Episode 3: A Tale of Two Brothers Part 2

The Following episode will be featuring Sergals. Sergals are a creation of Mick39 as part of her sci-fi world Vilous; this story is a fiction all its own and the lore is unrelated to Mick39’s creation. Posted with permission.

Written by: Epicstu Wyvernwriter

Edward awoke in a dark and damp cave, suspended from the ground by four disks that held his limbs. One of air, one of water, one of fire, and one of earth. “He has awakened,” said a voice.

“I say we kill him slowly, painfully, show him the merciless resolve he showed our Vilous,” echoed another.

“Do not forget, he freed Brother Toby and, because of that, Brother Toby was able to free many of our people.” interrupted a third.

“That does not excuse him from what he has done. He killed us, our once wondrous race will die out because of him,” argued the second.

“Because of him our race has a chance to rebuild,” said the first. “Besides, he is of the Iron Ram Order, he may enjoy a slow and painful death.”

“Then let us give him back to his people,” suggested the second. “No doubt the punishment for his betrayal will…”

“Silence!” A fourth voice, which echoed louder than all the rest, spoke. “Let us see what he has to say.”

The four Sergals finally approached Edward, revealing themselves. The first to step out of the shadows was a Sergal of black and white fur with neon blue fluorescent designs. He held the water disk that held Edward. The next Sergal had orange and beige fur with neon red fluorescent designs. He held the disk of fire. The third was an albino Sergal, all of her fur was fluorescently lit. She held the disk of air. The fourth and final Sergal had fur of brown with neon green fluorescent designs. She held the disk of earth. They all wore the same darkened leather uniform with an open sleeveless long jacket. Before any of them could speak, “Do what you will,” Edward spoke. “I have committed an unforgivable transgression against you and your people.” He could not even bring himself to lift his head and look them in the eye, “I accept my fate.”

The disk of water grew tight around Edward’s right wrist, “Your words mean nothing to us.” The black, white, and blue Sergal’s voice was that of the second to speak.

“Speak for yourself Brother,” the albino Sergal’s voice was that of the third. “Forgive him, his anger towards your people clouds his judgment.”

“His anger was justified and righteous,” Edward replied.

“You’re damn right it is!” shouted the water Sergal. “Wait, what?” He became confused by the Fennec’s civil response.

“Our Sister is right, Brother.” The orange, beige, and red Sergal’s voice was that of the first to have spoken. “If we still hope to have peace, we require this Fennec’s aid.”

“Do we?” The water Sergal questioned. “Do we still desire peace? This Fennec took our Vilous, which had stood for three hundred thousand years, with only five others. They are monsters and should be eradicated.”

“What say you, Sister?” Asked the fire Sergal.

The Sergals of fire, air, and water looked to their Master. The brown and green earth Sergal sighed. She had prepared her verdict.

*          *

In the cold and damp dungeon, beneath Cathedral City, Zakir awoke to a Fennec’s hand. The paw-like hand pulled him up by the back of his neck as an axe’s blade cut his restraints. “You will help me find my brother and save my House,” said a familiar voice.

“All you had to do was ask,” Zakir replied as Aleister silently closed the grill gate behind them.

“This way,” Aleister dragged the Sergal forcefully as he made his way through the dungeon. “And keep quiet, or we will never make it out of here.” After many twists and turns, he lifted an old door open from the ground and threw the Sergal down it. He looked around to ensure no one had followed them and then jumped down after him, closing the passage door behind him. “Now where’s that damn torch?” He asked himself. Zakir blew into the air and several torches along the walls lit up. “I thought you were an air Sergal?” Aleister questioned.

“When treated as a friend,” Zakir replied. “Air is capable of all sorts of wondrous things”

“What nonsense,” Aleister scoffed. However, Zakir could sense the reluctant respect in Aleister’s voice. “Come on, we have less time now than we can manage.” Zakir smiled and followed the Fennec through the hidden passage. He did not trust Aleister but knew that helping may be their only chance at peace.

*          *

The dungeon master ran, awkwardly, to the Fennec High Council. “My Lords,” he huffed, weary and out of shape.

