Episode 14: Have Faith in the One who has Faith in You

Written by: Epicstu Wyvernwriter

Unable to get to the one she loves and unwilling to harm him, Zesrial did nothing to defend herself from Hell’s onslaught. “Fight back,” Hell demanded with Edward’s voice and appearance.

“Do what you must, but I will fight you.” Hell lifted her up by her throat and the full force of Hell burned and froze her at the same time.

“Why?” Hell asked. “Is it because you have no faith in my ability to survive you? Do you assume you could kill me? Or even harm me?” Hell forced Zesrial, face first, into the Heavenlightning that blanketed the ocean’s surface. He made her watch as Edward took the full force of Heaven. “You are both pathetic, neither one of you will fight back,” Hell shouted as he threw Zesrial. “You are unworthy to be Heaven.”

“He’s not fighting back against her,” Zesrial replied. “He won’t hurt her to save me. Why should I fight you to save him?”

*          *

From the bottom of the ocean, Edward looked up and saw himself above the wall of Hellfire. He was killing Zesrial and she was letting him. “What if the meaning of this?” Edward questioned the Heavens that stood before him angrily. “Why does she not fight back?”

“How can I fight back against the one I love more than even my own life?” Heaven replied with the voice and appearance of Zesrial, “Could you harm me?”

Edward walked up to the false Zesrial and headbutted her with all of his might, “You are not her and that is not me!”

Heaven headbutted him back with a force infinitely more powerful, forcing Edward to his knees, What do you care?” Heaven replied. “You use and abuse her with that wall of yours, a fighting style that has shattered greatswords. You don’t love her, she is nothing more than a toy to you, just like I was!” The Heavenlightning thickened all around him as Heaven became Jain once more. “You told me you loved me, but when I gave birth to your son what did you do?”

Edward just looked down, he knew not what to say. She was right, he had no justifiable answer for her, and all he could think about was Zesrial.

“What did you do?!” Heaven questioned with Jain’s voice and appearance. “You left us!” Heaven’s lightning cracked violently, “You were not there when we needed you. It is your fault, you killed us!”

“You are right,” Edward interrupted, still on his knees. “I told myself all those years that I was fighting for your memory and for the son that I never got to meet,” tears slowly formed in his eyes. “The truth I cannot deny, I left you. I joined that war because I was scared and I didn’t want a family.” Edward stood up slowly, “I can never apologize or amend for that. I did not love you.” Edward admitted, “I tricked you into giving yourself up to me and that was wrong. It was not until I had lost you that I realized what I had done. I loved you too late.”

Heaven grabbed Edward by his throat and lifted him up off the ocean floor, “You deserve Hell.” Her anger was clear and justified, “but you are right about one thing, I will not accept an apology from you. I will never forgive you!” She screamed as she unleashed her fury upon him.

Edward took every last volt, the full force of Heaven. “I don’t blame you,” then he grabbed the arm Jain held him by and opened his eyes. “There is something that I can do, however. I can honor your memory by never making the same mistake again.” Edward looked deep into Jain’s eyes and Jain could see how much she meant to him, how much she had inspired him to be better after that fateful day. “I do love Zesrial,” Edward’s Hellfire grew and grew even under the deep ocean pressure. “No matter what, I will always be there for her,” his flames burned and froze at the same time. “Even if she has no faith in me, I will always have faith in her.” Then Edward looked up and saw her Heavenlightning as it broke through the Hellfire that he could not.

*          *

Zesrial got up slowly but had only enough strength to get to her knees. She looked down into the water and saw Hellfire. The water beneath her began to bubble as Edward’s Hellfire broke through the Heavenlighting that she could not. It burned and froze all around her, and then she heard his voice within it. “I do love Zesrial,” she was unsure if she had heard right. “No matter what, I will always be there for her,” it was Edward, she was sure of it. “Even if she has no faith in me, I will always have faith in her!”

Zesrial stood up and her Heavenlightning thundered louder and flashed brighter than ever before. “I am sorry,” she smiled. “I will have faith. Faith in you, who has faith in me.”

*          *

The mark over Edward’s right eye no longer burned with his Hellfire, but instead flashed with Zesrial’s Heavenlightning and the two of them found themselves back at the mountain’s peak. Gabriel roared angrily as she stood between the Wyvern of Deceit and eleven-year-old Jain.

“Well Hell, are you ready?” Zesrial asked Edward.

“I don’t know Heaven,” Edward replied. “I’m not too rough with you am I?”

Zesrial giggled, “You can be as rough as you want. What made you think you couldn’t?”

Edward smiled, “Gabriel! Get her out of here! We’ve got this!” Gabriel acknowledged, taking Jain back down the mountain to safety. The Wyvern went after her but was grabbed, by its neck, by Edward. “No you don’t,” he unsheathed his six-inch retractable claws, digging them deep into the Wyvern’s stone. The Wyvern let out a roar of pain, “This fight is between us!” He shouted as he threw the Wyvern with a loud grunt and much effort.

The Wyvern crashed into another mountain before rising back up as it’s Heavenlightning flashed and it’s Hellfire roared. The final battle for the right to be Deceit had begun. Edward and Zesrial were both finally ready to claim their destiny together as one.

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