Episode 2: Charm of Convenience

Written by: Epicstu Wyyvernwriter

Right place right time

Jain ran as fast as she could, panting heavily, heading towards the treeline as the shadow of what was chasing her grew larger and larger above her. Jain leaped into the treeline as Beth pulled back her dive to avoid running into the trees Jain was now safely behind. Her body was wreathed in flame, and her eyes were glowing with purple lightning. The Sky class dragon slayer’s mount let out an angered roar and flew away. Jain sighed, “I guess the rumors are true. The B.M.I. Mounts are malfunctioning” She moved further into the wood, following the trail of the missing dragon slayers she had been tracking for over a month. She pulled out her notes and wrote down what had just happened. “Purple lightning in the eyes and fire covering the body?” She questioned herself. “What could’ve caused this?” She turned around to see eyes glowing with purple lightning on a giant leopard wreathed in flame. “Oh Harley,” Jain shed tears as she remembered the Uncle who road this Terrestrial class dragon slayer’s mount. “Not you too,” Jain waited for Harley to react.

Harley roared and Jain turned and ran, with Harley hard on her heels. Suddenly the ground shook as Gabriel grabbed Harley in her mouth, rolled forward, and threw Harley away from Jain. Jain kept running. She wouldn’t be able to handle seeing purple lightning in the eyes of her mother’s closest friend. Jain made it to an open field by a cliff side as Harley jumped at her. Harley stopped mid air and was thrown into Beth, who was trying to swoop down at Jain. Gabriel landed between Jain and her own possessed sisters. She was not wreathed in flame and her eyes had no purple lightning in them. Gabriel stomped the ground between herself and her sisters and the ground rippled. The wave of earth rippled in a semicircle towards Beth and Harley.

Crashing through the ever growing wave of earth, Cruk shattered it to rubble and charged full speed at Gabriel. He was wreathed in flame and his eyes flashed and sparked with purple lightning like the others. Gabriel dodged, allowing Cruk to crash into the cliff side. Cruk shook himself off and turned back to Gabriel and Jain, letting out a deep bellowing roar. Jain got up, having jumped out of the way herself, and ran to Gabriel. They were surrounded.

Gabriel was intelligent but not as intelligent as Harley or as well armed. Harley boasted the most advanced genetic traits ever put into a B.M.I. mount and the most advanced brain. She was trained in every tactic and strategy the corps had. All of which were designed for taking out a single target, no matter how large or small. She could kill a dragon on her own and so could Gabriel. However, Gabriel knew that she wouldn’t have a chance against Harley unless she eliminated Cruk and Beth first. Even then, Gabriel knew she could not win that fight. That was not the problem. Harley was not aiming at Gabriel. She was aiming at Jain, they all were. If they wanted her however, they would have to go through Gabriel and she was willing to kill and die for the daughter of Tirela, her rider and closest friend.

Gabriel scooped Jain into her mouth and jumped off of Cruk’s back and dug her talons into the cliff side. She opened her mouth and let Jain climb out before leaping off the cliff face and tackling Beth mid air. The two of them landed on Harley who was trying to leap up and climb the cliff to Jain. Gabriel chomped down on Beth’s left wing and swung her around at Cruk, knocking him out of his charge. Before Harley could get up Gabriel grabbed her by the tail and threw her as far from them as she could. With Harley out of the way Jain would be out of harm’s way up on the cliff. She figured if she could eliminate Cruk and Beth before Harley got back, even though she could not survive her, she could at least take her with her. Gabriel turned to her other possessed siblings and let out a deep bellowing roar.

Still able to use her wings, Beth took to the air towards Jain. Gabriel tried to pull her down, but Cruk rammed into her. Cruk pushed Gabriel as she dug her talons into the ground. Cruk’s feet were hooves with three rows of thick jagged spikes on the bottom parallel to each other. Each rows of spikes was like a spine, each spike overlapping the next as one solid row with pointy ends facing behind him. Cruk was not designed for reverse by any means. Gabriel could see Beth go for Jain but she couldn’t get to her until she got Cruk out of the way. Cruk’s thick armor kept his back straight and Gabriel was more than strong enough to lift him off the ground by his thick blunt skull. Gabriel slammed Cruk down to the ground, then she adjusted her grip and did it again. She looked to Jain. Beth was getting closer. Gabriel grabbed Cruk by his tail and with all her strength threw him towards Beth’s flight path, just ahead of her.

