Episode 7: Wrath of Strife

Written by: Epicstu Wyvernwriter

The sky became dark and the sun disappeared behind a massive shadow as it came down from above. Aleister and Edward leapt from the ledge they stood upon and slide down the front of the pyramid. Edward looked up and saw massive swords cutting through the pyramid effortlessly. “Sun and Tzu,” Zesrial exclaimed. “It’s War.”

Edward’s ears twitched, “and Strife,” he shouted as he unsheathed the retractable claws on his feet and began running along the pyramid to its opposite side. “Can you find him?” he asked Zesrial.

“Toss me,” Zesrial replied. Edward did as she asked and tossed her into the air. She disappeared on a bolt of her lightning. From the storm clouds above she searched for the Wyvern Knight of Strife, “there you are.”

*           *

Fynrir, the Wyvern Knight of Strife, knelt on the edge of a cliff, overlooking the desert. He aimed Magnus, the Wyvern Artillery of Strife at his target. There were miles between them, by now the pyramid was flattened, and he had a clear shot at Aleister Dimir. “Say goodnight,” Fynrir took a deep breath and lined up his shot, then he exhaled and pulled the trigger. The bullet left the barrel of the bolt action long range rifle Magnus had taken the form of and was met by a bolt of Heaven’s lightning. “Zesrial!” Strife shouted in anger, “Get out of the way.

“She is not the only one who stands in your way,” Of Hell’s fire and stone Edward Dimir materialized before Fynrir.

“We currently do not have any kind of ammunition that can harm him,” Magnus said so only Fynrir could hear him. “Keep him busy, I’ll make some.”

“Edward Dimir, the Wyvern Forged of Hell,” Fynrir began, “ and Zesrial, the Wyvern Blade of Heaven. The raw element Hell wielding the raw element Heaven. The Wyvern Knight of Deceit,” he clapped once, “good for you.” Then his friendly expression turned to anger, “now get out of my way so that I may kill Aleister Dimir.”

“You know I can’t let you do that,” Edward replied as he stabbed Zesrial into the ground before him. He pushed her forward sending, towards Strife, a wave of the raw element Deceit.

“Almost ready,” said Magnus as Fynrir jumped back to avoid Deceit’s attack. Magnus became a shotgun with four large barrels, all spread out horizontally. Fynrir aimed down and fired, breaking the cliff Deceit stood upon. Edward flicked Zesrial into the air as he fell and she, taking her angelic form, loosed a bolt of her lightning from her bow. The bolt of purple lightning struck behind Strife, causing the ground he stood on to crumble as well.

“Ready!” Magnus informed Fynrir.

Edward got up and looked out into the distance, he could see movement. “I’ve got a bad feeling about this,” he held out his right hand and the mark over his right eye glowed brightly with Heaven’s lightning.

“Edward, get out of here,” Zesrial said, concerningly, as she came to him.

Edward gripped Zesrial tight as he watched the dust settle far off into the distance. The barrels rotated as Fynrir sat in the cockpit of the massive turret Magnus had become. “We are sharpened, locked, and loaded. You have the option of semi or fully automatic and all ammunition has been dipped in blessed water for added measure,” said Magnus as he loaded a massive sword, forged of the raw element Strife and tempered in blessed water, into his chamber. “How would you like your recoil?”

“Hot and heavy,” said Fynrir as he aimed at Aleister through Edward.“Two Fennecs, one big ass sword,” 

“Edward, please! A direct hit will kill you,” Zesrial pleaded for Edward to get out of the way. “You said you would not help him, just not stop him either.”

“True, but I also said I would not allow him to be stopped. Once Aleister finishes with War, then Strife will have his turn.” Edward took a step back and readied himself, “Until then, I will not move, or I am not worthy of my title as Wall of the Northlands.”

“Then neither will I,” Zesrial replied.

Fynrir lined up his shot, “One shot should do it.” Magnus recoiled heavily as the first sword left his barrel. The Sword spun slowly as it flew through the air and Edward took advantage of this. He headbutted the flat side of the sword, causing it to rotate as he caught it with Zesrial’s blade and flung it off to the side. The massive sword landed, stabbed blade first into the ground. “Oh no, he has skill. Whatever shall I do now?” said Fynrir, sarcastically. “Full auto please.”

“How would you like your recoil?” asked Magnus.

Less than a meter away from one another, massive swords, shot from the barrel of the gigantic turret. Edward deflected them as fast as they came. “How is he doing this?”Fynrir questioned in anger. Zesrial aided Edward, allowing him to keep up with Strife’s assault. Then Edward found an opening and deflected one of the swords, causing it to rotate in front of him. When the pummel lined up with him he headbutted it, sending the sword back into the turret that fired it. Fynrir fell to the ground as Magnus returned to his original form. He looked off into the distance and saw Galvic had become Gigantic, then a tear fell from his eye Galvic fell.

“You did it!,” Zesrial said. The desert ground around them was covered in a countless number of massive swords.

“We did it, and I’m out of shape,” replied Edward, catching his breath. He noticed a large object heading towards him, “Awe, shi…” A large solid sphere rammed into him, launching him towards Aleister.

*          *

With Hubris wrapped over his shoulder and around his waist, Aleister sheathed Chastity on his back and picked up Sun and Tzu. The twin Wyvern Swords of War remained silent as they allowed Aleister to gain control over them. Then Sun spoke, “should we tell him?” she asked Tzu.

“No,” Tzu replied. “He’ll see it coming.”

Aleister’s ear twitched and he levitated and dodged out of the way as Edward flew past him like a meteor and hit the ground behind him. “Brother, are you alright?”

“Good,” Edward grunted in reply. “You have defeated War,” he got up slowly and cracked his back. “Strife is here.”

“Aleister Dimir!” The Wyvern Knight of Strife shouted in anger, having witnessed Galvic’s death. He stared Aleister down from a great distance and Aleister stared right back with a gentle smile as he proudly stood for and against Strife, simply because he could.

“I’ve modified all of my forms to be able to fire our new ammunition,” Magnus informed Fynrir.

“He is all yours brother,” said Edward as he backed off. Reality shifted and something like a meteor hit the earth between Edward and Aleister, sending Edward flying aways back. “What the?” Edward got back to his feet and readied himself. 

“Oh right, I forgot about her,” Zesrial admitted.

“Her?” Edward asked.

“Remember Gabriel?” Asked Zesrial.

Edward thought for a moment, “the beast mount from Hersoas that consumed dragon elements?”

“Yeah…” replied Zesrial. “Well I wanted to get you one to celebrate your knighting, so I talked to Victor and he thought it would be a good idea to forge you a Wyvern Slayer mount based off Gabriel. I guess he sent her to kill you for your betrayal. I really should have seen this coming”

Edward’s eyes became wide as he realized what stood before him some distance away. He saw Aleister was already fighting Strife as the debris cleared from where the Wyvern mount landed. There was nothing there, then the earth shook from behind Edward. He turned around, “so that’s a…”

“The Empress Rex, Earthshaker class Wyvern Knight’s mount,” Zesrial replied. “Otherwise known as the Wyvern eater.” The Wyvern eater roared viciously at Edward and, on a bolt of her lightning, Zesrial carried Edward far away.

“What are you doing?” Edward shouted. “What about Aleister?”

“That thing is aimed at you,” Zesrial replied. “I’m leading it away from Aleister,” she said as they landed in a large oasis and the earth shook soon after. “She didn’t land far, we should keep moving,” Zesrial suggested.

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