Episode 15: Snow in the Northlands

The Following episode and the rest of the season will be featuring Sergals. Sergals are a creation of Mick39 as part of her sci-fi world Vilous; this story is a fiction all its own and the lore is unrelated to Mick’s creation. Posted with permission.

Written By: Epicstu Wyyvernwriter

“Your Wall can hold them,” Zesrial wished she could say the words with more confidence. “Right?”

Edward could hear them coming and had already assumed Kyle Pentora’s fate. “That all depends.”

Synota, moments after radio contact with Cathedral City.

The King pushed a button on his communications hub, “This is King Hienrik of Synota,” he let out a heavy sigh. “Send a 0471 Dragon to the following coordinates.” 0471 Dragon Rockets were designed to destroy incoming meteors. The blast radius would be enough to bring even the massive City of Cathedral to ruin.

“No!” Elizabeth screamed.

Dolan held Elizabeth back as Hienrik spoke the coordinates into the radio. “Remember what Edward told you,” he looked into her eyes. “We have to be strong,” he gave her a hug, “You know he would not have asked this of us if it was not the only way.”

Elizabeth knew Dolan was right and she could see the pain of loss, she was feeling, in his eyes as well. This comforted her. “Thank you, Dolan,” she said softly. “For being a friend.”

“The projectile is sent.” The King walked over to Elizabeth and put his hand on her shoulder. “I am sorry, but I simply cannot allow whatever it is your friend is fighting off to reach my city or her people.”

“I understand.” Elizabeth looked out the window towards the Lands. She couldn’t see the Lands but she could feel Edward looking back at them from there.

*          *

“Depends on what?” Zesrial asked her knight.

Edward looked to the East where Synota was across the sea. “To a Fennec Fox of the Northlands, a weapon of any kind is a tool. Nothing more than an instrument to be used as a means to an end.” Edward gently places the tip of Zesrial’s blade on the ground before him and held her there, both hands on her hilt. “Western Fennecs do not think as Northlandish Fennecs do. Western Fennec’s wield revolvers, an invention of their own design. He feels every movement as he wields her. The lock of her hammer, each click of her chamber, every millisecond of sound as the bullet leaves her is like the beating of his own heart. She is his woman and he is her lone ranger.” Edward stabbed Zesrial hard into the ground. The howls and yips were getting louder and louder as what remained of Edward’s kin go closer and closer. “I am a mix of both, a perfect half and half split between Northlandish and Western Fennecs, but this is not what allows me to perform my Wall when no one else can.” The first Fox to reach Edward pounced at him, teeth and claws bared. Edward flicked Zesrial out of the ground, slicing through the first fox, then began to elegantly swing and twirl her around himself. “I feel you cut through the air.” Edward moved the end of Zesrial’s blade to his off hand, gently caressing her as he moved her in the way of another Fox. Edward caught the Fox against Zesrial’s blade and, letting go with his off hand, flung the Fox away. He let Zesrial roll around his hand before catching her again. Holding her backward, Edward bashed Zesrial’s pummel into another assaulting Fox’s skull. “Every ring of your blade as I wield you, but this will not be enough. This is still not my Wall” As more and more feral Northlandish Fennecs rushed at them Edward’s swings got faster. His eyes were closed. The dust and debris from his Wall could obstruct his vision. Instead, he relied on his superior Western Fennec hearing to see. “I need you. I cannot do this without you.” The assault was beginning to push Edward back

“What do you need me to do?” Zesrial asked softly.

Edward’s Wall was not just a defense but a defensive stance that required years of study and practice for him to develop. “You are not a sword but a living Blade so I cannot truly perform my wall unless you let go and feel me. Move yourself with me and around me. We must be as one. You told me that wielding you feels the same as making love.” Edward stabbed Zesrial blade first into the ground before him creating a tremor and knocking the horde of feral Fennecs back. “Zesrial will you be my Blade, my Woman, and my Lady? Will you grant me the honor of being your Knight?”

A bolt of heaven lightning struck Zesrial’s pummel, pushing the horde further back. “Yes,” she replied as she readied herself.

The Foxes came at them again more aggressively than before but were met with a literal Wall. Edward was no longer wielding Zesrial. He was dancing with her and she with him. The two were as one yet separate as they fought the assaulting horde together, seemingly back to back, wielding each other. This was Edward’s true Wall and the defensive stance had never been more powerful. For the first time since they met, Edward could feel what Zesrial had felt every time he had wielded her.

“Edward!” Zesrial shouted.

“I hear it,” Edward replied. “It’s almost over.”

Collin Fray and his resistance watched as Cathedral City was swallowed up by a massive mushroom cloud.

“Edward!” Ember shouted as she started towards the explosion.

Collin held his daughter back. “It’s too late. There is nothing more we can do for him.”

“Would ya look at that.” Jessy interrupted. As the debris settled and the dust cleared everyone watched in awe as, for the first time in over twenty years, it began to snow in the Northlands.

The City of New Cathedral. One year later.