Jain closed her eyes and put her arms out in front of her. “Give up. She is gone and you, an eleven year old girl, have no chance out there.” She remembered her father’s words. “How can I survive this?” She thought to herself, “What was I thinking?” When she opened her eyes there was nothing coming for her. She ran to the cliff’s edge and looked over it and saw Gabriel.

Gabriel stood one foot holding Beth’s back down and the other on the wing she had bitten earlier. She roared at her sister, bagging her to stop. Beth just kept looking at Jain, with a bloodthirsty look in her eyes, as she squirmed under Gabriel’s hold. Gabriel put her mouth around Beth’s small head, chomped down, and twisted it. A loud snap was heard and Beth stopped moving. Cruk charged at Gabriel again.

“Gabriel! Look out!” Jain screamed.

Gabriel turned towards her charging brother and stomped the ground, sending a wave of earth at Cruk. Cruk was an Earth-Shaker class to and hand no problem crashing through the mobile wall of earth and continuing his charge. Gabriel rolled over Cruk’s backs as he kept charging past her.

Harley broke through the treeline as though she was running away from something. She stopped, turned around and waited for whatever was following her to show itself.

moments earlier

Edward opened his eyes. “What did I land on?”

“That,” Zesrial replied.

Harley got up. By the height, arc, and speed of her recent flight, she knew Gabriel had thrown her about three-quarters of a mile from Jain. She could still track her. She looked to see what had fallen on her.

“Why is it wreathed in Hellfire?” Edward asked. “And why is there Heavenlightning in its eyes?”

“According to the Archives that is a Terrestrial class Dragon Slayer’s mount genetically designed and manufactured by a company called Beast Mounts Incorporated,” Zesrial replied. “I don’t know why it has our elements.”

“Let’s ask it.” Edward drew Zesrial and tossed her into the air as he ran towards Harley. Harley pounced at Edward who slid underneath her, turned back towards her, and jumped up at her. Edward caught Zesrial midair and went to stab her into Harley. Harley rolled out of the way and pounced at Edward again. Edward caught her by the top and bottom of her large mouth and, holding Harley’s mouth open, flipped her on her back. Harley rolled away again before Edward could grab his sword.

“Not my first fight with a giant cat.” Edward was about as big as one of Harley’s front legs. “Not the biggest either.”

This Fox was not Harley’s target, and so she ran back toward where she had been thrown from. Her foot got pulled back and her along with it.

Edward pulled back on his scarf, having caught Harley’s hind leg with it, and it wrapped back around his neck. Harley unsheathed her twelve-inch retractable claws and began to claw at Edward. Using Zesrial like a shield, Edward blocked and evaded his way to an opening and Iron Rammed Harley.

Harley reared back, shaking her head. It had become clear to her that she needed to eliminate the Fox if she wanted to get to her target. She looked around, this Fox was gone. She took it as an opportunity and ran towards where she had been thrown from.

Edward watched from the tree tops as she bolted off. “Alright, now let’s see where she goes.”

Harley could sense that she was being followed. As she broke through the treeline, she turned back around to see if the Fox would come through as well. She prepared to pounce, but nothing came. She turned around to find that Gabriel was busy with Cruk and Jain was still atop the cliff at the other end of the clearing. Gabriel saw Harley bolt for Jain and roared to warn her but was interrupted by Cruk who had already come back for another pass. Harley kept sprinting for the kill.

A bolt Heavenlightning flashed in front of Harley, and she stopped. In front of her was a sword, stabbed, blade first, into the ground. Edward landed next to Zesrial and picked her up, twirling her a bit before stabbing her back into the ground between himself and Harley. The ground shook, and a force pushed Harley back a few feet. Edward looked at Jain and then back at Harley. Then he smiled, “looks like I’m just in time.”

Having been launched by Cruk, Gabriel got up and looked to Jain. Between the cliff, she was on and Harley stood a Fox knight clad in steel plate armor. Realizing the odds had been evened out she focused her attention on Cruk. If she could get him out of the way then maybe with this knight she could beat her superior sister, Harley, and save Jain. Protecting Jain was all she cared about.

Jain watched in awe at the Fox knight who could shake the earth like an Earth Shaker. “Could it really be?” She asked herself.

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