Season 3 Episode 1: Deceit VS War and Strife

Written by: Epicstu Wyvernwriter

The rip in reality closed behind Edward Dimir as fast as it had been torn open. Within the vast emptiness of the Void, he waited for what seemed an eternity. “What are we waiting for?”

“Three,” Zesrial replied.

“What?” Edward questioned concerningly.

Zesrial kept counting down, “two.”

This only put Edward on edge, “Zesrial? I don’t like where this is going.”

“One,” as she said it, the Wyvern of Deceit appeared and swallowed them both whole.

*          *

Reality became distorted as the sound of engines got louder and louder. “Ah yes, that will be Victor,” said Galvic, a giant of a man sporting a mohawk and a heroic set of mutton chops. His massive bulky armor was simple with nothing but its own battle damage to decorate it. “About damn time.” A rip in reality opened and Victor Ware’s legendary ship/emporium, the Buitre Muerto entered the realm. Victor Wares stepped out of his ship alone and the doors closed behind him. 

“Where are our reinforcements?” questioned Fynrir, a man with an effeminate voice. His hair of black with blond streaks and tips was curtained with shaved sides and a ponytail that reached his heels. He wore baggy cargo pants with steel toed combat sandals and a crop top long sleeve turtleneck. He stood on his toes.

Victor put on a pair of aviator sunglasses and replied, “behind you.”

Galvic and Fynrir turned around and beheld the fires of Hell as they moved in a circle, growing hotter and brighter by the moment. A Wyvern Blade, on a bolt of Heaven’s lightning cast from a storm, struck the center of the circle. A right, paw-like, hand of white fur, holding the hilt of the blade, attached to an arm of beige fur formed as a streak of Heaven’s lightning wrapped around it. The lightning formed the silhouette of a Wyvern over the teal right eye of a Fennec Fox.

“That’s a Northlandish Fennec,” Galvic recognized the species immediately, having spent 100,000 years with them during their war with the Southlandish Sergal Monks. He took a few steps towards the Fox and bowed, maintaining a respectable distance. “This could prove most entertaining.”

“War,” Victor addressed Galvic. Then he addressed Fynrir, “Strife.” As the Fennec of Hellfire and stone finished forming before them. “Allow me to introduce the Wyvern Knight of Deceit.”

“Magnus. Analysis,” Requested Fynrir. Magnus displayed Deceit’s statistics for only his master, Fynrir to see. The Wyvern Artillery of Strife could change his form to any projectile launcher imaginable. Usually, however, he took his original form, a simple long range bolt action rifle.

“Sir,” Magnus spoke so only Fynrir could hear him. “That Fox is Hell, and the blade he wields is Zesrial.”

“The Archangel of Heaven?” Fynrir couldn’t believe what was right in front of him.

“The first of his kind,” Victor replied. “A Wyvern forged wielding a Wyvern weapon.”

Edward smiled and pushed Zesrial forward while she was still stabbed into the ground, causing a shockwave like a storm towards his future allies. “You know the ways of my people?” He looked to War and War nodded, “Then you know what must be done.”

“What is he talking about?” asked Fynrir.

“If we want his help, we have to fight him first,” Galvic replied.

“So,” said Edward, who was eager to get the fight started. “Who’s first?” There was a smile on his face as power he had never known before swelled within him and within Zesrial. “Or we could take you both at once.”

“Barbarian,” Fynrir scoffed. “Alright Magnus, you find a weak spot yet?”

Magnus was silent for a moment. Then he replied, “If it were possible for me to run out of ammunition, I would before he even knew you were shooting at him. However, we may be able to support War from a distance with suppressive fire. That may slow him down.”

“Worth a shot,” Strife replied. “War, think you can keep him in one spot?”

“I don’t think he plans on moving,” War replied. “If that’s who I think it is, I’m gonna have a hard time getting him to move so much as an inch.” He readied Sun and Tzu, the twin Wyvern Swords of War. The size changing swords were as different in personality as they were in appearance. Sun was dual toned with white and gold and Tzu was dual toned with black and red.

“This Fox is confident and rightly so,” Sun said with a proud and honorable woman’s voice. “This will not be easy.”

Tzu chuckled, “True, but there’s always a weakness to exploit, we just need to find it.” His voice was that of a dark warlord. “Nevertheless you should keep your wits about you, Galvic.” Galvic nodded in response.

Edward cocked an eyebrow as he looked past Galvic and Fynrir, who turned to see what had caught their new acquaintance’s attention. Victor had brought out a lawn chair, a large bucket of popcorn, and a large covered cup with a straw sticking out of it labeled; Big Gulp. “Don’t mind me!” Victor shouted as he raised his cup. “I’m just here to spectate!”

