Episode 15: Two of Three and Two of Four

Written by: Epicstu Wyvernwriter

A vehicle entered the atmosphere of Huezaki, a planet covered in water. The craft was shaped like a long and narrow arrowhead, with four long and narrow wings. The wings rotated around the ship driven by the engine at the end of each wing.

“What makes you think it will be here?” Hanz Cratel cocked an eyebrow at his Wyvern companion. “I thought you said all three pieces would reveal themselves within the trials of Deceit.”

“No, I did not. I said two of them would,” Intellect replied before flying around Cratel and perching on his shoulder. “Look there,” he pointed to the planet’s surface. Hanz looked and saw that Heaven’s lightning atop Hell’s fire had begun to form a shield around the water planet. “Better hurry,” Intellect suggested. “Before the Heavenlightning covers the whole planet or we’ll never make it to the second piece.”

“Shit,” said Hanz as he ignited his ship’s thrusters. “This is gonna be close, hold on!” The ship dove into the water, bearly making it as the Heavenlightning and Hellfire sealed them in.

*            *

Death came in close to his prey, from above, and wound his scythe back tight for a deadly strike.

“You ain’t Death yet, kid,” said the Wyvern Knight of Famine as she threw her Wyvern Incense Burners out, wrapping them around Aleister’s neck. She pulled him down, “You’re the one she picked? Girl, I hope you know what you’re doin.”

“Well, I like him,” said Chastity.

“Of course you do,” Famine replied. “You like anyone who’ll give you a good twirl,” she laughed.

“Sister, how are you?” asked Hubris, the Wyvern Incense Burners of Famine, with a deep voice like a snake.

“Brother!” Chastity replied excitedly. Before she could finish speaking Aleister spun her around with such force as to silence her.

“I did not come here for an idle conversation,” Aleister said as he walked towards Famine, slowly.

“I know why you are here, asshole.” Famine replied, “If you think you can come here and just take my job from me, you have another thing coming.”

“Job?” Aleister questioned Famine’s choice of words.

“Damn right,” Famine answered. “What? Did you think unlimited power was free? Every Wyvern Knight has a job to do. Without us the Multiverse would spiral into chaos, so you best think real carefully about what you do next, Fox.”

Aleister spun his scythe around again and stabbed her into the ground, blade first, before him and aimed at the Wyvern Knight of Famine. “Oh, my…” was all the words chastity could utter from Aleister’s flawless skill. He had wielded pole arms his entire life and had become brutally efficient with them.

“I, Aleister, wielder of the Scythe of Death,” he spoke with confidence and a smile.

“WYVERN!” Chastity insisted, having been insulted. “I am the Wyvern Scythe of Death. For Epic’s sake have some damn respect.”

“Hereby challenge you to mortal combat,” Aleister continued, “For the right to wield your weapon and claim your rank and title.”

“And what will you do once you have killed me?” Famine questioned.  “If you do manage to achieve your goal and claim the Wyvern weapons of all Four Horsemen, what then will you do?” Suddenly Aleister fell to the ground, coughing and wheezing. Famine moved towards him, levitating about a foot off the ground, as she gently swung Hubris from side to side.

Aleister looked around as the wonderous forest they were in became dank and murky like a foul swamp. “What is this?” Aleister questioned, still coughing and wheezing.

“This is Famine,” she replied. “I Gloria, wielder of the Wyvern Incense Burners of Famine hereby accept your challenge.” She smiled, “but can you defeat me?”

“Breathe it in,” Chastity urged.

“What?! are you insane?” Aleister replied, holding his breath.

“Just trust me. She is practically giving you her power, you need only take it.” Chastity insisted. Aleister exhaled and then took a deep breath, inhaling the strange, invisible, gas-like element. “Keep going, take in as much as you can handle and then keep breathing,” Chastity encouraged her master. “Oh, and it will hurt,” She added. “A lot.”

