Kyle to a wall. Jack Harris came out from behind a corner as he played with a knife in one hand. “We should finish him quick,” Jessy suggested as she came out from the corner.

“Wait.” Kyle pleaded. “I’m here to help.”


“Why should we trust you?” Jack questioned as he jumped up onto Kyle and held a knife to his throat.

“Edward sent me,” Kyle replied. “I have fought with him as per his tradition. By all accounts, I am with you guys for this.”

“Hold on Honey Buns.” Jessy looked into Kyle’s eyes for a moment. “He’s telling the truth. Let him go.”

“You are alive because she is allowing it. Do not make me regret this.” Jack took back the knife that had been pinning Kyle to the wall.

“Thank you.” Kyle saluted them both. “We should get moving. The others will have already reached Carvor.” He showed them his map. “Carvor is here.” He said as he showed them a point on the map.

“Then those must be Collin and Ember.” Jessy pointed to two blips not far from their location. “We should get to them first. We will need all the help we can get before we take on Carvor.” Jessy suggested. Jack and Kyle agreed and the three set out towards Collin and Ember’s location.

*          *

Mordecai walked slowly and confidently as he kept his senses on high alert. Exodus had already taken Miina back to the resistance base and Mordecai was now on his own as he made his way to Sedric Carvor. He fired off three shots and three human soldiers fell from their hiding spots. A shot rang out from behind Mordecai as he turned and fired his own shot. His bullet deflected off the oncoming bullet as he fired another shot. The second bullet flew past the first and struck the soldier who had fired at him in the chest. Mordecai, ever so slightly, tilted his hat up. He had reached Carvor.

“Well done Fennec,” Sedric Carvor stood, back turned to Mordecai, leaning over a desk. “but if my count is correct you have but one shot left.”

Mordecai opened up the bullet chamber of his revolver. “Would you look at that, you’re right. Only one shot left.” He spun the chamber and slammed it back into his revolver.

“You won’t kill me.” Sedric laughed.

“Yeah? and why is that?” Mordecai questioned the man who had caused him and every other Fur in the Lands nothing but pain and suffering.

“I killed Elizabeth’s parents. Your honor will force you to allow her the kill that rightfully belongs to her.” Sedric replied confidently.

“I’m an Outlaw,” Mordecai aimed the revolver at Carvor. “You killed everyone’s families, so I’m really stealing this kill from everyone.” Mordecai fired the last bullet as Sedric Carvor turned to face him. The bullet went right through Carvor’s skull and he fell to the floor. “No honor among thieves, right?” He commented as he reloaded his revolver. “That’s for you Eli, may you find peace now.” Mordecai could hear fighting from underneath him as the floor began to crumble.

“Morty!” Jack Harris’s voice echoed up through the hole in the floor.

“Don’t call me that!” Mordecai shouted back.

“You find Carvor, yet?” asked Jack.

Mordecai threw Carvor’s body down the hole and jumped down, using Carvor’s corpse to break his fall. “What the hell is going on here?” Mordecai looked around as hordes of feral Northlandish Fennecs and Sergals surrounded them.  

“Awe, I wanted to kill him. Look out!” Jack Harris leaped forward and threw his spear of knives, one knife at a time, at a Fennec about to pounce on Mordecai. Mordecai rolled underneath Jack’s jump and fired off three shots, taking out three Fennec’s rushing after Jack. “I’m almost out of knives.” Jack Harris shouted.

An explosion of fire and the wall behind them burst open as a phoenix flew out, burning all in its path. “How many of these rooms are there?!” Ember shouted as she sent out another phoenix to circle around Jack, Jessy, Mordecai, and Kyle. “Who’s the human?”

“Kyle Pentora, at your service, my Lady.” Kyle pulled his map from his belt. “There you are Fox,” he thought to himself. “Do you think you can use that fire of yours to seal off all but one exit. We cannot let them leave the city or they will slaughter all in their path.” He shouted to Ember.

