Episode 6: Neutrality with an Ego

The Following episode will be featuring Sergals. Sergals are a creation of Mick39 as part of her sci-fi world Vilous; this story is a fiction all its own and the lore is unrelated to Mick’s creation. Posted with permission.

Written by: Epicstu Wyvernwriter

“Kill them all,” ordered Drak Mountainhiem.

Aleister swung his axe at empty space and fell to his knees. “Monster,” whispered voices in his ears, sounding from the seven weighted rings that adorned them. “Demon, soulless thrall, death dealer,” the whispers flogged at his mind. He could not tell which way was up or what any direction was anymore. Aleister got to his feet again and swung in every direction violently, growling, then shouting, then his axe struck something. He looked to see what it was and found the blade of his axe in the shoulder of a Sergal, soaked in blood. His ear twitched as a disk flew at him from behind. He dodged over it and it sliced through another Sergal in front of him. A gunshot sounded. Aleister paused and watched as another Sergal fell before him, smoke still coming out the barrel of the revolver on his axe. “You killed us all,” said the whispers in Aleister’s mind as time stopped around him. “You dealt our deaths for another’s hand, you are nothing but a mindless grunt following the orders of another.”

“Shut Up!” Aleister shouted.

“Why?” replied a voice from behind Aleister. He turned to find the ghost of a Sergal he had assassinated. “You cut our lives short,” said another voice from behind him. He turned around again and saw another Sergal he had Assassinated in his past life. “You don’t even remember who we were,” Aleister turned around one last time and saw everyone he had ever assassinated. Then the ghosts swirled around Aleister in a massive funnel. “You have no honour. You are unworthy of either of your heritages, coward. You are not even Fennec enough to make your own decisions!”

Aleister let out an enraged roar and swung his axe in every direction, attacking the specters. Pulling the trigger of the revolver on his axe, he used its recoil as momentum for his strikes. “I want them all dead!” shouted Drak Mountainhiem’s voice from the back of his mind. He stopped and looked down to find the blade of his axe in the skull of a mangled body. He was surrounded by corpses now. Bodies so mutilated they barely resembled the proud Sergals they once were. Aleister pulled his axe from the dead Sergal’s skull and watched as the entrance to a cave collapsed before him. He could see Edward give him a look of disappointment as the last stone fell, closing off the cave entrance entirely. He then found himself looking into a stream of water at the same look of disappointment. It was his, the same look he gave Edward for what he had done, but this time it stared right back at himself. His ear twitched as his reflexes blocked an attack from behind, “Show yourself!” The Wyvern Scythe of Death landed blade first into the ground, aimed at him. “What do you want from me?” Aleister growled.

“I want you to stop following orders,” Lucy, the Wyvern Knight of Death, replied. “Even now you allow the voices of others to define who you are. You must listen to yourself, be you instead of being who everyone else wants you to be,” she said before disappearing. “Only then will you become who you were always meant to be.”

“Aleister!” Drak shouted from behind him. “I order you to kill her!”

Aleister loosened his grip on the axe, “no,” he said to his former master. Then he turned to Drak and aimed his axe at him, “I have new orders now. My own orders and I will follow yours no longer.”

“Don’t do this because of how it will affect anyone else,” Lucy’s voice echoed in his mind. “Serve yourself or serve no one.” All voices disappeared from his mind and for the first time in his entire life, Aleister felt free and then he awoke.

*          *

“Are you ready?” Edward asked his brother. “War will arrive soon.”

Aleister got up from the bed he awoke in and walked over to his brother, who overlooked the vast desert they had landed in. “Where are we?”

“Kalritor,” Edward replied. “A desert world within the Realm; Zenith 7. Zesrial says there will be no casualties here.”

Aleister looked out into the vast and empty expanse of sand dunes from an opening close to the top of the pyramid they were standing in. “Do not help me, brother. I must do this myself and for no one other than myself.”

“I wasn’t planning on helping you,” Edward replied. “This fate is yours and yours alone. I myself do not understand it, yet I know it is the truth.” He smiled at his brother, “Only you can be this Wyvern Knight of the Apocalypse and only you can make the decision to do what is necessary to become that. I cannot aid you, but I can ensure that you are not interrupted.”

