Season 2 Episode 1: Victor’s Wares™ and Void Transportation

Written By: Epicstu Wyyvernwriter

The wind blew softly that day across the plains of Hersoas as a local farmer searched the traps in his barn for captured vermin. There was no warning as the barn doors burst open and a woman clad in white armor with golden accents crashed through them. She stood up quickly and went to cover the farmer from the incoming electrified heat wave. The sound of crackling air filled the barn. She should have died there. The armored woman got up to see her trusted friend protecting them from the blast. “Thanks, Gabriel.”

Gabriel was the Empress Rex, an Earth-Shaker class Dragon slayer’s mount, and the only one of her kind manufactured. Her design had been based off the Tyrannosaurus Rex, a long extinct creature from before the dawn of dragons. Her unique ability to absorb dragon based elements forced dragons to fight tooth and claw rather than with their destructive breath. No other dragon slayer’s mount had this feature; the feature was deemed too expensive to mass produce.

Tirela, Gabriel’s rider, was the best dragon slayer in the corps but she had never faced anything like this before. One thing was certain, this was no dragon. Tirela looked to her right and then to her left. Her three companions, astride their mounts, were with her to face the monstrosity before them. Galxos, the largest of the group, was clad in thick iron armor and wielded a tower shield and lance. His mount, Cruk, was also an Earth-Shaker class Dragon slayer’s mount. A quadruped built for charging that could use its massive size to act as a wall for defense. Jaila wore leather armor and wielded a large bow with arrows the size of spears. Her Dragon slayer’s mount, Beth, was a sky class mount and modeled off the dragons she was designed to take down. Kay wore robes and wielded a large staff with bladed ends. Harley, his Terrestrial class mount, was based off the leopard; she could run at full speed through any terrain. All four mounts had been genetically bred in labs by a corporation known as Beast Mounts Unlimited.

Tirela readied her longsword, as the beast before her rose up, and bellowed deep. The creature of stone, wreathed in flame, and riding on purple lightning had the head of a ram, and its body resembled that of a winged serpent. The four dragon slayers let out their battle cries as their mounts roared and charged.

*          *

“Down at an English fair, one evening I was there when I heard a showman shouting underneath the flare.” Edward could hear singing as his ears came to. “I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts. There they are, all standing in a row.” He opened his eyes. A cat was singing the song with a regal accent as he made coffee. “Big ones, small ones, some as big as your head.” Edward sat up and looked around to find himself on a couch in a large room filled with shelves stocked full of everything imaginable. “Give them a twist a flick of the wrist that’s what the showman said.” The Cat of brown, yellow, and off-white fur turned to Edward, “Finally awake, are we?” said the Cat as he poured some coffee into two mugs and walked over to Edward. “I understand you enjoy a good cup of coffee. So do I.”

Edward scratched the back of his head. “Where is my blade?” He asked cautiously, taking one of the mugs of coffee as the Cat handed it to him.

“Zesrial? Maintenance is giving her an update. You’ll get her back when he’s done with her.” The Cat stood up straight. “Allow me to introduce myself, I am Victor Wares, owner and proprietor of Victor’s Wares™ and Void Transportation. My card.” Victor pulled a small card from his coat pocket and handed it to Edward. “However I am first and foremost head of the Wyyvern Knight Program. You are our newest recruit.” He gestured for Edward to get up and follow him. “Come with me, there is much I need to brief you on.” Victor’s constant smile resembled a crescent moon and when he talked he gestured a lot with his right hand. He held his left hand behind his back with perfect posture and his yellow eyes were always focused on whomever he happened to be conversing with.

*          *

Zesrial awoke, laying on a table as a multicolored spectral creature resembling a drake flew around and through her repeatedly at a fast pace. Startled as she was, she found herself in too comfortable a state to want to stop the phenomenon. After observing the creature work she noticed it was made of gold, silver, and green energy. All flowing through a constant body shape. “What are you?” She wondered to herself.

“I am Maintenance, The Commerce Wyyvern.” The only sound that came from the Wyyvern were strange sounds that echoed, and yet Zesrial could understand every sound. “I am updating you with the most advanced technology ever used on a Wyyvern Weapon of any kind before.” Maintenance stopped and looked at Zesrial, “this is some cutting edge shit.” the Wyyvern said before returning to Zesrial’s update. 

“Would you be careful in there?!” Zesrial shrieked.

