Episode 4: Just this Once

Written by: Epicstu Wyvernwriter

It was dark and stormy that night, but Aleister and Edward could only hear the sounds of their weapons as they fought. It had taken Aleister over a year to find his mark, all he had to do now was defeat Edward and bring him in. “Traitor!” Aleister shouted as he locked the blade of his axe with the blade of Edward’s sword. “What do you hope to gain from all this?”

“An end to this foolish war,” Edward growled back.

“The war was over!” Aleister broke free of Edward’s guard and knocked him on his ass. “Tell me the real reason.” He pointed the business end of his axe at Edward and looked his brother in the eyes.

Edward’s sword landed, blade first into the ground, too far away for him to reach her. “It was the right thing to do.” Aleister spun his axe around and hit Edward with the pole end.

*          *

A storm of Heaven’s lightning thundered above as Aleister tumbled across the scorched earth. “You cannot beat him,” Chastity said as Aleister used her to help himself back to his feet. “Why do you persist?”

Aleister spun Chastity around and held her behind himself in his right hand. With Hubris wrapped around his waist, he gestured for Edward to come at him. “That never stopped him.”

Edward spun Zesrial around and held her by her blade, just above her guard, backwards. Aleister swung down and Edward dodged. He rammed Zesrial’s pummel into Aleister’s gut and headbutted him, knocking him on his ass and disarming him. “What do you hope to gain from all this, what happens when you have all four?”

Chastity had landed too far for Aleister to reach her. “I haven’t the slightest idea,” Aleister replied as Chastity attempted to come to his aid.

Edward tossed Zesrial into the air and, on a bolt of Heaven’s lightning, she struck Chastity and stood between her and Aleister. “Tell me why ” Edward looked his brother in the eyes. Aleister didn’t know what to say. For the first time, his brother had bested him in a fight and he was proud of him for it.

“Zes, please!” Chastity begged. “Aleister needs to do this. If he does not, you know who will. Edward would have no chance if that monster claimed me and my siblings.”

“It’s out of my hands,” Zesrial replied. “This is between them now.”

Then Aleister remembered that night. It had been the same fight, only now the tables were turned. He smiled, “I’ve never been good at this kind of thing, you know that. I always used to tell you to think before you act.” He chuckled softly under his breath at the thought of admitting he had been wrong, “I cannot explain, it just felt like the right thing to do, so just this once, I chose not to think before I acted.”

As Hell itself, Edward’s sense of judgment was now flawless but he could not condemn Aleister for this. He had killed two knights, stolen their weapons, and was hunting two others. Yet every fiber of Edward’s being told him that Aleister was in the right on this. “I have my orders.” He turned to Zesrial, “bring her to me.” Zesrial brought the Wyvern Scythe of Death to him and he examined her.

“Please don’t hurt him,” she cried. “We won’t kill anymore Wyvern Knights, honest.”

“You are lying,” Edward replied. “Your tears are false and you will continue to aid my brother in his quest to become the apocalypse.”

Chastity became frightened, “how did you…”

“You cannot lie to me!” Edward replied. “I never stopped to think before acting, but just this once,” he tossed Chastity to Aleister and he caught her. Then Edward held out his right hand before his brother, “I think I’ll help you.”

Aleister took the hand, hesitantly. “Why?

“Because it feels like the right thing to do,” replied Edward as he helped Aleister to his feet. “Besides, it will be nice to finally fight by your side, Brother.”

“Edward!” A loud and angry voice echoed throughout the realm, “what have you done?”

Edward turned around and saw War standing there. “I am sorry,” he replied. “We still have that Heavenfire and Helllightning dragon?” he thought so only Zesrial could hear him.

“In the hammerspace, why?” Zesrial inquired.

“My brother is in the right on this,” Edward said to Galvic, Wyvern Knight of War. Then he spoke to Zesrial again, “Unleash it.” Zesrial did as he asked and the dragon entered the realm like a meteor as it charged at the first thing it saw, the Wyvern Knight of War. Edward grabbed Aleister and left the realm.

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