Episode 8: One of Three

Written by: Epicstu Wyyvernwriter

The cone of white fire from the knightdrake’s roar barely nicked Edward’s right shoulder, yet he shouted in pain as it did. The Heavenfire burned atop Edward’s shoulder, slowly melting through it like hot lava carving a path through stone.

“What is this?” Edward grasped his shoulder. “It’s on a whole other level.”

“Actually, your fire should be equal in power to this dragon’s,” Zesrial explained. “Its fire is Heavenfire, the opposite of your Hellfire. The two elements are natural enemies, yet neither one is more powerful than the other.”

The Dragon roared at Edward again, this time directly at him. Before the dust could settle, the earth shook and the debris cleared from before him. Gabriel, having taken the dragon’s wrath for Edward, roared viciously at it. Red lightning rose up from the ground as the knightdrake seemed to glide on the Helllightning. The knightdrake charged at Gabriel, its razor-sharp wings burning with Heavenfire and ready to slice. A bolt of Heavenlightning struck as the knightdrake’s attack was blocked. With great force Edward pushed Zesrial forward against the knightdrake’s sword-like wings, pushing the dragon back.

Edward stood, Zesrial in hand, as his bodies Hellfire burned the dragon’s Heavenfire from his shoulder. He smiled, “Good, I can hurt it too then.”

Gabriel roared at the knightdrake from behind Edward.

*          *

“We are inside my mind?” Jain questioned in frightened disbelief.

“Exactly,” William replied as he flew around Jain before perching on her shoulder. “Just imagine a way to explore your mind. Finding the exit should be simple enough for you then.”

“What do you mean?” Jain asked.

“Try imagining some doors,” William replied.

Jain closed her eyes and imagined doors and doors appeared in rows, floating in empty space.

“Good,” said William. “Now, imagine these doors all lead somewhere.”

“Where?” Jain asked.

William flew to one of the many doors and perched atop it. “Just somewhere. Your mind will do the rest on its own.”

Jain walked over to the door the wyyvern was perched on.

“Go on now,” William encouraged.

Jain opened the door and went inside. William followed her and the door closed behind them.

*          *

Edward locked blades with the knightdrake as the dragon skillfully fought back. “How does it move its wings like that?” The knightdrake was keeping up with Edward as he attempted to keep the dragon from slicing up Gabriel.

“The final bone at the end of a knightdrake’s wing arms are separate from the rest of the wing and connected to it by a ball and socket joint,” Zesrial explained. “It has full 360-degree motion. Those sword-like appendages are tough as steel and as sharp as I am.”

Edward jumped back and away from the knightdrake. “No kidding,” he Landed behind Gabriel as the knightdrake roared at him, but the dragon’s breath had no effect on Gabriel. “Such skill makes me want to let the dragon live. Maybe even catch and tame it”

“Where are we going to keep a dragon!?” Zesrial pointed out.

“Victor gave me, what he called, a hammerspace” Edward replied.

“You mean an entire realm within a pocket of space and connected to an item on your person?” Zesrial was surprised that Victor would give them such a thing before the trial’s end. “Where is it?”

Edward held his scarf for a moment and smiled. “We just need to convince him to come with us willingly,” Edward swung Zesrial skyward as the knightdake came down hard with both its blades, deflecting the attack. “Besides, he’s not under our wyyvern’s control, look.”

Zesrial took a closer look at the knightdrake. “You’re right, Edward. It must be its affiliation with our element’s opposite. Gabriel came around and grabbed the knightdrake by its tale and threw the dragon into one of the many massive trees surrounding them.

“Knew plan,” said Edward as the knightdrake spun around in mid-air and, cutting down the tree he was thrown into, caught the tree in his talons and through it at Gabriel before roaring at Edward. The blast of Heavenfire struck Edward head on. The knightdrake charged at Gabriel only to be blocked. Edward stood between the knightdrake and Gabriel, holding his block against the dragon’s bladed wings. His Hellfire burned brightly as it wiped away the Heavenfire that tried to touch him. He smiled, “First I’m gonna beat the crap out of you.” Edward pushed the dragon back, “Then you’re gonna be my dragon, ya hear?”

The knightdrake caught itself in the air and flapped its wings to rebalance. The dragon had grown to fear the fox standing before him. It roared angrily at Edward

Gabriel watched in surprise as Edward stood before the dragon, breathing heavily. The white fire burned over his beige fur which seemed to burn like fire as well. The Fox and his coat of flame seemed to be unfazed by the foreign white fire. There was a smile on Edward’s face like he was playing with the knightdrake. The Knightdrake was not willing to back down so easily. It charged at Edward, roaring viciously.

*          *

“Shouldn’t we help him?” The helicopter pilot asked.

“No,” Hanz replied. “Signal the rest to fall back. This is his fight anyway, besides, I need to prepare our knight’s reward for his hard work.” With that, the B.M.I. units fell back and left Edward to his trial. “Ah William, you’ve returned,” Hanz said as the wyyvern of intellect returned to his master. “Did you get what we needed?”

“Of course, Sir.” the wyyvern replied. “She will not remember anything.”

“Good, we can’t have anyone finding out what we are up to.” Hanz tipped the pinstriped hat atop his head and grinned as William handed him an orb of fire. “A fragment of the soul of the Hell Dragon, one of three. Hurry Fox, these trials are just the beginning.”

“To think a piece was hidden within the mind of a child,” William commented. “Although, hiding it in a realm inhabited by dragons was all too predictable.

“Not just the child,” Hanz remarked. “Her entire bloodline had this secret handed down through their generations, but no more. The Deceiver will be freed.”

Edward held his scarf tight with the other end binding the knightdrakes wings together. He pulled the dragon down to the ground and whipped his scarf back around his neck. Before the knightdrake could get back up Edward put his foot on its head, holding the dragon down. “You done yet?” Heavenlightning struck around them, pushing the knightdrake’s Helllightning on the ground back towards the dragon. Edward started walking away, “Alight then.” Edward waved as he headed towards the base of the mountain. “Thanks for the fight. We’ll have to do this again sometime.”

The knightdrake followed Edward and stopped when Edward turned to him. The dragon looked at Edward cautiously and curiously. A bolt of Heavenlightning struck the knightdrake and the dragon disappeared.

“I’ve put him into your hammerspace. The two of you can duke it out later,” said Zesrial.

“All right,” Edward shouted excitedly. “Let’s go save Jain and catch us a wyvern!” He was full of confidence. “Come on Gabriel! Let’s go save your friend.”

*          *

Jain awoke high up the on the mountain’s peak. The wyyvern of fire and purple lightning flew in circles high above her. She looked down but could not see past the clouds below her. She remembered Gabriel and the fox. “He’ll come to my aid,” Jain was cold and afraid for her life. “Please hurry.”

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