Episode 9: Ilean

Written by: Epicstu Wyvernwriter

The Empress Rex let out a mighty roar and started bucking in an attempt to shake the Wyvern forged Fox off her back. She bit down hard, grinding her teeth, as she tried to chew through the reins in her mouth. “Get off!” She shouted, but the Fox only heard her roar. She ran up the side of a cliff and jumped off, falling to the ground and on top of the Fox on her back. Still, the Fox persisted, refusing to let go. “Try this on for size, fluff butt,” she stomped the ground hard with her foot creating a wave of earth that tore up the landscape. It curled over itself like a tsunami towards them. “There’s no way you’ll survive this… Wait, what?!” She exclaimed as a bolt of Heaven’s lightning split the wave in two, allowing it to pass around them. The Fox on her back caught a sword as it came to him, “A Wyvern forged wielding a Wyvern blade?”

Edward, using his scarf as a set of reins, pulled back hard as he dropped off the Empress’s side. He pulled her with him and flipped her over himself and onto the ground. He stabbed Zesrial into the ground inches from the Empress’s head. “You done?” he asked, throwing his scarf back around his neck.

The Empress Rex grunted and got to her feet slowly. “Get lost, Fox. I will Not be Tamed!” she roared violently.  Still, Edward could not understand her.

*          *

Aleister could hear another roar which shook the earth. He flew high into the air towards the source of the roar. From the sky, he watched as Edward and the Wyvern eater had what appeared to be a staring contest. Suddenly he felt cold and fear gripped him. A flash of emerald green came down like a pillar and struck Aleister to the ground.

“Aleister!” Edward shouted with concern.

“I’m fine,” Aleister replied as he got to his feet. He looked up and saw him, “so this is the Nekolich.” He turned to Edward, “do not look for me.” With that he slashed the Wyvern Scythe of Death through the air and entered the portal it created, closing it behind him.

Edward looked up but saw nothing. He turned around and saw an anthro Sabertooth Cat with pitch black fur, floating just off the ground before him. The Cat glared back at him. with emerald green eyes. There were no pupils. His emerald green necrotic energy flowed through and around his black robes like an aura. A sphere of emerald green formed in the Nekolich’s right hand as he pressed it to Edward’s chest. Edward cried out in pain but Zesrial was unable to come to his aid. Even the Empress Rex found herself paralyzed with fear. “What your brother has done,” the Nekolich’s voice echoed throughout the entire Realm. “What you have allowed him to do,” still he held the violently spinning, sphere to Edward’s chest as it pulled Edward into itself and grew larger. “Do you have any idea the consequences that will not only affect you but the multiverse as a whole? Do you?!” The Nekolich unleashed the sphere, sending Edward flying back into the canyon wall that had been created by the Empress Rex earlier.

“I cannot ignore what I know is right,” Edward replied. Zesrial flew to him but he shrugged her off and stood up on his own as he glared back at his creator. “I am Hell; am I not? Therefore my judgment is flawless.”

The Nekolich could not argue this. “I know you are the ultimate judge of all things, I created you and I resurrected you,” he replied. “You and Heaven, the Wyvern blade you wield. However, did you stop to think about the roles of Death, Famine, War, or Strife? Roles that will now go unfulfilled.”

“My brother knows what he is doing,” Edward insisted, aggressively. “Aleister  will return to fulfill these roles, I have faith in him.”

The Nekolich held out his right hand and Edward was pulled to him, “the four Wyvern weapons of the Apocalypse will now automatically take your brother through his trials,” he explained assertively. “Three for each of them. When he has done this, the Wyvern of the Apocalypse will be created as a result and Aleister Dimir will have to kill it and take its power or the whole multiverse will be destroyed,” he released Edward and Edward fell to his knees. “All that has been set in motion cannot be undone. Even if your brother succeeds, it will take him a very long time to do so.” He turned to the Empress Rex, who had been impressed by Edward’s ability to stand up to, what was to her, God himself. “Take her with you, she will follow you now.” He turned around and looked up, then he looked back at Edward. “Victor will brief you on what needs to be done.” With that, the Nekolich left the Realm.

The Empress Rex turned to her new master and bowed. Edward put his hand on top of her head and looked up, “so that’s the Nekolich.”

“Yeah,” Zesrial replied. “I haven’t seen him this enraged since the first time the Deceiver plagued his multiverse.”

Edward looked the Empress Rex in the eye, “I do not own you,” he said to her. “If you do not follow I will leave you be. “He took his hand off her head, “however if you do follow I will treat you as my own family.” The Empress stood up and leaned down to allow Edward to ride her.

“We need a name for her,” said Zesrial.

“Ilean,” Edward replied and Ilean roared with approval. 

“Aren’t we supposed to fight the Nekolich?” Zesrial asked.

Edward sighed, “Yeah, he keeps weaseling out of that somehow.”

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