Aleister’s eyes grew wide as Famine overwhelmed his body. It felt as though his lungs were collapsing as his body became weaker, but he kept breathing until he had it all. In one swift motion, Aleister swung his Wyvern Scythe, unleashing the element, Death, and turning all around them to dust. He got back to his feet slowly, this time with a bigger smile on his face. “With all four Wyvern Weapons of the Apocolypse, I will do whatever job is required of me.” He spoke proudly, “and I will be the Greatest that ever there was. I owe him that much.” He swung Chastity around himself and into his left hand, behind him as he stretched his right hand out, gesturing for the Wyvern Knight of Famine to come at him. “Come on then, I was told I don’t have all eternity.”

Gloria pulled all of Famine back to herself and rushed towards Aleister, unleashing her power upon him. Aleister spun his Scythe around, as he prepared to deflect and counter attack.

*           *

Hanz Cratel docked his ship within a water filtrating station on the ocean’s floor. The complex was massive and connected, via tunnels, to the other stations that dotted the underwater landscape. All stations had been abandoned for hundreds of years, yet their structural integrity remained. Hanz looked up and saw a rusted sign which read; Hanger 9, Boiling district.

“Come,” Intellect beckoned his master. “The second piece of the Hell Dragon’s soul will be the source of heat that boils the water here.” He flew over to a door and perched on the flickering light above it. “The way is empty and devoid of life. This will be all too easy, even for a mortal such as yourself.”

Hanz walked up to the door and examined the strange, complex, lock on it. “Damnit,” he muttered under his breath. “I hate puzzles,” he looked around to see what might open it, but when he turned back to the door it was already open.

“Come now, Master,” Intellect beckoned. “We do not have much time, so I shall clear the way for you.” He perched on Hanz’s shoulder.

“Thank you, William.” As he said the Wyvern’s name the air became cold and heavy with the absolution of reality and fate.

The Wyvern of Intellect looked at his master with a cold and blank stare, “What did we say about saying my true name aloud?”

“Don’t,” Hanz replied.

“This is why” Intellect said before flying down the corridor beyond the open door. “Now hurry,” he urged. “We must collect the second piece before they finish their second trial and Time is not on our side.” He led Hanz Cratel to a large room with a large see-through vat of still boiling water. At the bottom of the massive cauldron was a brightly glowing sphere, which turned the water to steam and sent the steam to the dilution district to be filtered and then turned back into water. “There it is.”

“Now what?” Hanz questioned. “I won’t survive a swim in that boiling water.”

Intellect flew off and disappeared. Suddenly, the water levels within the vat drained and the entry point became sealed off. Then the piece lowered slowly into a stabilization container. The vessel, now containing the piece, then dropped down onto a convair belt and moved to a sealed chamber. The entry door sealed shut behind the vessel and was then sterilized for transport. The exit door of the chamber opened slowly with a cloud of steam before Hanz.

Hanz grabbed the case, “That easy, huh?” He said as he observed the anomaly within.

“We should leave,” Intellect insisted. “We must be prepared for the third pieces arrival. We will have but one chance and one chance only. Time is not on our side.”

Hanz Cratel started up his ship, “I hope we get to see some action once our Lord has been freed. I’ve grown tired of these fetch quests of late.”

“Believe me, Master,” Intellect replied. “You will have your… Action.” The ship’s engines started up, lifting it off the ground. The wings began to rotate and the engines broke apart, separating into several pieces which orbited around the emerald green energy they produced. “Interplanal drives at maximum, Sir.”

“Excellent,” Hanz exclaimed as he pushed a lever forward slowly. “Suck it plaid!”

“Did you really have to break the fourth wall?” Intellect questioned his roguish companion. “Such references could be dangerous.”

“I’m among few within this multiverse who even know of the fourth wall’s existence,” Hanz replied. “And I’m taking advantage of that.” He smiled, “Besides, I could have called out Warp.” With that, the ship left the realm without a trace and entered into the Void, the space between realms.


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