“Well, out with it!” Drak demanded.

“The Sergal that helped Edward, Sirs.” The dungeon master coughed, “He’s escaped.”

The other eight whispered to one another while Drak thought for a moment. “Is that all?”

“But Sirs,” the dungeon master insisted.

“No doubt Aleister is using him to aid in the capture of Edward Dimir, his brother,” Drak replied. “I will allow it. Now leave us.”

“Of course, Sirs,” the dungeon master bowed and then left.

The doors shut, “You’re allowing this heresy?” Questioned Kielly of House Clover.

“For now,” Drak replied. “Aleister will not betray us. He barks but is obedient.” Drak leaned back in his throne-like chair and put his fingers together as he grinned. “Worry not, all is as I have foreseen it.”

*          *

Bound and blindfolded, Edward was dragged outside. The bag over his head was removed and he found himself surrounded by Sergals of every age, gender, and color. “This is the Fennec who lead the siege on Vilous and freed Brother Toby,” the earth Sergal of brown fur with green fluorescence proclaimed. “Do with him what you will,” then she, along with the other three, walked away.

“He destroyed our City!” Several Sergals shouted.

“But he betrayed his own to save what few of us remained!” Shouted several more.

A disk of metal spun around Edward and then back to the Sergal who created it. “Enough! If none here will do what must be done, then I will.” The Sergal was female with black and silver fur. She wound up another disk and loosed it upon Edward. Edward kept his head low and waited for his fate.

A disk of lightning deflected the disk of metal. “Who did that?” The surrounding Sergals questioned each other. “Who defends the Fennec?”

“Back off, Shirk!” Shouted Toby, a Sergal of light gray fur, as he formed a disk of lightning in each hand.

“You would defend it?” Shirk questioned.

“He defended me.” There was no hesitation in Toby’s voice.

The two Sergals went at each other with impressive skill. Lightning was more than a match for metal but Skirk’s skill far exceeded Toby’s and it was not long before Toby was knocked on his back. Shirk wound up another metal disk as Toby got up. Before contact, however, Toby found himself being thrown to the side as Edward took his place in the path of the spinning metal disk. Edward opened his eyes when nothing happened, the disk was suspended inches from his face. “Do it!” Edward shouted. “I will not allow you to turn on each other over me.”

Shirk pulled her disk back and walked up to Edward. “You really didn’t know, did you?” She questioned him.

Edward looked down. He knew, he just never wanted to admit it to himself, “I believed that your magic was vile and born of darkness. That is what I was taught, what all Fennec Foxes of the Northlands have been taught ever since our races first met. I see now that we were wrong, that we were the ones who brought darkness. I wish it were so easy as to simply apologize, but I doubt that would even begin to mend the scar I have left upon your people.”

Shirk looked Edward in the eye. “It could not hurt to apologize.”

Edward looked up and saw eyes of the same teal as his staring back at him. “Then I am sorry,” he replied sincerely.

“I don’t think the rest of us heard you!” Shirk shouted as she helped Toby back to his feet. “Say it again.”

Edward took a deep breath. “I am sorry,” he said a little louder.

“I have heard you giving orders in the field Fennec, I know you can say it louder than that,” Shirk shouted as the other Sergals leaned in close, they had never heard such words from a Northlandish Fennec before.

“I am sorry!” Edward shouted with his loudest voice.

The crowd cheered and embraced him. “I gotta say,” said Roil, the albino Sergal of fire, “I did not see this coming.”

“I cannot believe we are trusting him,” replied Dolan, the water Sergal of black and white fur.

“He was about to let Shirk cut his head off to save Toby,” said Criinos, the orange and beige Sergal of Fire. “Willingly, I might add.”

Dolan walked off. “Mark my words, he will betray us.”

“Let him leave,” the nameless Master of the three replied. “I believe this is only the beginning of this Fennec’s legend. We should keep watch over him.”

