Episode 16: The Wyvern Knight of Deceit

Written by: Epicstu Wyvernwriter Victor Wares opened the locked doors to the Hall of Wyvern Charms. He did not make a habit of checking the hall unless a Wyvern Knight was there to claim a Charm. However, something did not feel right at the time and Victor Wares never ignored his own paranoia if he […]

Episode 15: Two of Three and Two of Four

Written by: Epicstu Wyvernwriter A vehicle entered the atmosphere of Huezaki, a planet covered in water. The craft was shaped like a long and narrow arrowhead, with four long and narrow wings. The wings rotated around the ship driven by the engine at the end of each wing. “What makes you think it will be here?” […]

Episode 13: Heaven and Hell, Hell and Heaven

Written by: Epicstu Wyvernwriter Night fell and Jain became fatigued, “Can we rest?” She begged Edward as she collapsed to her knees, “I can’t walk any further.” She tripped and fell on her face. Edward rolled his eyes, “I told you to keep up,” he replied as he turned to Jain. “But I suppose it […]

Episode 12: A Visit from Time

Written by Epicstu Wyvernwriter It was another day of War, a day just like any other at that time. The largest force in Northlandish Fennec history was on its way to Vilous, the City of Discs. Unfortunately, an army ten times as large would have been pointless against the city’s defenses. The Knights Order of […]

Episode 10: The Ram and the Knight

Written by: Epicstu Wyyvernwriter At the top of the mountain with no name, Edward ran towards his foe, a mighty Wyyvern of stone and Hellfire and of metal and Heavenlightning. Suddenly he was alone. He looked up at the sun above him, at the stone beneath his feet, and at the snow all around him. […]