Episode 7: Intellect

Written by: Epicstu Wyyvernwriter

“You’re in a lot of trouble, Mr. Mils,” Hanz Cratel said to Jonathan. “Your friend too, when he wakes up.”

“Please, Sir!” Jonathan pleaded. “He had nothing to do with it.”

“Why so quick to defend the Fox?” Hanz inquired. “You’ve only just met.”

“He’s the only hope I have to get my daughter back,” Jonathan explained.

Hanz chuckled. Then he spoke, “I am well aware of your realm’s Wyyvern problem, Mr. Mils”.

“Wasn’t he one of Sedric’s lackeys from the Lands?” Zesrial questioned as Edward came to.

“I was hoping you’d remember me,” Hanz replied.

“You can hear me?” Zesrial questioned as she searched the Archive for anything on Hanz Cratel. “Who are you?”

Hanz suddenly found himself being held up, by his neck, against the interior of the helicopter they were in by Edward. “You’ve got some nerve Cratel. How did we get here anyway?” Asked Edward, “I thought we won the last fight.”

“You don’t remember? A gigantic tree branch fell on top of you.” Jonathan reminded Edward.

*          *

Gabriel slid to a stop and stomped her right foot down hard upon the branch she was on, breaking it off its tree. The twin dragons flew into each other as Gabriel fell with the branch. She jumped off the branch and it fell down towards the ground.

“Then who’s problem is it?” Jonathan asked.

“Mine apparently,” Edward replied just as the branch fell on him.

*          *

“I thought you’d be a pancake,” Jonathan said. “I’m glad I was wrong.”

Edward thought for a moment about. “I bet she did that on purpose!”

“Yup, she did,” Zesrial replied

“Relax Wyyvern Knight, I’m a Wyyvern Agent,” Hanz replied.

“Then why can’t I find you in the Archive?” asked Zesrial.

Hanz broke free from Edward’s grasp and pushed his glasses, ever so slightly, up with his finger. “I’m afraid that’s above your pay grade, sweetheart.”

Edward headbutted Hanz. “Classified, got it. People are dying! What is this to you?”

“People will die! You’re going to have to get used to that sooner or later” Hanz stated. “At present, we must prevent the death of Miss Jain Mils.”

A blip lit up on the radar. “Sir, we found the Empress!” Shouted one of the soldiers.

“Good” Hanz replied. “No doubt she’s going after her as well. Follow her!” he ordered the helicopter’s crew.

“Aye Sir!” The crew shouted back.

Edward walked up to the emergency exit door and opened it.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Hanz questioned.

“I found another ride,” Edward replied as he jumped out the helicopter.

*          *

Jain awoke in a dark place. “Where am I?” she asked. Her voice echoed loudly but there was no response. Off in the distance was one blue eye under a hood of black shadow. “Who are you!” Jain asked. The being did not answer. At closer inspection, Jain noticed it was like a serpent with wings made of some kind of black storm with blue lighting. Like the Wyyverns that the Soothslayer had spoken of. “Are you a Wyyvern?”

“I am the Wyyvern of Intellect.” The Wyyvern replied. “Aren’t you the educated one.”

“What’s your name?” Jain asked without hesitation.

“William,” as the Wyyvern said it the space around her seemed to quake with cold absolutes.

“Where are we, William?” Jain asked, still shaking from the Wyyverns last word.

William flew around Jain changing his size and proportions at will, as all Wyyverns are able to do. “Isn’t it obvious?” Jain looked at William, gripped with fear and confusion. “We are inside of your head.”

Jain pinched herself. “Nothing. How do we get out?”

“I can leave at any time I choose,” William began. “But only you can get yourself out, Jain. I have been sent only to grant you advice.”

*          *

Suspended by Hellfire and Heavenlightning, Jain was unconscious at the top of a mountain over seventeen miles high. There the Wyyvern of Deceit waited for Edward Dimir to come to them, but Edward was not the only one coming to Jain’s aid.

At the base of the mountain, Gabriel found herself blocked by a knightdrake, a species of dragon named for its armor-like hide and sword like wings. She needed a rider for this one.

A large branch crashed down upon the knightdrake, but the dragon dodged out of the way. Edward landed on Gabriels back, Zesrial drawn and ready.

The knightdrake roared red lightning wrapped in white fire. It fifty feet long from snout to tail with razor-sharp wings.

“Edward.” Zesrial sounded concerned. “That’s Heavenfire and Helllightning.”

Edward smiled. “Finally a challenge.”

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