Episode 10: Chaos and the Fourth Wall

Written by: Epicstu Wyvernwriter

In a well lit, dark place Aleister struggled to return to his feet. “I can no longer levitate you. I do not have the strength,” Hubris admitted.

“We are no longer Wyvern,” said Magnus.

“You must hunt down our Wyverns and defeat them,” said Sun.

“Then you will know our full combined power as your own,” said Tzu.

“What do you say, Master?” asked Chastity. “Want to hunt some Wyverns?”

Aleister stood up and looked around. He saw nothing but darkness and light canceling each other out yet overpowering one another at the same time. “This place,” he thought for a moment, “is interestingly soothing. Where are we?”

“Well,” Chastity began, “you used me to make the Realm jump so I took us to where my Wyvern is. ”

Aleister looked up and smiled as he locked eyes with the Wyvern of Death. “Perfect, let’s get started.”

*          *

Edward stood in an elevator with Zesrial comfortably sheathed on his back. The elevator moved slowly and had a long way to go, but the music playing from the speakers made the ride more relaxing. “This song always gives me the feels,” Zesrial commented.

“The feels?” Edward questioned the word he had never heard used in such a way. “You mean it makes you emotional?”

“Yeah,” Zesrial replied. “It’s an ancient song from a time before this multiverse.”

“The rhythm is enjoyable but I don’t understand the words,” Edward admitted. “Is there a way we can take it with us?”

“The music? Actually yes,” Zesrial replied with excitement. “I’ll just save it to my archives and I can play it for you whenever you like.”

“I’m still getting used to your level of utility,” said Edward. “I had no idea you could capture and play music.” The doors opened revealing a long hallway with many doors. Shouting could be heard coming from a closed door at the end of the hall. “Sounds like Victor.”

“I wonder what has him so steamed,” said Zesrial as Edward walked to up to the door.

“Would you clean this shit up, your office is a fucking black hole. How do you even find anything in here?” Victor shouted in irritation as he burst through the door and into the hall. He slammed the door, “Edward,” a smile returned to his face. It was fake and Edward knew it. “I’ll need to borrow Zesrial.” Victor held out his hand, “for an update.”

“It’s alright Edward,” Zesrial took her angelic form and put her hand on Edward’s shoulder. “I’ll see you after,” she smiled at him.

Victor took Zesrial and lead her to the elevator and Edward watched as its doors closed. Then he turned to the door Victor had slammed behind him and raised a paw to knock, “Come in,” said a voice from inside. Edward lowered his paw and opened the door slowly, causing it to creak. “No need to be all 1980’s horror film about it,” said the voice.

Edward walked in cautiously, “Victor wasn’t kidding,” he thought to himself. “What?” he asked the voice he still did not know the origin of. He stretched over the scattered paperwork and files until he came to an empty desk. Then he turned around and froze.

Before him, stood an entity that he could not find the words to describe, “that’s because I don’t want him to,” said the entity.

“Wait, what?” Edward questioned.

“Wasn’t talking to you,” the entity winked at the reader, then he turned his attention back to the protagonist before him. “Don’t mind the mess, everything is where it must be and there is an order to the… Well the chaos,” he chuckled. “Edward, right?”

“Yeah?” Edward’s confusion only increased, but he did want to see where this would go.

“Good.. wait?” The entity moved uncomfortably close to Edward, examining his eyes, nose, “say ah.” and mouth. “You,” he said before turning to the reader. “He,” he pointed at Edward and then turned to him again. “No,” he said as he began to laugh hysterically. “You…” He gave Edward a big hug, “I’m going to have to ask her about you. First,” he put an index finger in the air, went behind his desk, and sat down. “I am told you must cover for Death, Famine, War, and Strife while your brother completes his trials or fails. Which would mean the destruction of the Multiverse and everyone in it.” The odd entity gave Edward a large smile.

“Aleister can handle it,” Edward replied with confidence. “It won’t be the first time he’s stared Death in the face.”

“Good, good, because he will literally have to,” the Entity added. “Alright stop, for the love of Epic just stop with the ‘Entity’ crap. Call me Chaos.”

Edward suddenly realized who this was, “are you the?…”

“Wyvern Knight of Chaos?” Chaos interrupted. “No, I am a clown.”

“You are the Wyvern Knight of Chaos,” said Edward. The lie was all he needed to know the whole truth. “And the Wyvern Agent and the…” He paused to think before he spoke.

“Go on, I’m the…” Chaos insisted.

“You are the Wyvern of Chaos,” Edward took a step back.