“You may feel some discomfort.” Maintenance replied, “but this must be done.”

Zesrial braced herself. “Thanks for the warning she said sarcastically annoyed.

*          *

“Hellfire and stone,” Victor began “No Wyyvern Knight before you has been recruited after death, Edward. You are the first. Come with me and I will explain.” Edward followed Victor through several pathways formed by the massive shelves filled with things Edward knew and things he had never seen or heard of before. “Wyyverns are winged serpents made of an element. They are impossible creatures that do not obey any laws of physics or reality. They are not bound to nature as we are. They are nature and they flow freely through the multiverse as they desire. A Wyyvern knight is a wielder of a Wyyvern Weapon. Wyvern Weapons are forged of the wielder’s guardian Archangel’s souls trapped within their own tears and tempered with the blood of a Wyyvern. The Archangel’s element and the Wyyvern’s Element must match for the forging to work. Your Wyyvern is a Deceit Wyyvern. A classification of Wyyvern that has two elements, one of Heaven and one of Hell. So we had to forge you a new body with the element that Zesrial, your Archangel, does not have.”

“Hellfire. Why can’t I use it?” Edward asked.

Victor replied, “think about it this way. Most beings are made up of mostly water and water-based fluids. In the same way, you are made up of Hellfire. Molten lava flows through your veins and pumps your heart, which like all your other organs and bones are made out of stone. This, however,” Victor continued, “has no effect on your body’s comfort zones, so to speak. You will find that you still prefer the cold over the hot and you still enjoy the same foods and beverages your old body enjoyed. You are still you, just improved upon.”

“Won’t water harm me now?” Edward asked.

“No,” Victor replied, “However, water touching a religious relic of any kind will cause your body to painfully revert back to its mortal biology.  It’s not permanent, but you can be killed while it lasts and the transformation back to Hellfire and Stone is far more painful. It is one of two weaknesses you have now.”

“The other one is being cut?” Edward remembered his fight with Kyle Pentora and Drak Mountainhiem.

“Your second weakness is one all Wyyvern Knight’s share.” Victor replied, “You have a natural weakness to any weapon that matches your own. So in your case, I would be careful around any sharp objects and anyone wielding them.” Victor stopped by a large metal door. “Ah yes, here we are. He turned the massive volt lock and opened the door. “Well go on, we don’t have all millennia you know.

Edward walked into the room. All around him were empty shelves save for one medallion. “What is it?”

“A Charm, Edward.” Victor replied, “Every Wyyvern Knight gets one.”

“Why aren’t there more?” Edward looked at the Charm with caution and curiosity.

Victor laughed, “The Charm chooses the Knight, Edward. Other than myself and any other Wyyvern Agent, only you can see your Charm and that Charm is the only Charm you will ever see.” Victor could see all the Charms and new them well.

Edward picked the Charm up and examined it. “It reads; Charm of Convenience.”

“Interesting.” Victor gestured for Edward to follow him again. “Maintenance should be nearly done with your Wyyvern Blade by now.” Edward followed Victor to an elevator door, and Victor led Edward in. “East Wing. Wyyvern Research and Development. Forge 17.”

“Where are we?” Edward asked.

“Victor’s Wares™,” Victor enunciated his trademark, “and Void Transportation. My Inter-Dimensional Dreadnought. She is the only one of her kind.”

Edward’s eyes grew wide. “You mean we’re?”

“Traveling through the infinite multiverse at faster than the speed of light?” Victor replied, answering Edward’s question with his own. “Yes. Yes, we are.” The doors opened. “Go on in. She is waiting.”

Edward stepped out and towards Zesrial. She had been placed, blade first, into a slit on the table. Edward walked up to her and picked her up and looked her over. “You look good.” She had been polished and sharpened. “I heard you got an update.”

“I feel violated,” Zesrial responded.

“It can’t have been that bad,” Edward replied.

“Try having a Wyyvern mess with your genetic code,” Zesrial responded.

“Is it ready?” Victor asked Maintenance subtly. Maintenance nodded. “Good, good. Edward, please stand over there.” Victor pointed to circle on the floor, Maintenance flew around it until Edward and Zesrial were on it before returning to Victor’s shoulder. “Good luck,” Victor said as he pulled a lever next to him. The Circle opened up, and Edward and Zesrial were sucked into another Universe. “I hope he survives. I like this one.”




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