War approached first, walking confidently towards his opponent. Strife aimed Magnus and launched forth three projectiles. War swung Sun and Tzu down hard upon Edward through the explosions but was stopped. The dust settled to reveal Edward, still smiling and unmoved. He moved Zesrial to the side, using her guard to catch and move War’s blades with her. Then, after headbutting War, he tossed Zesrial into the air and she disappeared into the clouds on a bolt of Heavenlightning.

War, who had fallen to his knees, got back up slowly. “So the rumors are true, you are as much a Wyvern Weapon as you are a Wyvern Knight.”

A rain of ballistics suddenly fell upon Edward. Strife readied Magnus as the Wyvern weapon took his original form again. He fired only to have the bullet stopped by a bolt of Heavenlightning.

Zesrial took her angelic form and drew her bow. “You’re not the only one with range, boy,” she said as she released a bolt at him.

Magnus took the form of a rocket launcher as strife aimed him straight down and fired. The blast launched him into the air just in time to dodge the attack. “Did she just call me boy?”

“I believe she did,” Magnus replied. “Let us show her how we earned our title.” The two ranged fighters went at it. Zesrial deflecting Strife’s ballistics with her indestructible feathered wings and Fynrir dodging Zesrial’s bolts of Heavenlighting.

Galvic swung Sun and Tzu around his body in a full circle to gain momentum as Edward pulled out his mother’s twin blades. “Dimir steel,” War said with enthusiasm. “There is no doubt in my mind now.” The masters of melee combat, wielding their weapons flawlessly, clashed with such force as to shake the world where they stood. “You are Edward Michael of House Dimir.”

“You know me?” Edward replied, enjoying the fight.

“I am War, I groomed you” Galvic replied. “Your species’ one hundred thousand year era of war was all to ensure that one day you would rise.” he blocked, deflected, and pushed Edward back. “But this is not you, show me the real Edward Michael of House Dimir.” War insisted, “I wish to fight the Fennec Wall of the Northlands.”

Edward stretched his right arm out and Zesrial came to him, followed by Fynrir. Fynrir came down hard, wielding Magnus as twin shotgun gauntlets. Edward met Strife’s fist and shotgun blast with a headbutt as he swung Zesrial to deflect War’s next attack. Then he caught Strife’s other fist in his left hand and twisted as he continued to block and parry War’s advance. Every second of combat allowing Edward Dimir to analyze War and Strife’s fighting styles and techniques while also learning what was truly in their hearts. Using his entire body, Edward pivoted on his left paw-like foot and threw Strife into War. War caught Strife and tossed him into the air before taking the shockwave Edward made by stabbing Zesrial into the ground and thrusting her forward. Strife summer salted, aimed, and fired a shot that blew up in a large mushroom cloud.

Victor kept munching on his popcorn, “Neat.” He said before taking a long slurp from his Big Gulp as he witnessed the epic battle. 

The dust settled with Edward Dimir still standing but moved back about a foot. “That’s all the farther we moved him?” Fynrir questioned in disbelief, biting his lip. Watching Edward fight turned him on a bit.

“Calm down Fynrir,” Galvic laughed. “A good fight,” he said to Edward.” “One of the best I’ve had in years.” He shook Edward’s hand like a warrior.

Fynrir came from behind and playfully smacked Edward’s rear with an open palm, “Good fight,” he winked at him.

Being straight, this did nothing for Edward and in fact startled him. “Don’t get angry at him,” said Galvic, “He’s a playful one.”

“To each his own, tis good to be one’s self,” Edward replied. “However if he does that again, I may headbutt him.”

“You’d be surprised by how much he’d enjoy that,” Galvic replied. They both laughed.

“Alright ladies,” Victor interrupted. “Time to get started. War and Strife come with me. Deceit, make your next jump.”

“Aww, we aren’t going with him?” Fynrir wined.

“Sorry Strife,” Victor replied. “We can’t let you and War be taken, so the both of you are off duty until we know who we are up against. Now come on, I need your help with another task.”

The Buitre Muerto took off as Fynrir waved ecstatically, goodbye, to his new friend from the cruiser’s closing bay doors. “Aww, looks like you found a boyfriend,” Zesrial giggled.

“Please don’t do this,” Edward begged.

“But you two would be so cute together,” Zesrial laughed jokingly.

“Let’s just make the jump already,” Edward said as he swung Zesrial downward. Using her momentum to flip himself over her, he let himself fall through the rip in reality and into the Void.

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