“Fucked up right, a Wyvern who is his own Knight and his own Agent.” Chaos replied. “Honestly I don’t know, but somehow it works. Us Wyverns being impossible by nature and all I guess it makes sense somehow.” He pressed his finger on his desk and a hologram appeared containing four lists. “That’s not important, these are important,” he slid his finger down the lists one at a time causing them to scroll. “Notice how they don’t seem to have an end. These lists are for Death, Famine, War, and Strife,” he pointed at them one at a time. “They are the jobs gone undone because of your brother’s quest.” With one swift motion, he dismissed the hologram and pointed to a spot on his desk. “Lay your paw flat there please.”

Edward did as Chaos asked and the words “Please Hold” popped up in a hologram. After a few seconds, the holographic words changed to “Wyvern Forged Confirmed. Edward Dimir has been registered to perform the tasks of the Four Horsemen.”

“Eyes up Wyvern, you have work to do,” Chaos began working on something else. Edward stood there waiting for some time. Chaos did a double take at Edward, “you still here? Go, get to work.”

Edward left the office, closed the door behind him, and thought for a moment. “What odd fellow.” The elevator doors opened, Victor stood just inside. “Where’s Zesrial,” Edward asked as he got on the elevator.

“Maintenance is still working on her update,” Victor replied as he pushed a button on the console. “What did you think of it?”

“You mean the Wyvern of Chaos?” Edward inquired.

“He decides where every Wyvern weapon’s jump will land and can move them where he wants at will,” Victor explained.

“Why do you dislike him?” Edward asked.

The elevator doors opened and Victor gestured for Edward to step out. “That used to be my job,” he admitted as he led Edward to the Emporium section of his ship. “While you wait for Zesrial, please feel free to peruse my wares. Everything in this room is for sale.”

*          *

Zesrial laid, in blade form, suspended in the air over a table as the Wyvern of Commerce continued to update her. “Hey, Maintenance?” Zesrial interrupted.

Maintenance stopped, “Yes?”

“You think you can add some music to my archive?” Zesrial asked cautiously. “Edward seems to like some of the ancient songs we’ve come across. I’ve saved the ones we’ve heard so far but I want to make him a mix.”

Maintenance said nothing as he went back to work for several minutes of awkward silence. “There, that should do it,” he finally said. “Go on now,” The Wyvern of Commerce urged, “Return to where you left Edward for registration.”

Zesrial found herself being coerced, in her Angelic from, to the elevator. As the doors shut she could hear music again. “This elevator has the best music,” she said to herself. The doors opened and she stepped out, but when the doors closed and the elevator left she could still hear the music. She checked her archives and sure enough, there was every ancient song on record. “You didn’t have to give me all of them,” she blushed excitedly. “I can’t wait to show Edward.” She walked to the door and it opened on its own with a loud creak. “Edward?” she called out softly. “It’s like a 1980s horror film in here,” she thought to herself.

“Edward is with Victor right now,” Chaos replied. “You must be Zesrial,” he stood up and got uncomfortably close to Zesrial and examined her. “Interesting, you can break the fourth wall.”

“A lot of people can,” Zesrial replied attempting to regain some personal space. “What makes me so special?”

“Your Fox cannot break the fourth wall,” Chaos replied bluntly. “He is oblivious to its very existence.”

“Yes, I know,” Zesrial replied. “Edward will never truly be able to comprehend anything that breaks the fourth wall. Why does this bother you?”

“It doesn’t,” Chaos replied. “I’m just excited to know I can use this to fuck with him.”

“Is that all I’m here for?” Zesrial had become annoyed.

“Ah, yes, of course,” Chaos pointed to a spot on his desk. “Place your hand flat there please.”

Zesrial did as Chaos asked and the words “Please Wait…” came up in a hologram. After a few seconds, the words changed to “Wyvern Forged Confirmed. Zesrial has been registered to perform the tasks of the Four Horsemen.”

“Wyvern forged? There must be some mistake,” Zesrial insisted. “Edward’s the Wyvern Forged, I’m just his Wyvern weapon, right?”

Chaos closed the hologram. “It’s not every Wyvern Weapon that can take her angelic form,” he gently guided her to the door. “Or didn’t you know that?” He shut the door behind her, leaving Zesrial with the realization that she and Edward were equals. “What an odd couple,” he said to himself. “People read this shit?”

*          *

Victor wrapped up an item Edward had bought and gave it to him just as Zesrial walked into the emporium. “What ya buy,” Zesrial asked Edward with a cheerful tone.

Edward put the wrapped item in a pocket, “I’ll show you later. How was your update?”

Zesrial flew around Edward excitedly before taking her blade form and sheathing herself on his back. “I’ll show you later,” she replied playfully.

“Alright you two,” Victor interrupted. “Time to get to work, you may jump when ready.”

Edward grasped Zesrial’s hilt and unsheathed her slowly, “are you ready?”

“Always,” she replied. Edward slashed Zesrial at the air and leaped into the tear she created, leaving the Realm.

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