*          *

Halfway between the Northlands and the Southlands, in the middle of a heavy forest, Alaister and Zakir had stopped to rest for the night. Zakir waved his hands around, causing the air to make beautiful, symphonic music. “Enough with that noise!” Aleister demanded. “It’s giving me a headache.”

“Why do you hate music?” Zakir asked.

“That is not music, “Aleister replied.

“What will you do once you find your brother?” Zakir asked.

“You ask too many questions,” Aleister snapped.

Zakir blew into the air and it made music like that of a Northlandish Fennec bard. “I find your people’s music to be quite enjoyable.”

“Show off,” Aleister muttered.

Zakir thought for a moment. “May I ask why your people are so hell bent on exterminating my race?”

“Your magic,” Aleister replied. “Our God doesn’t like it, apparently.”

“But you do not share this opinion?” Zakir questioned.

Aleister hesitated. “If I had my way, magic would be free for all to use,” he replied. “But I have orders. If I do not follow them I will be killed, simple as that.”

“Was breaking me out of prison, following orders?” Zakir questioned

Aleister rolled his eyes and walked a distance from the fire and lied down. “Get some rest, we have a long day tomorrow,” he scoffed. Zakir watched the fire until his eyes shut.

*          *

The Fennec wielding Death and Famine hovered over a plateau, surrounded by a dusty plain with little life. “Did you do this?” Edward asked.

“It follows me now,” Aleister replied to his brother. “Then again, hasn’t it always.”

Edward remembered well what his brother meant.

*          *

“Come with me brother, we never get missions together,” Aleister requested of Edward.

“I will not participate in such a dark deed,” Edward replied. “Death should come at one head on, not from behind.”

“They are the enemy,” Aleister scoffed, “and as such, they deserve a swift execution.”

Edward sighed, “Even an enemy is undeserving of a stab to the back.”

“Fine, but do not expect me to aid in any of your sieges,” Aleister replied. “At least my kills are quick, clean, and painless everytime. I wonder how many have fallen to a slow and painful death by your paws.”

Edward laughed lightly, “you just levitate above everyone else, don’t you? The Great Aleister, Pride of House Dimir. Most efficient killer in the Fennec army. When this war ends, what good will your precious skill be?”

Aleister punched Edward in the gut, bringing him to his knees. “I’ll be able to kick your ass when ever I want,” he replied. “And yes, I am better and I do levitate above everyone else.” He turned his back to Edward and started walking off, “Never forget it.”

*          *

Aleister began to laugh. “What is so amusing?” Edward asked with an angered tone.

“You had to say it,” Aleister replied.

“Say what?” Edward questioned.

Aleister floated over to his brother, levitating above him. “I just levitate above everyone else, don’t I?”

Edward couldn’t help but let a smile sneak past, but soon caught himself and resumed his expression of disdain. “This is not amusing, what you have done is not amusing.” He growled at his brother, “I’ve been sent here to kill you, did you know that?” Edward could not hold his tears, “Did you even think when you decided to do this? No! You never do, you only follow orders. So tell me, who gave you the order this time?”

A thick fog covered the land and surrounded them both as the sky darkened with a terrifying aura. “I was not ordered to do this,” Aleister replied, “it was a request.”

A storm of Heaven’s lightning broke through the aura that darkened the skies and Hell’s fire purged the fog from around Edward. He stabbed Zesrial, blade first, into the ground before him and a mighty thunder shook the realm. “Who requested this?” He demanded his answer.

“We cannot defeat him,” Chastity warned.

“That never stopped him,” Aleister thought so only his weapon’s could hear him.

“Answer me!” Edward’s flames grew bright with anger.

“I swore to her I would take all four if it cost me my life,” Aleister replied.

“Who? Tell me who!” Edward was running out of patients.

“Death,” Aleister replied.

Edward’s eyes grew wide, “there is no lie in his words,” he said so only Zesrial could hear him.

“What are we going to do?” Zesrial asked Edward.

Edward thought for a moment, “The only thing we can do right now.” Edward looked at his brother in a way only Northlandish Fennecs could look at one another. Aleister acknowledged his brother and gave the same look back. “We are going to fight him,” Edward replied.

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