Episode 2: A Tale of Two Brothers Part 1

The Following episode will be featuring Sergals. Sergals are a creation of Mick39 as part of her sci-fi world Vilous; this story is a fiction all its own and the lore is unrelated to Mick39’s creation. Posted with permission.

Written by: Epicstu Wyvernwriter

“Riley, are you alright? You look older.” Elizra Patricia of House Dimir asked her son as he burst through the door.

“There’s no time to explain, we need to go now.” Riley took his mother by her hand and pulled her close to himself.

“Riley, what’s happening? What is this golden light? Stop this at once Riley, you are scaring me.” Elizra pleaded.

“No time,” her concerned son replied. “They’re coming. I’ll explain later, just please hold on tight.” Elizra did as her son asked and the two disappeared just as the door opened again and the High Council’s Royal Guard barged in.

“They aren’t here,” said Commander Rook of house Sphet. “Fan out and find the traitorous scum, they can’t have gotten far.”

*          *

Aleister Dimir stood before the nine members of the Northlandish Fennec High Council including the Arch Bishop who lead them, Drak of house Mountainhiem. “See reason, honored High Council, there must be a reasonable expla…”

“A reasonable explanation?!” Filigree of house White Owl questioned, “Your brother Edward has murdered our most valuable General in this war. Your brother Riley has gone missing, I assume to join him along with that whore mother of yours.”

“Take care how you speak, Filigree.” Aleister snapped.

“No,” Drak interrupted. “You should take care how you speak. The loyalty of your entire family has been called to question. We were about to put an end to this war before your brother decided to side with,” he paused. “Them…”

“I assure you, Arch Bishop, Edward will answer for what he has done.” Aleister asserted himself. Then he pleaded, “but I beg of you, House Dimir stands with you. Do not punish my house for my brother’s poor judgment.”

Drak sighed and leaned back in his chair as the Council whispered to one another. “Very well,” he finally replied. “Bring your brother to us and we will spare your house.”

“Thank you, Sir,”  Aleister bowed.

“But should you fail,” Drak leaned forward over his pedestal. “House Dimir shall be wiped from the very history books.”

“As you say, Most Holy,” Aleister bowed once more and went to prepare.

*          *

“Edward,” Zesrial could not believe who she saw. “I’m so sorry, I had no idea.”

Edward looked off in the distance at a Northlandish Fennec he had not seen since his execution. A tear fell down his cheek as he remembered that fateful morning all those years ago.

*          *

“All hail the conquering heroes!” Shouted General Zarcor of house Daystar, leader of the Daystar Knights Order. “All hail the Iron Ram Knights, who laid siege to the accursed city of disks and brought the Sergal scum to their knees.”

“Hail, Hail, the war is over!” the crowd shouted as Edward and his five Iron Ram companions walked through the ruins of Vilous. They walked proudly, all except Edward who could not stop thinking about the last words of the Elder Sergal before he was struck down.

“All we wanted was peace, Drak Mountainhiem promised us peace.” The Elder Sergal’s words echoed in the back of his mind over and over again.

“Cheer up Edward,” Krunk slapped his large, paw-like, hand hard against Edward’s back. “We have won a war this day. We are Heroes!” He shouted with gusto.

Edward smiled, but he did not mean it. “Edward,” General Zarcor called to him. “Come with me, I have much to discuss with you.” The two walked around back where the Sergal prisoners were kept. “A job well done, Edward my boy. Worthy of your title as the Wall of the Northlands.”

“What will happen to them?” Edward asked.

Zarcor looked to one of the guards watching the prisoners and nodded. Without hesitation, the guard turned to his men, “Kill them all!” Edward’s eyes grew wide and he trembled. “Good riddance to bad rubbish, eh Edward?” Zarcor laughed.

All Edward could hear were the screams of the Sergal captives as they fell one by one to the sword of the Fennec regime. Not just the men, but the women and the children too. “This is not what I signed up for.”

“Don’t tell me you feel mercy towards these things and their demonic rituals,” Zarcor questioned.

Edward answered not with words, but with his blade as he drove it through Zarcor’s chest and pushed him towards the guard who had given the order. Before the guard knew what was happening, Edward removed the guard’s head from his shoulders and stabbed his blade through the chains that bound one Sergal, freeing him. “Go, free as many as you can.”

The other Fennec’s backed off. “The Wall has betrayed us,” They whispered to one another.

“What have you done?” Juliana exclaimed, having just walked in on the situation.

“Go!” Edward said to the Sergal he had just freed. “I will hold them off.” Before him stood his five Iron Ram Companions, his friends. “Did you know?” he asked them. “Did you know we were sent to exterminate them?!” Edward had never been so furious. The five drew their weapons and started at Edward. Edward dropped his sword and locked eyes with Juliana. “I will not have any part in this.”

“Then I am sorry,” Juliana replied as she took up her blade. Before she got within striking distance, however, Edward was suddenly pulled away on a gust of wind and thrown further south than any Northlandish Fennec had ever traveled. “Restrain him!” Juliana ordered. Krunk dragged a Sergal of green and blue painted fur to his commanding officer. “Where have you sent him?”

“My disks travel far,” the old and frail Sergal replied, “Farther than you can hope to reach.”

“Send him to the capital,” Juliana ordered her knights. “Perhaps the dungeon master can loose his forked tongue.”

Edward spun through the air on the Sergal’s Symphonic Disk, causing him to become disoriented. He hit the ground with a loud thud, creating a crater, and blacked out.

*          *

In a cold and damp prison cell within the vast dungeon beneath Cathedral City, the old Sergal of green and blue painted fur meditated. He could hear the keys on the dungeon master’s belt as he made his way to the Sergal’s cell. A fat Fennec with a heavy step and an angry scowl. “Vermin! You have a visitor.” The Fennec shouted as he unlocked the grill gate and slammed it open.

Aleister walked in silently and the dungeon master slammed the grill gate behind him. “Where is he?” he asked the Sergal.

“Zakir,” the Sergal replied.

Aleister got to his knees in front of the prisoner, “Is that a place?” The Sergal still had his eyes shut, “how do I get there?”

“Not a place,” The Sergal replied.

“Then what is it?” Aleister asked in aggravation.

The old Sergal opened his eyes, they were bright orange. “It’s my name,” he replied.

“I did not ask you your name!” Aleister punched a hole in the stone wall Zakir had his back to it.

“I know,” Zakir replied.

Aleister stood back up, “then why did you waste my time with it?” he asked, attempting to calm himself.

“I wanted to see how you would react,” Zakir replied as he slowly got to his feet.

Aleister took his axe and drove the blade into the stone wall inches from Zakir’s neck. “Don’t waste my time,”  he growled. “I don’t have a lot of time.”

Zakir breathed on the axe’s blade and it was removed from the wall with a gentle yet strong force that Aleister could not overpower. “I have less,” he replied, locking eyes with the Fennec before him. Then he sighed, “the answers that you seek are in the history of my people. You should go study before your leaders erase it all.” Zakir sat back down and began to meditate again. He levitated, ever so slightly, off the ground.

“Show off,” Aleister scoffed.

“If you would like to save time,” said Zakir as the dungeon master slammed the grill gate back open. “I can take you there.”

Aleister stopped, “why should I trust you?”

“You cannot,” Zakir replied, “It was just a suggestion.” The grill gate slammed shut behind Aleister as he left. Zakir smiled as he watched Aleister leave, “See you soon,” he said as he closed his eyes again.

*          *

“Aleister!” Edward shouted.

Aleister’s eyes grew wide, then he smiled. He thought he would never hear that voice again. “Brother,” he replied.

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