Suddenly the sky became dark and the sun disappeared behind a massive shadow as it came down from above. Aleister and Edward leapt from the ledge they stood upon and slide down the pyramid as a massive sword fell on it, cutting through it effortlessly. Another fell down upon where they landed as they kept moving to avoid being sliced by the sword or crushed by falling pyramid debris. Aleister barely made it out alive, but could not find his brother, “Edward!”

“Your brother cannot save you from what you have done,” Galvic scolded as Sun and Tzu, his Wyvern Swords of War, returned to their normal sizes. “Tell me, Assassin, who do you serve? Who commands you?”

Aleister thought for a moment, then he gripped Chastity’s handle tight. He held Hubris level with his chest and began swinging him side to side, slowly. “I used to serve a cruel tyrant,” he finally replied as he slowly walked forward towards War. “Then I served Death,” his eyes were shut and his ears attentive as all around him disappeared from his mind leaving only War there with him. “I cannot serve myself.” His eyes opened as War wound up one of his swords for a downward swing. He flicked Hubris up and wrapped his chain around the incoming sword, pulling it down and away from its path. Then he dodged the other sword by flipping himself over the one he had caught. “So now I serve no one,” He spun Chastity around himself, parrying another attack. Then he loosened the grip of Hubris’s chain from the first sword and wrapped it around War’s leg, tripping him as Aleister swung Chastity down upon him. War blocked the attack and spun back to his feet, Sun and Tzu whirling around him and forcing Aleister back. “Yet I have never felt more certain about anything in my entire life,” he stabbed Chastity’s blade into the ground, aiming her at War. “I will become the Apocalypse, but not for Edward, not for myself, not even for Lucy, the previous Wyvern Knight of Death, who started me on this quest in the first place.” Aleister and War locked eyes.

“Then why do you do this?” War questioned, knowing the answer.

“For everyone and everything. For no one and for nothing,” Aleister replied. “The Apocalypse serves only the Multiverse as a whole, nothing else.” Hubris wrapped himself around Aleister. “So shall I.”

Galvic, the Wyvern Knight of War, spun his twin Wyvern Swords of War around, three times each, and they revved like chainsaws. “Do you know what that requires?” He charged at Aleister and the two became locked in mortal combat. “You must be on both sides of every war, every strife, every famine, and every death,” Galvic explained as the two warriors fought as equals. “You must also take neither side of every war, every strife, every famine, and every death. You must be there for everyone and everything, for no one and nothing. Complete neutrality.” War deflected attacks from both Aleister’s weapons and stabbed both his swords, blades first, into the ground before him. He thrust them forward, sending Aleister sliding back with a wave of the element, war. “Are you truly capable of taking no side?” Galvic asked as he began to grow. “Can you truly be neutral in all things?” He and his Wyvern Swords became gigantic.

Famine spread around him in an aura and Aleister was able to levitate at will. “I will do you one better,” Aleister smiled, gripping his Wyvern Scythe tight in his right hand. “I shall proudly take all sides and I shall proudly take no side because I can,” he flew straight up into the air with blinding speeds until he was eye level with the Wyvern Knight of War. His smile remained, “Neutrality with an ego, as it were.”

“Farewell, old friends,” Glavic dropped Sun and Tzu and fell to Chastity’s blade as Aleister sliced him down the middle with her. Galvic smiled, “Prepare yourself, future Wyvern Knight of the Apocalypse. Strife will be your greatest challenge yet and the Nekolich who created all Wyvern Weapons, even more so. I know you will be all that the Multiverse needs you to be. All that Epic needs you to be.” Galvic disappeared into dust and the Wyvern Swords of War fell at Aleister’s feet.

With Hubris wrapped over his shoulder and around his waist, Aleister sheathed Chastity and picked up Sun and Tzu. The twin Wyvern Swords of War remained silent as they allowed Aleister to gain control over them. Then Sun spoke, “should we tell him?” she asked Tzu.

“No,” Tzu replied. “He’ll see it coming.”

Aleister’s ear twitched and he levitated and dodged out of the way as Edward flew past him like a meteor and hit the ground behind him. “Brother, are you alright?”

“Good,” Edward grunted in reply. “You have defeated War,” he got up slowly and cracked his back. “Strife is here.”

“Aleister Dimir!” The Wyvern Knight of Strife shouted in anger, having witnessed Galvic’s death. He stared Aleister down from a great distance and Aleister stared right back with a gentle smile as he proudly stood for and against Strife, because he could.

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