Ember nodded. “I’m on it,” she said as she summoned a brimstone golem. “Wall off the city, please. One way in or out if you can.” The golem smiled and with a slow heavy motion and deep bellowing grunt it punched the ground. A great wall of brimstone and fire surrounded the city with an opening near the city’s main gate. “That should hold for a while, but not long.”

“The rest of you get out now! I’ll find Edward and radio Synota to blow the city.” Kyle reloaded his gun with his last clip. “It’s the only way to stop them. Carvor is dead and your part here is done.”

“We can stay and fight!” The other’s shouted.

“No! These are Edward’s kin and this is his fight,” Kyle replied. “He would you to leave this to him.”

Ember shed a tear as she sent a Phoenix forth to clear a path towards Cathedral City’s main gate. “He’s right! Everyone out!” She shouted. She wanted to help to, but this was Edward’s fight and they would not survive much longer there anyway. “Edward can handle himself! Let’s go!” The others followed Ember out of the city as she put up a wall of fire behind them to stop any Fennec’s from following them.

Kyle watched as they left and put his map back on his belt. He aimed his rifle at the wall between himself and Edward and fired a grenade from the launcher attached to his rifle at it.

*          *

“Come now, Edward. I know you can do better than that.” Drak mocked as he blocked another of Edward’s attacks. “After all, you were one of my best knights.” He put his forehead to Edward’s as the two of them snarled at each other. “You laid siege to The City of Disks with just a handful of lesser knights following you.”

Vilous, the City of Disks, was the Southlandian Sergal Capital. It was made entirely out of disks of every element and held together by an ancient order of Sergal monks, older than the war, known as The Thirty-Nine. Edward and five other Iron Ram Knights took Vilous. It was the last city he had took before he betrayed his race and sided with the Sergals.

Edward interrupted Drak with a headbutt. “You should know better than to put your head that close to an Iron Ram’s” Edward swung Zesrial with precision and strength but Drak blocked and parried all of his attacks. “I’ve been dead for over two hundred twenty years. You’d be rusty too.” Said, Edward, as he maneuvered Zesrial’s blade in and around Drak’s defense. He spun her around, disarming his mother’s blades from Drak’s grasp and drove Zesrial through Drak’s chest. “Your superior skill made it difficult for me to find an opening.” Edward ripped Zesrial out of Drak’s Chest.

Drak began to chuckle. “You know, Edward.”

Edward interrupted Drak by relieving him of his head. “There, now we’re even.”

The wall behind him exploded as Kyle Pentora rushed in. They were surrounded. “Traitor!” Ashely shouted at Kyle.

“Carvor is dead, Ashely!” Kyle shouted back. “It’s over.”

“Frynor!” Edward shouted up to her. “Call them off!”

A Sergal standing next to Ashely grabbed her by the throat and threw her down to the Fennecs. The Fennecs all piled on her as she screamed. Then all was silent again. “Now that humanity is out of the way, let’s finish this.” The Sergal said as he gestured for the army of feral Fennec’s to finish Kyle and Edward off.

“Go.” Kyle focused his attention on the approaching horde. “Take this and head back up the way you came.” He handed Edward his communications tablet. “The main gate is the only way in and out for now, but that won’t last long,” Kyle explained. “You’ll have a better signal out there. radio Synota to blow the city. I will hold them for as long as I can.” Kyle let out a mighty battle cry as he pushed the horde back.

Edward reluctantly left his new friend behind. He knew there was no other way to stop all this. Edward got to the gate, still gravely wounded from his fight with Drak. He tried the radio but got no reply. “Damn it!” He stood up, his back to the gate. “This is it, Zesrial.” Edward was afraid that he would not be able to hold them.

“Then let us take as many of them with us as we can,” Zesrial replied. “Give the other’s a chance by thinning their numbers. You did say that Wall of yours was for crowd control, right?”

The radio chimed on. “This is King Hienrik of Synota.”

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