Episode 6: Edward V.S. Two Dragons

Written by: Epicstu Wyyvernwriter

Screaming, flashes of purple lightning, and everything on fire, this was what Jonathan recalled when he awoke. It had all happened so fast. He got up slowly to searched for his daughter. “Jain!” He shouted her name repeatedly.

“Tell him to stop yelling. It’s a very bad idea,” Zesrial insisted.

“What’s a bad Idea?” Edward asked as he looked up.

A high pitched scream sounded, getting louder and louder. Jonathan looked up to see a dragon flying towards him. Its eyes were flashing with purple lightning and its body was wreathed in flame.

Quickly, Edward grabbed Jonathan and rolled him to safety as the dragon swooped down in an attempt to grab him. “Damn. I’m getting tired of this thing using our elements like this.” Edward remarked as he stared at the dragon.”

“Where’s Jain?” Jonathan continued searching frantically for his daughter.

Zesrial examined the situation. “She’s not here. No sign of the Wyyvern either. It must have taken her,” She concluded. “I’d worry about the dragons bearing down upon us first though.”

Edward looked up and found himself unprepared for what he saw. There were two dragons circling the skies with heavenlightning in their eyes and hellfire consuming their bodies. None of the dragons were bigger than Gabriel. A good thing considering he’d have to get through them to get to Jain. If he was careful and quick about it, he could take them. “Where’s that Beast Mount when you need her.” He said before holding his hand out for Zesrial to come to him. He held her tight and readied for the coming fight.

*          *

High up in the trees of the Vast Wood Gabriel tracked Jain. She could pick an individual out of a crowded room based on their smell alone and her eyes saw separately with adjustable focus and zoom. Her ability to adjust her own center of gravity allowed her to move easily across the enormous branches of the great trees that made up the Vast Wood. There was plenty of room for her to run. Gabriel could smell brimstone and hear distant thunder. She was close and she could smell Jain to.

Two dragons came at Gabriel from both sides. They were about the same size as her and could easily fly through the Vast Wood canopy. The same purple lightning in their eyes as Gabriel’s siblings had and the same fire covering them as well. They had more options then Gabriel even with their elemental attacks being virtually useless against her. Gabriel knew all this before they even reached her. She was trained for this. Still running, Gabriel jumped into a barrel roll, as the dragons flew past her. She landed back on the branch, still running as the dragons came back around, this time talons out and ready. Gabriel slid to a stop and stomped her right foot down hard upon the branch she was on, breaking it off its tree. The twin dragons flew into each other as Gabriel fell with the branch. She jumped to the trunk of a nearby tree and from there jumped to another branch and kept running. She was still hot on Jain’s trail. She could take the twin dragons, but she did not have the time and she was willing to gamble that she could outrun them.

*          *

Edward unsheathed the claws from his left hand and both his feet as he latched onto the trunk of one of the many massive trees around him. “Don’t you have guns?” He shouted to Jonathan before jumping to nearby branch as a dragon crashed into where he had been.

“Bullets are useless against dragons,” Jonathan shouted back from the ground. “Everyone knows that.”

“I could have told you that,” Zesrial added.

Edward dodged one of the two dragons and, after flicking Zesrial high into the air, grabbed onto the other dragons back. His claws already retracted he held on with bare paws. He climbed his way to the dragon’s horns and pulled back on them. The dragon reared back, exposing its soft underbelly to the sky. A bolt of Heavenlightning struck from above as Zesrial rode it through the dragon’s heart. Edward caught her and latched onto a tree trunk, keeping an eye out for the other dragon. “Well, you should have.”

“That was incredible!” Jonathan shouted. “What are you?”

Edward jumped to another branch as the other dragon crashed through the branch he had been on. The dragon swooped back around and went for Jonathon before rearing back from a bolt of Heavenlightning striking between it and Jonathan. The dragon landed and Edward dropped to the ground next to Zesrial and between Jonathan and the dragon.

Jonathan watched as the dragon breathed fire at them, yet as long as the Fox stood between him and the fire, it could not touch him. This Fox was more than immune to the fire, its flames were absorbed into his body. He even seemed to become stronger from it.

“Is that it?” Edward asked the dragon with a smile. “Is it my turn?” He said as he let go of Zesrial and walked right up to the dragon, who roared loudly at him in response. Edward grabbed the dragon by its nostrils and pulled its head down and Iron Rammed. Before the dragon’s head hit the ground Edward called Zesrial to him and stabbed her into the ground before the dragon’s eye.

The Dragon’s eye grew wide but would not relinquish its lightning to Zesrial. “I can’t break the hold that wyyvern has on this thing. Its Elements are too strong.” Zesrial admitted.

Edward closed his eyes as he beheaded the dragon with Zesrial in one swift motion. “Which means we have to kill it or at least get it to leave.” He pulled Zesrial out from the ground and sheathed her.

“Who or what are you?” Jonathan asked.

“Edward,” Edward replied. “Come on Jonathan. Let’s go save your daughter.”

“What do you mean, get it to leave?” Jonathan asked as Edward started on ahead, picking up Gabriel’s trail. Wherever she was going, Jain had to be there.

“That thing that took your daughter is a wyyvern.” Edward explained “A transdimensional creature made out of elements. If I can get it to leave your realm its element should leave with it.”

“Won’t that doom another realm?” Jonathan stopped walking.

“Edward stopped too. “That’s not your problem,” Edward replied before walking on ahead again.

“Who’s problem is it?” Jonathan questioned.

“Mine apparently,” Edward replied.

*          *

Jain opened her eyes to find herself in a dark empty place.

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