The snow fell gently as Elisabeth Lengsly stood in front of a microphone. Before her was a crowd of Humans and Furs together as one, even a few Sergals stood among them. Behind her was a large structure with a large sheet draped over it. “One year ago, today. The last Fennec Fox of the Northlands stood in this very spot to defend the future of every other race. Humans. Furs. It made no difference to him what anyone else was. The only thing that mattered to him was who you were and what you stood for.” Elizabeth paused, only for a moment. “I stand here before you to honor what he stood for. Edward Michael Dimir stood as a wall for all to seek sanctuary behind. For peace, honor, liberty, and equality for every race and every individual.” The crowd listened to her words and were inspired by them. “This city we have built together, as one, is proof that Edward’s beliefs hold true. With our combined cultures and architectural styles, this city stands as a sanctuary. A wall against those who seek the destruction of our coexistence. May she stand forever as our New Cathedral.” Elizabeth shed a tear in memory of Edward Dimir as the crowd cheered.“Thank you.”

King Hienrik took the stage next. “Thank you, Elizabeth. Ladies and Gentlemen of every race,” he began. “I am sure you are all anxious to move into this, our new home. First, however, we honor our fallen.” He gestured to the covered statue behind him and the sheet, draped over it, was pulled off. A three-story statue of Edward Dimir was unveiled. He held Deceit, blade stabbed into the ground before him, in both hands. “May he forever stand watch over our city as a constant reminder of what happened here twenty years ago. May we never forget his sacrifice.”

The King silenced the crowd. “Now as I understand it, the Sergals of the Lands have a something for all of us.

Dolan took the stage with three other Sergals standing behind him. Dolan’s fur was black and white with neon blue fluorescent designs. His Element was Water. The next Sergal, Criinos, had orange and beige fur with neon red fluorescent designs. His Element was Fire. The third Sergal was called Roil. Roil was an albino Sergal and all of her fur was fluorescently lit. Her Element was Air. The fourth and final Sergal had no name. Her fur was brown with neon green fluorescent designs. Her Element was Earth. They all wore the same darkened leather uniform with an open, sleeveless long jacket. “We are the last of the Thirty Nine, an Order of immortal Sergal Monks older than the Great War itself. We four aided Sedric Carvor in exterminating his race!” Dolan pointed at the statue of Edward. “We can never atone for such an act. So we hereby swear an oath to guard and protect this city from harm or to die trying.” The four bowed their heads. “Because it is what he would have done.” The crowd began to clap and cheer as, for the first time in many years, Dolan felt accepted. The other three shot mini disks of their Elements into the air as Dolan shed a tear of joy. The disks exploded like fireworks as the crowd cheered louder and louder.

Thanks to Edward Dimir, the resistance survived and went back to their lives. Jack and Jessy got married shortly after moving in together at New Cathedral. Miina went to the Reliquary with her father Exodus and Mordecai headed back to the West. Dolan, Criinos, Roil, and the Nameless One became known as The Four. Collin Fray and his daughter, Ember, started a police force for New Cathedral and constantly worked with The Four to maintain peace. Elizabeth became Queen of New Cathedral and immediately signed a treaty with King Hienrik of Synota, securing their alliance.

Late at night at an Inn called the Spear of Harris Jessy polished off her counter while Jack through knives at a target across the room. The tables were round with four chairs each and the counter stretched from one end of the large room to the other. The shelves behind Jessy was stocked with every kind of drink, a gift from the people of Synota for their sacrifice. The door creaked open as an anthropoid Cat with brown, yellow, and off-white fur stepped in.

“Come on in, Darlin.” Jessy addressed her customer before realizing who he was. “Wait just a cotton pickin minute,” Jessy exclaimed.

“Evening Jessy.” The Cat got up on a bar stool and spun around on it once. “So how’s my favorite Soothslayer?” He was referring to Jessy.

“Hold on.” Jack interrupted. “Who the Hell is this?”

“Honey Bunny, this is Victor,” Jessy replied. “Victor, this is Jack, my husband.”

Victor broke out in laughter. “Congrats!” He noticed Jack’s knife collection and a fifteen knife long spear in a glass case on the wall above the fireplace. “You must be Jack Harris. By far one of my favorite of the Wyyvernwriter’s Legends.” He took a bow. “It’s a pleasure, really.”

“Why are you here Vic?” Jessy interrupted. “Not to sell my Bunny your junk, I hope.” She slid Victor a glass of scotch.

“Junk?” Victor laughed. “No, I came to thank you for your help in preparing our newest Wyyvern Knight.” Victor took a drink.

Jessy’s eyes grew wide. “So he’s alive? Where is he?”

“Still out cold on my sofa.” Victor chuckled lightly. “He is going to have a major headache when he wakes up.”

“Wait.” Jack was confused. “I don’t understand.”

“I’ll explain everything to you one day, Hare.” She replied playfully. She turned back to Victor but he had already disappeared. She shook her head and laughed. “Same old Vic. Here for a moment, gone the next.” She turned back to Jack. “Let’s clean this place up a bit and go home.”

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